My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Samsung launches the Dual-SIM 3.3” Dual-Screen Samsung Hennessy SCH W789 in China

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Samsung launches the Dual-SIM 3.3” Dual-Screen Samsung Hennessy SCH W789 in China

Look like I’ve got more fuel for the fire as it relates to Samsung and Feature Smartphone as predicted in my blog article entitled “Samsung to launch the Samsung Galaxy Folder phone in Q4 of 2013 - Android improvement of the Feature phone is the R.I.P.D. resurrected Feature Smartphone”.

As per that article, not only did state that the Samsung Galaxy Folder was the first indication of a new type of smartphone, the Feature Smartphone, but I also stated that this was the first indication that the entire smartphone world going for smaller and cheaper smartphones.

This as yet another Feature Smartphone has appeared, and this time an officially endorsed product…..that’ll be launched in China.  The new Debutant is the Dual-SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) 3.3” Dual-Screen Samsung Hennessy SCH W789 as stated first in the article “Samsung Hennessy clamshell Android smartphone now official”, published 14 August, 2013, GSMArena and “Samsung announces the Hennessy, a dual-screen, quad-core Android flip phone”, published Wednesday August 14 2013 by Alex Colon, GigaOM.

Take a gander at the pictures below for the Samsung Hennessy Feature Smartphone:
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The Specs for the Samsung Hennessy SCH W789 do it better justice as per the article “Samsung Hennessy is official: a dual-screen flip-phone with a quad-core CPU  Mobile”, published Aug 14th, 2013 at 2:20 AM By Alexis Santos, Engadget :

1.      OS:  Google Android 4.1 aka Jelly Bean
2.      Processor:  1.2GHz quad-core CPU
3.      Memory:  1GB
4.      External Storage:  MicroSD slot
5.      Dimensions:  110.85 x 59.3 x 18.62mm
6.      Weight:  208g
7.      Camera:  5-megapixel rear camera
8.      Battery:  1,500mAh battery
9.      Network:  CDMA and GSM (World phone)
10.  SIM:  2 SIM slots (Full Dual-SIM Support with live call switching)

Basically folks, this isn’t just a Feature Smartphone with paltry specs. It’s a full powered smartphone with Feature phone stylings that’s not only running the latest version of Android, but is also a world phone, as it can work on BOTH GSM (Global System Mobile) and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) Networks.

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And amusingly, it sounds like it was inspired by local DJ Rodney Price aka Bounti Killa, who’s apparently a big fan of Hennessey the liquor as evidence from his birthday Bash that took place on Saturday June 8th 2013 as stated in the article “Party brings out Bounty's supporters!”, published June 11, 2013 by CURTIS CAMPBELL, STAR Writer, The Jamaica Star. Scope out the Video by RawTid TV:

Not only that, it’s also confirmation of the trend towards Dual-SIM Smartphones as well as Telecom Handset makers make a push into the Developing World where people are mostly on Prepaid Plans and not contract as opined in my Geezam blog article entitled “Trend towards Dual-SIM Smartphones developing in Jamaica as MNP Approaches”.
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Even more interesting is the inclusion of a world phone in this new phone, a feature that ‘ll make the Feature Smartphone attractive to International Travellers and Americans . A world phone is a concept where a phone can work on any Network, be it CDMA or GSM and supports multiple frequencies and can switch seamlessly between Networks to provide always-connected coverage for the user.

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So there you have it folks. A short quick brief analysis of a rumour now made real with what’s now technically Samsung’s Second Feature Smartphone and a flip phone at that to debut in China. This marks not only the beginning of the end of the Candy Bar form factor of smartphones but also a trending towards:

1.      Dual-SIM Smartphone
2.      World Phone (albeit it may just be for China…keeping my fingers crossed on this one!)
3.      A New type of smartphone, the Feature Smartphone

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More importantly, if this phone makes it to the US of A in its current form it’ll mark the return of Prepaid Mobile Plans for Americans looking for relief from expensive 2 Year Contracts for a phone that has a cool flipping feature, pun very much intended.

The Samsung Galaxy Folder’s is Bounti Killa’s It’s a Party who sips on Hennessy.

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