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Thursday, April 24, 2014

How to Download Twitter user Pictures as Twitter makes Facebook Timeline changes

“Green eye” people still love my Photo “pon” Facebook? Now “unnu” see it on Twitter and wanna download it? I don’t “wrong” you; “is me tek it” or arranged into a Collage and posted it using Picture Collage Maker Pro, Collages of course being original works of art, even if the pictures are borrowed from someone else’s Facebook or Twitter Profile

But aside from the fancy software for making Collages, how does one bulk download Pictures from Twitter from your own Profile or someone else’s? “One one cocoa full basket” is a bit too long; I need something that’s faster than opening one page one at a time.

In my Geezam blog article entitled “How to download Photo Albums and Videos from your Personal and your Friend’s Profile on Facebook” I listed software options that make it easier for you downloaders to ….ahem…. “mek a borrows” of someone else’s pictures on Facebook, even downloading the very last Picture.

So after several months of searching, dear reader, I’ve located a gem or at least a series of gems in the form of Google Chrome Extensions, Apps or Downloadable Programs that help to do the above crime of stealing works of photographic art.

And I shall reveal the fruits of my labour….but not before I tell you why you’ll want to download Twitter Photos: the Organic Engagement of Twitter followers is phenomenal. You see, on Twitter, very few who are on Twitter actually Tweet, suggesting that the few that do are dedicated users and followers of Twitter due its minimalistic approach to Messaging.

Based on Stats by Twitter analyst Twopcharts in the Wall Street Journal, 44% the 974 million Twitterati have never Tweeted as pointed out in the article Silent birds: 44 percent of Twitter users have never Tweeted”, published April 11, 2014 by Christian Brazil Bautista, DigitalTrends  and “Report: 44% of Twitter Accounts Have Never Sent a Tweet”, published Apr 11, 2014 8:00 am ET By Yoree Koh, Wall Street Journal.

They're considered active users in Twitter metrics, once they log in once a month, which is why their engagement Stats suggest that they have 200 million Active users back in April 2013 as stated in “Twitter surpasses 200M active monthly users”, published December 18, 2012 7:37 AM PST by Jonathan Skillings, CNET News and  “WhatsApp CEO: We're Bigger than Twitter's 200M users”, published April 16, 2013 8:26 AM PDT by Roger Cheng, CNET News. According to the stats from Twopcharts, it's really a lot less.

Blame it on the lackluster interface, which hearkens back to a time when everything was SMS (Short Messaging Service) or Text Messages, not IM (Instant Messaging) where you have oodles of space to say what's on your mind. Truth be told, Twitter needs to launch a new design and new products, such as VoIP Calling over Wi-Fi and 3G, otherwise they face losing a lot of members to rival Mobile Social Media such as Facebook owned WhatsApp.

And that’s exactly what Twitter has done…..

Twitter New Clothes – Facebook’s Timeline Profile look good on you, Twitter

But back to my hunt for a picture stealing Bulk downloader for Twitter! I’ve been looking for something equivalent to that for Twitter but with much difficulty, as it seems most software focus on downloading pictures from Websites, not Social Media, software in itself an article in its own right.

Why my interest in Twitter all of a Sudden?

Well, they’ve been making some weird changes that are making them look more and more like Facebook as stated in “Twitter starts rolling out Facebook-like user profile redesign”, published April 8, 2014 By Mike Flacy, DigitalTrends. The first being announced since Tuesday April 8th 2014 officially on Twitter’s Blog as stated in “Coming soon: a whole new you, in your Twitter profile”, published Tuesday, April 8, 2014 By David Bellona (@davidbellona), Designer [11:53 UTC], Twitter Blog.

Read up folks; the emphasis is on Photos, with more capabilities now enabled in Twitter aside from just Quad-posted Tagging Photos as I’d pointed out in my Geezam blog article entitled “Twitter add Photo-Tagging and uploading Multiple Photos as Mobile Social Media Evolves”.

Of course, new features are in the works, which amusingly sound a lot like the offerings on Hootsuite or any of those other SMM (Social Media Management) tool’s I’ve listed in my Geezam blog article entitled “Social Media Management Tools help you to manage your Social Networks all at once”.

First off the bat, your Best Tweets, based either on your choice of Tweets or just Traffic Stats, will be a lot bigger. Ok, that sounds great. You can now Pin Your Tweets, a feature which sounds like it was plagiarized from Pinterest, not Facebook.

