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Thursday, June 26, 2014

@SwiftKey now free for Android Users – How Apple users might soon be getting SwiftKey Free

“It's not a keyboard, it's a movement”

CEO of SwiftKey, Jon Reynolds, describing SwiftKey as the next big thing for smartphone and Tablet Keyboards

Good News For Android Users now that we’re in the equivalent of Christmas for Google during their Google I/O Conference as stated in “Here’s what's new at Google I/O 2014”, published June 25, 2014 2:04 PM PDT by Nate Ralph, CNET News and “Everything You Need to Know About Google’s I/O Keynote”, published 06.25.14 12:20 pm By Mat Honan, Wired.

For those of you having difficulty Touch- typing on your Android Device, SwiftKey is now free since Wednesday June 11th 2014 as declared in “SWIFTKEY FOR ANDROID IS NOW FREE, ADDS MORE CUSTOMIZABLE KEYBOARDS”, published June 11, 2014 By Malarie Gokey, DigitalTrends and “Popular paid Android keyboard SwiftKey goes free for all”, published June 11, 2014 12:01 AM PDT by Sarah Mitroff, CNET News.

Here’s CNET’s Complete Guide to using SwiftKey entitled “The Complete guide to using SwiftKey on Android”, published  June 13, 2014 2:15 PM PDT by Dan Graziano, CNET News along with a helpful video.

Originally sold for US$3.99 after you’ve gone through a 30 day trial, SwiftKey is now free and comes bundled with a “Premium pack” of 14 Free Themes valued at US$5. SwiftKey’s got a SwiftKey Store that recently got 30 new themes to jazz up your otherwise drab default Nickel Keyboard costing US$0.99 each. You can also grab a pack of five for US$2.99.

This includes support for some 800 emoji and more free Themes, albeit you’ll have to pay for that. Also there support for a few more languages, bringing up the total to 66:

1.      Belarusian
2.      Mongolian
3.      Tatar
4.      Uzbek
5.      Welsh

It’s full functionality, but thanks to the addictive nature and fast turnover from Trial-period to paying customer, SwiftKey realized that customizable Themes was where the real money’s at, as nothing really unique (or patentable) about Swiping-to-type. Now if that isn’t a deal I’m not sure what is really!

For the uninitiated, SwiftKey, which updated to Version 3 back in June 2012 as stated in “For better Android typing: SwiftKey”, published June 21, 2012 3:13 AM PD by Stephen Shankland, CNET News, allows you to type by swiping. No thumb typing; you just swipe from letter to letter, pausing only to let the virtual keyboard, which comes in various themes, register the word you just swiped.

SwiftKey free for Android Users – How Apple users might soon be getting SwiftKey Free

Second only to Swype used by many Android-toting Jamaicans, SwiftKey tout features that make the transition from the “IN” Crowd to the “Smart” Crowd that much easier as described in my Geezam blog article entitled “How to transfer Phone Contacts and Data from your Blackberry to your Apple iPhone or Google Android smartphone or Tablet”.

Aside from its amazing predictive text capabilities that are a part of SwiftKey Flow, even predicting whole words and sentences with increased usage, it also sport features for those with bigger fingers. The swiping action is halted by pressing the spacebar, which is noticeably bigger.

A leftward swipe deletes your last word and it has a built in haptic feedback that buzzes for about 10 milliseconds to generate the sensation of pressing a keyboard button if you opt to touch-type.

It also sticks spaces between words if you forget to lift your finger thanks to its very ample library which supports 66 languages. And yes, it can even speak the shortened un-English like language of Facebook, a RSS feed, Gmail, and Twitter, though this'll take awhile, as its amazing cognitive abilities seem to increase with obsessive usage on your smartphone.

You’re basically training a little dog on your smartphone as noted in “SwiftKey 3: This Android keyboard is addictive”, published April 4, 2012 7:00 AM PDT by Rafe Needleman, CNET News!
There is no SwiftKey for Apple iOS, as they don’t allow third-party Apps, no matter how popular, to mess with the phone’s iOS Settings. But there is SwiftKey Note for Apple, a note-taking App that allows you to swipe using their predictive text technology but still using Apple’s keyboard as stated in “NEW SWIFTKEY NOTE APP BRINGS THE POPULAR ANDROID KEYBOARD TO IOS, BUT IT’S IN DISGUISE”, published  January 31, 2014 By Andy Boxall, DigitalTrends.

It’s got the same features as SwiftKey on Android, with the option to port your notes to the Notebook-in-the-Clouds Evernote. SwiftKey tags everything, making it searchable and notes can be emailed, texted or AirDropped, so it's a lot like having SwiftKey for Android. Plus it’s packing the same level of Language support along with predictive text on the fly while still preserving the sexy, svelte finish that all Apple iOS users adore.

But for those of you convert to Apple iOS, despair not; the SwiftKey team’s cooking up something special along with Swiping Keyboard makers Swype, Minuum, Flesky and Mulitling Keyboard for Apple iOS users, as it’s apparent they’re not unused to spending for additional perks on their services as stated in “5 MAJOR ANDROID KEYBOARDS NOW CONFIRMED FOR IOS 8”, published June 4, 2014 By Malarie Gokey, DigitalTrends.

Have you tried SwiftKey? Then go to the Google Play Store  and the Apple ITunes App Store and download a free copy today!

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