My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Parks Research says Roku Streaming Box is Consumer favourite - Traditional Jamaican Free-to-Air Broadcasters in a state of Paranoia over Streaming

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Parks Research says Roku Streaming Box is Consumer favourite - Traditional Jamaican Free-to-Air Broadcasters in a state of Paranoia over Streaming

“Innovations such as next-gen game consoles and 4K or ultra-HD TVs will boost unit sales for these devices, but overall, consumers are reluctant to replace these big-ticket items solely for smart upgrades. As a result, Streaming video media devices will have a thriving market because they can offer innovations such as Streaming video at low prices. Devices such as Roku's Streaming players and Google's Chromecast will benefit from these market conditions”

Statement from Parks Associates Research Director Barbara Kraus on their Stats on Streaming TV Services

After Google unleashed the US$35 ChromeCast as described in my blog article entitled “Google launches a 4G LTE Google Nexus 7 and Google Chromecast Streaming Device - Uninspired Tablet upgrades but US$35 Google Chromecast is the Streaming World's Blue Jasmine”, interest in Streaming options have fairly ratcheted up.

So much so that I did a blog article on various ways that one can stream for free and how to circumvent the restrictions on Hulu and Netflix Streaming as described in my blog article entitled “How to find Free TV online and how to Stream from Hulu or Netflix in Jamaica - Jamaican Pirate of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides Streaming Restricted US Content

The Google Chromecast has limitations in terms of Content mainly being YouTube, Netflix and Hulu, which might change come December 2013.  Its price is its main talking point, and hence the buzz of interest around any article written about it as is evidenced by Kemory Grubb’s Geezam blog article “Google Chromecast – Web Videos on your TV for USD $35”.

So until it goes on sale in Christmas, who’s the best Streaming device of them all in the US of A?

According to Research Firm Parks Research, it’s the Roku Streaming Device as stated in the article entitled “Roku hotter than Apple TV, report says”, Published August 14, 2013 9:21 AM PDT by Lance Whitney. CNET News. The following Stats published on Wednesday August 14th 2013 were based on a survey taken of 10,000 US households:

1.      37% favour the Roku Streaming box
2.      24% Favour the Apple iTV Streaming box
3.      300 million households by 2017
4.      100% increase in Revenue from Streaming devices

This is of course being driven by cheaper Broadband prices as well as the falling cost of HDTV Sets. Here in Jamaica, Telecom Provider LIME has kickstarted that revolution with Mobile Broadband Prices now at the lowest they’ve been: JA$300 for a 30-Day Data Plan as announced on Friday August 9th 2013 as stated in my blog article entitled “LIME Jamaica introduces 30-day Data Plans for JA$300 and a free Alcatel One Touch T'Pop - How the Butler started the Smartphone Data Revolution”.

Albeit this is mainly for Mobile Internet and not for Wired Broadband Services it at least means that Streaming may become a favourite pastime of Jamaicans with Tablets as at those prices, they can afford to pay for a 30-Day Data Plan Service. And no the Telecom Providers aren’t losing revenue, ass this is counterbalanced by an increased Traffic on their 3G Data Network, thereby justifying any Network Expansions as Telecom Provider LIME need to do to complete islandwide 3G Coverage.

Streaming TV Services would also help them to make more revenue after the expansion as it would generate much needed traffic and revenue on their Networks. Triple Play Provider FLOW realizes this, hence their recent partnership with eMedia Interactive, the first truly Caribbean Streaming TV Service, to be supplied with original Caribbean content as stated in the article “eMedia announces Flow partnership”, published Friday, August 02, 2013 BY JULIAN RICHARDSON Assistant Business Co-orinator, The Jamaica Observer.

But best of all, Streaming will put pressure on Television Jamaica and CVM TV to go DSO (Digital Switch Over) for DTT (Digital Terrestrial Televising) by 2015 as was planned by the BCJ (Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica) and as stated in the Geezam blog article entitled “The Future of Free-to-Air Broadcasters in Jamaica as Digital Switch Over Approaches in 2015”.

Lower Cost of Mobile Broadband means Traditional Free-to-Air Broadcasters may be in a state of Paranoia (2013) over Streaming!

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