My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: BGLC to introduce Supreme Ventures Mobile Money for smartphone Cashless Society

Saturday, June 7, 2014

BGLC to introduce Supreme Ventures Mobile Money for smartphone Cashless Society

“I-gaming is a rapidly expanding sector of the industry in which Jamaica is not legally participating.....It is taking place and Jamaica ... is not benefitting from the taxes that this activity attracts”

BGLC Executive Director Andral 'Jack' Shirley commenting on BGLC (Betting Gaming & Lotteries Commission) plans to Open up Jamaican Gaming Industry to Internet Gaming

Jamaica is finally catching up with the 21st Century as it relates to Gambling as I’d long prophesied in my blog article entitled Supreme Ventures and Online Gambling - The Return of the King”. Basically online Gaming as the Americans and the Europeans, particularly the French had begun doing since 2010 as stated in my blog article entitled Telecom Providers and eCommerce - Nothing is certain but Death and Taxes”.

This as the BGLC (Betting Gaming & Lotteries Commission) has plans to introduce Internet Gambling or i-Gaming to Jamaicans, allowing them to gamble via Mobile Internet on smartphones, by making Voice Calls and via SMS (Short Messaging Service) as declared in the article “BGLC to regularise i-gaming market”, published Wednesday May 28, 2014, The Jamaica Gleaner.

This isn’t really news, as Supreme Ventures Limited has always been toying with the idea of Gambling via smartphones over 3G/4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) as I’d predicted in my blog article entitled Supreme Ventures and Mobile Phone Platform for gambling”.

Heck, it can even be done on Blackberry’s with very slow Internet once it’s in the form of an App as describe in my blog article entitledSupreme Ventures and Blackberry Gambling - Rihanna S&M on the Dark Side of the Moonor even the new Blackberries running Blackberry 10!

But i-Gaming really means that the Gambling Industry will open up to more than just punters making bets via Phone Calls or Text Messaging, which is rather old-school. Realistically, this is just another revenue creating measure that’s finally seeing the light of GOJ (Government of Jamaica) Legislation.

It means Developers of Apps will have an incentive to develop Gambling Apps for smartphones to allow adults to use their Credit Cards or Prepaid Debit Cards such as Scotia VISA Debit Card or CIBC VISA Debit Card, creating jobs mainly for Programmers and Developers.  

This is similar to them now taking the unclaimed winnings from their various Games as I’d reported in my blog article entitled “Supreme Ventures Limited no longer takes half of unclaimed Lottery Winnings - SVL Scaled back their promotions and sponsorships thanks to Sabotage by the greedy GOJ”.

Supreme Ventures and Mobile Gambling – i-Gaming will herald Mobile Money Cashless Society

Most likely Supreme Ventures Limited and any potential competitors waiting in the wings will be first implementing their Mobile Money Platforms as predicted in my blog article entitled “JCCUL get's approval from BOJ to launch their JCUES Mobile Money Platform - JCUES Mobile Money Wolverine marks the Kick-Ass 2 beginning of a Cashless Society”.

This as not everyone in Jamaica has a Bank Account, muchless a Credit Card to make bets via smartphones. Mobile Money platforms would also make such i-Gaming Platforms secure enough so that people can confidently make bets via smartphone apps, Voice Calls or Text Messages.

It would make it possible to also play any Supreme Ventures Limited Lottery Game from your smartphone or even enable Gaming via your local ATM. The Gambler could then collect the Tickets later and even prizes via their Mobile Money account, thus ensuring that if you win, you’d never miss your winnings as noted in my blog article entitled “Supreme Ventures Limited and the JA$232.2 million Super Lotto Winner - Pointer Sister's Automatic”.

The Church and i-Gaming – Get Ready for Fire and Brimstone as it dips directly into their Tithes

Aside from the social implications of underage Gambling, i-Gaming is long overdue, as many other jurisdictions have long switched over to this lucrative means of making money. The main enemy to any such legislative proposal by the BGLC to such a widespread availability of Gambling on smartphones and via Voice Calling and Texting is the Church.

In much the same way the Church has opposed Flex-Work Legislation for the past 18 years as described in my Geezam blog article entitled “Jamaica’s 100MBps Internet Silver Lining – Tele-commuting Workplace is coming”.

The Church only recently losing the Battle as Minister of Labour Derrick Kellier is forced by the IMF to implement Labour Law Reforms that would see Flex-Work Week finally coming to Jamaica as stated in my blog article entitled “Minister Derrick Kellier announces Historic Flexible Work Week Bill to be Tabled in Jamaican Parliament - Churches upset Government coming after their Tithes Cash-Cow”.

i-Gaming will DIRECTLY affect the Church’s Tithes Cash Cow in much the same way Sunday Gaming is already doing. This as you can now gamble from the comfort of your Desktop or Laptop computer or even your smartphone while in Church. I suspect we’ll be hearing some protest action from the Church very soon on BOTH Flex-Work Week and i-Gaming.

Stay tuned to my blog as this story unfolds!

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