My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Inbox by Gmail for your Smartphone - Why Miconians will love Bundles of emails with Snooze Button that Assists with Email Coursework Hell


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Inbox by Gmail for your Smartphone - Why Miconians will love Bundles of emails with Snooze Button that Assists with Email Coursework Hell

My Gmail Inbox is cluttered with files from Lecturers and fellow students in my groups from the MICO University College, making organizing this mess a chore that I have to regularly engage in. Folders help and Gmail automate which emails go to what folders help even more.

But what about your smartphone?

No, I don’t have one, but the comely females at the MICO University College must be trifle annoyed with checking their emails on their smartphone and Tablets. Especially on such tiny screens, making work productivity flow difficult to achieve even when perched with friend underneath the Tree at the  MICO University College courtyard or under the Gazebo

Well the Gmail Team has got you covered with their latest App launched Wednesday October 22nd 2014 called Inbox by Gmail that promises to sort the Gmail clutter on your smartphone and make it more manageable as reported in the article “Google unveils Gmail alternative: 'Inbox'”, published October 22, 2014 12:10 PM PDT by Richard Nieva and Seth Rosenblatt, CNET News.

Inbox by Gmail – Email automatically sorted by algorithm into Bundles

Inbox by Gmail is designed to complement Gmail on your smartphone, not replace it. I still this might do the trick for the smartphone-toting crowd as it appears well put together as noted in the article “Inbox is Google's new killer email app”, published October 23, 2014 10:18 AM PDT, CNET Reviews.

Basically it sorts all email into three (3) categories as shown below:

1.      Inbox
2.      Snoozed
3.      Done

The Bundles option sounds like a version of what the Folders in Gmail should have been; creating custom folders i.e. Bundles, then having the emails automatically sort themselves into those folders, maintaining a clean inbox at all time or kill them all at once.

I personally want to have improved email search as that would make finding all those emails in all those folder a trifle easier. Inbox by Gmail seems to partially have scratched that itch with phone numbers, flight status, images and attachments available on the fly without you even having to take peek inside of that email.

Makes spotting enemies easier albeit not so sure I like Google using its automated algorithm to tell what's hot and what's not as opined in “With Inbox, Google dares to be different”, published October 23, 2014 6:59 AM PDT by Stephen Shankland, CNET News.

I like this a lot as the video above clearly shows. So what other neat tricks does Inbox by Gmail have up its sleeve?

Inbox by Gmail - Snooze Button finally added an Assist never misses an Appointment

Google Now reminders are now customizable with the option to create your own reminders. Are you a big fan of your Alarm Clock's Snooze Button? Especially if it has an option like “someday”? Wouldn’t that be dandy, fellow Miconians, doing it with thy might?

Inbox by Google has a big one set just right with messages pre-programmable to snooze and then pop-up and scare you when you’re more sedated and able to handle the distressing news as noted in “Hands On With Google Inbox: Useful Email Triage Tools For A Mobile Workflow”, published Oct 22, 2014 by Darrell Etherington, Techcrunch.

Assists is the main feature of Inbox by Gmail. It reminds me of Google Alerts but for truly real time tracking of important events e.g. weather, flight information, as it happens. Perfect for the jet-set crowd! Never miss another appointment or plane out of town with this handy Assist-ant!

So how to get this email-sorting wonder of an App?

If you have an Apple iPhone or Google Android smartphone, you can get the App from the Apple iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store. Google Chrome users are in luck; it’s available as a Web App in the Chrome App Store as well. Have fun finally clearing that deep well of emails that's probably spanning pages in your inbox with a little help from Inbox by Gmail.

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