My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Google Play Store now carrying the Nest Learning Thermostat - The Internet of Things plotting to take over

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Google Play Store now carrying the Nest Learning Thermostat - The Internet of Things plotting to take over

The Nest Learning Thermostat is now finally on Google Play Store, making this product the first physical product to have support from BOTH Apple and Google as stated in “NEST LEARNING THERMOSTAT NOW FOR SALE ON GOOGLE PLAY”, published April 22, 2014 By Drew Prindle, Digitaltrend and “Nest Learning Thermostat on Sale Via Google Play”, published APRIL 22, 2014 03:05PM EST BY STEPHANIE MLOT, PC Magazine.

Google it seems has wasted no time in putting their products on their Google Play Store after acquiring the Company that’s a maker of devices that can be controlled over the Internet back in January 2014 as stated in my blog article entitled “Google purchased Nest for US$3.2 billion - The Internet of Things just got Googled as Android tries to rule them all”.

Interestingly enough, as Jamaica is a temperate climate and a Third world country that doesn’t have snow, the listing on Google Play store returns a blank when you do a search as shown below.

Google purchase of Nest – Four months and Growing Strong with Apple and Google

Now four months on, Nest is Growing Strong, despite facing problems with the Nest Protect, their Internet-connected Smoke Detector as described in my blog article entitled “Nest markets a Wi-Fi connected Smoke Detector, the Nest Protect, for US$129 - Nest stirs up the Smoke Detector Business in yet another smartphone connected device”.

The Nest Protect has a software glitch that causes it to go off even when there is no smoke and in some cases not respond to waving actions to stop as stated in “Nest halts sales of Nest Protect smoke alarm as company grapples with software glitch”, published April 4, 2014 By Trevor Mogg, DigitalTrends.

To this end, Nest has put out a recall for the product, hence the reason why the Google Play Store as well as the Apple Stores and other outlets at which Nest Products are being sold do not carry the product.

Despite my dislike for having devices controllable over the Internet, I will give some allowance for passive alerting non-autonomous devices. A good example of such a useful implementation of the so-called Internet of Things is the LG Electronics LED Light Bulb, which is sold in South Korea and can be controlled over the Internet via a smartphone app as stated in my blog article entitled “LG Electronics Internet Controlled LED Light Bulb - Li-Fi’s Standardization of Alexander Graham Bell’s First Invention powered by Powerline AV 500 and Homeplug AV”.

They serve the purpose of extending Human senses, allowing us to have the ability to know information about things happening in other places aside from our immediate surroundings. This information is often sent via Text Messages but with the Internet, they’re enabled with ability to send alerts information via email and even via an installed app on a regular smartphone.

They also give us remote control abilities over a very long range, allowing us to check things that are far away. I’m just hoping that when AI (Artificial Intelligence) becomes conscious, it doesn’t try to take over the world, despite its extensive reach and pervasive presence online as noted in my Geezam blog article entitled “61% of all Traffic on the Internet is generated by bots”.

Here’s the link for the Nest Learning Thermostat:

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