My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How to make Industrial Strength Un-Poppable Soap Bubbles using Distilled Water

Monday, April 28, 2014

How to make Industrial Strength Un-Poppable Soap Bubbles using Distilled Water

I’m a bit of a tinkerer that likes to experiment with other ideas aside from Telecoms. This is self-evident from my interest in non-practical ideas such as Painted Easter Eggs, a tradition borrowed from Ukraine and Russia which I’ve adopted a hobby as noted in my blog article entitled “How to make Glow-in-the-Dark Etched Easter Eggs - Russian Tradition with a Modern Jamaican Twist makes Katy Perry Roar”.

So here comes another, this time centered on making glow-in-the-dark un-poppable Bubbles. I’ve always had a thing for Bubbles (the blowing kind, not the Cartoon!), especially making the large, un-poppable ones that are a hit with children at birthday parties or even adults at a Health Fair.

They can bounce of your hands and not burst, making them an instant attraction at your child’s next Birthday Party! Best of all, these Bubbles glow-in-the-Dark, making them even more fascinating when the Sun goes down and the UV Lamps get turned on!

But how do you make them?

In the next few lines, I’ll show you. So get your thinking cap on and a Box of Oreos and Lasco Chocolate Milk, as this is going to get Bubbly. Please note, it’ll need Distilled Water for this project, as I’m making the assumption that you’re a regular reader of the Geezam blog.

If so, that means you’ve already read my article on the Solar Desalinator as described in my Geezam blog article entitled “How to Make Distilled Water using a Solar Desalinator”. I’m also assuming that you’re a DIY (Do it Yourself) kinda persons and you’ve made the new version that uses the Fresnel Lens as described in my blog article entitled “How to upgrade your Solar Desalinator to a Solar Cooker and make a Solar Foundry for Vacuum Pyrolysis”.

The ingredients are fairly straightforward:

1.      1 5’ ½” PVC Pipe
2.      1 Cup Corn Syrup
3.      1 Electrical Air Pump
4.      UV Lamps
5.      Bright Neon coloured Non-Toxic Markers
6.      1 Large Stainless Steel Metal Pot
7.      1 young helpful assistant
8.      2 Bottles of Dishwashing Liquid
9.      6 Cups of Distilled Water
10.  Glass Measuring cup
11.  Gloves
12.  Glycerine
13.  Hand Blender
14.  Kitchen Stop clock

The instructions from here on out are fairly simple:

1.      Pour the 6 Cups of Water into the Large Stainless Steel Metal Pot
2.      Empty the 2 bottles of Dishwashing liquid, making sure to completely empty the bottles
3.      Cut open the Bright Neon coloured Non-Toxic Markers
4.      Remove the inkpad and cut open the plastic coating
5.      Soak them into the mixture
6.      Place the Hand Blender and start mixing
7.      Set the Kitchen Stop Clock to fifteen Minutes
8.      While mixing, pour in the Corn Syrup or Glycerine at the point where the mixer is inserted into the mixture
9.      Blend the mixture for the next fifteen minutes until the Kitchen Stop Clock alarms
10.  Let the mixture sit for about 24 hours
11.  Test the mixture by dipping the 5’ ½” PVC Pipe and manually blowing a bubble with your mouth
12.  To blow them much larger, have your young helpful Assistant connect the Electrical Air Pump to the 5’ ½” PVC Pipe in order to blow them to bigger sizes
13.  When Night comes, turn on the UV Lamps at the Party and watch the Bubbles glow with an eerie light that’s the colour of the Permanent Markers

That’s it, folks! You’ve just created super-strong un-poppable Bubbles that are cheaper than balloons at any Party.  In fact they are more fun than Balloons as they are so strong that they can bounce off anything and even better, you can go home and make them yourselves.

Best of all, the Party doesn’t stop at nights, as they glow-in-the-Dark un-poppable Bubbles provide a tantalizing After-Party Night show that’s sure to delight children of all ages and make your child’s Birthday Party that much more special!

Also, enjoy the pack of Oreos and the Chocolate Lasco Milk. They’re on the house!

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