Visitors are now treated to your tweet at all times as it makes sure visitors to your Twitter page see your best side at all times. Filtering of Tweets is now possible, again a Hootsuite or SMM Software feature. The options are a little easier but less granular than SMM software though, which I really like:

  • Tweets
  • Tweets with photos/videos
  • Tweets and replies

This will make handling Twitter a lot easier, as it's a little difficult switch between the various sections of Twitter as it is now, since the content and your Followers replies are all jumbled up in one long “Me” Twitter Feed. Still disappointed there's no improved Twitter Integration with Facebook, but making Twitter look more like Facebook is a great start!

You can scope out the following Web Profiles that got an early pre-taste of what's to come, which, Facebook style, is coming whether you like it or not, as mentioned on Twitter’s Blog :

  • Film stars @zacefron and @channingtatum
  • French TV host @nikosaliagas
  • Australian Football League @AFL
  • First Lady Michelle Obama @flotus
  • Brazilian singer, guitarist, and songwriter @gilbertogil
  • Boxer @FloydMayweather
  • TV star @kerrywashington
  • Musicians @JohnLegend and band @weezer
Finally Real-time Notifications – Twitter steps up to Facebook’s Messenger World

So where’s the improvement to notifications? Twitter has apparently gotten the memo from the members of the Twitterati such as myself that regularly complain via @Twitter; they’ve thrown that in too along with keeping-up-with-Facebook's-timeline changes. Twitter will soon be launching a Web-based Notification System as stated in “Twitter to launch pop-up notifications for the Web”, published April 10, 2014 By Mike Flacy, DigitalTrends.

Again, this was mentioned on their as stated in “Stay connected with notifications on”, published Thursday, April 10, 2014 by Michael Ducker (@miradu) [20:03 UTC], Twitter blog and is an improvement on Twitter sending me email and me having to read notifications of Favourites, ReTweets and Replies to my Tweets in my Gmail Email Account, something that’s a real chore and time-waster to open an extra web-page.

This makes interactions on Twitter more real-time, the main difficulty some people have with Twitter. Unless you have a smartphone with the mobile Twitter App, knowing when someone just Favourites, ReTweets and Replies to my Tweets isn't immediately obvious.

Some of us, such as myself, still have slow computers and even slower Internet, so the Twitter feed doesn’t immediately update. Hence again the reason why I've been using Hootsuite!! The controls to customize your Tweets are a bit basic and hearken to Google Alerts as explained in my Geezam blog article entitled “Google Alerts Diamond in the Rough coming to Google+ to deliver Technology News”. 

Hopefully, they’ll add Customized Alerts and Time related Alerts and even the ability to track when someone else Tweets, a sort of Google Alerts for those Twitter stalkers …er…… I mean followers….among us. Somewhat disappointed Twitter hasn’t addressed their lackluster Search Engine to allow you to search with greater precision like Facebook’s Open Graph.

Twitter hasn’t even addressed the issue of Twitter spamming and even Bot Accounts as described in my Geezam blog article entitled “61% of all Traffic on the Internet is generated by bots”, which if the Stats in my article is correct, may even be as much as 50% of those of us who do regularly use Twitter…. assuming they’re human, of course.

Twitter’s PhotoGrabber – Twitter Image Downloader makes it a snap to grab the Last 200

So back to this picture downloading thing! With all this focus on pictures and the Organic Engagement thanks to the dedicated 56% that actually actively Tweet daily, it’s great to know that finally a way exists to download Twitter photos.

The program is called Twitter Image Downloader and it’s as easy as Tweeting itself. Developed by the Developers at CodeBetweentheLines in response to Twitter’s removal of the Photo Grid option as pointed out in “Download all photos a Twitter user has posted”, published January 3, 2013 by Martin Brinkmann, Ghacks, Twitter Image Downloader empowers you with the ability to download Photos in bulk.

If you have a longing for the Photo Grid, you can re-enable the option again once you download one of three Apps or Extensions in Google Chrome Webstore on a Google Chrome Browser:

The advantage of Twitter Image Downloader is that it grabs everything on the target Twitter user account, once you’re logged into Twitter, working much like PhotoGrabber. Please note a few caveats; you’ll have to download Microsoft .NET 3.5 and Microsoft .NET 4.0 in order for the program to work.

Also, it’s a bit slow and not so quick on the draw, requiring that you have a little patience and wait until the pictures populate while it downloads them for the target account. Even more annoying is its 200 image limit; cracking beyond that limitation should be forthcoming in another update of CodeBetweentheLines API (Application Interface) for Twitter Image Downloader.

Still, it works a lot like PhotoGrabber, which is why I love it to bits. Folks, now would be a good time to get active again on Twitter if you’ve not logged in for awhile. Getting the smartphone app isn’t too bad either, be it to post Collages made with Picture Collage Maker Pro or steal…ahem….I mean “mek a borrows” of someone’s Twitter Pictures using Twitter Image Downloader to fit Twitter’s new Groove.

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