My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Facebook launches FB Newswire with Verified News from Storyful - Facebook's a bonafide Social Media Newspaper coming soon to a Oculus Rift Smartglasses near you

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Facebook launches FB Newswire with Verified News from Storyful - Facebook's a bonafide Social Media Newspaper coming soon to a Oculus Rift Smartglasses near you

Facebook has now introduced a News service via a Facebook Page and Twitter Feed for official News from News Services around the world that’ll make Journalists very happy called FB Newswire as described in the article “Facebook cozies up to journalists with FB Newswire”, published April 24, 2014 9:12 AM PDT by Don Reisinger, CNET News and “Facebook Launches FB Newswire To Try To Be A Journalist’s Best Friend”, published April 24th 2014 by Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch.

Apparently the people working at Facebook are connected to the Unity Consciousness, as Facebook has answered by prayers, mere days after introducing the Nearby Friends Feature for its growing Facebook Mobile users base as pointed out in my blog article entitled “Facebook launches Nearby Friends feature - WhatsApp VoIP and Oculus Rift VR Wearable Computing Takes flight as FB look towards the Future in the Year of the Horse”.

In true Facebook style, the News of their partnership with Storyful officially broke on Facebook Newsroom page on Thursday April 24th 2014 as stated in “Announcing FB Newswire, Powered by Storyful”, published April 24, 2014 By Andy Mitchell, Director, News and Global Media Partnerships, Facebook Newsroom.

Facebook’s gambit against Twitter – Become a bonafide Social Media Newspaper

If you’re a News buff like yours truly, you’d have noticed that Facebook and Twitter are a great source of News, especially Facebook as noted in my Geezam blog article entitled “Pew Research posits 3 in 10 get their News via Facebook as Paper set to go live”. So Facebook Newswire is a boon to journalists, as it now means that they have access to the official verified Facebook pages of the various official News sources as aggregated and verified by Storyful.

Storyful, now currently owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp who purchased the company for a tidy sum of £15 million pounds back in December 2013 as stated in "News Corp buys Storyful for £15m", published Friday 20 December 2013 14.38 GMT by Jason Deans, The UK Guardian is quite a partner for Facebook to have. 

The Dublin, Ireland Social News aggregator was founded in 2010 and based on who you believe, does a fairly decent job of making sure News that passes through its editorial room is accurate and concise. This is as especially as their partnership with Facebook call on them to present it both on Facebook's page and a Twitter Page as well.

Now that Twitter has come out with a new look that look like Facebook as pointed out in my blog article entitled “How to Download Twitter user Pictures as Twitter makes Facebook Timeline changes”, it look like Facebook is trying to be as quick on the draw with News deliver as Twitter. In fact, FB Newswire also has a twitter Feed, @FBNewswire if you on Twitter right now!

Twitter is where I get most of my official News from Sources all around the World, specifically in Tech. I also get News from Facebook, but to manage them all, I use a SMM (Social Media Management) program called Hootsuite as described in my Geezam blog article entitled “Social Media Management Tools help you to manage your Social Networks all at once”.

Facebook is hoping that by including verification of the News instead of just you following several News sources a la carte, it'll offer a service that Journalists can't resist. This as unlike News sources posted on Twitter, Facebook Newswire's News will all be verified News, thanks to Storyful.

And yes, all that verified News will be available via Facebook Newswire's very own Twitter Feed and Facebook Page. This effectively makes Facebook a source of News, if not a bonafide Social Media Newspaper.

Won’t be too long now before the Oculus Rift VR (Virtual Reality) head-gear becomes refashioned into wearable smartglasses with the News delivered by a synched Facebook Smartwatch as predicted in my blog article entitled “Facebook buys Oculus Rift for US$2 billion - Facebook Social Virtual Reality Future as Smartwatches and smartglasses herald the death of the smartphone in 2015”.

Here’s the link(s):

Facebook Newswire Facebook Page

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