My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: US$235 Bluesmart Connected Carry-On Suitcase - How a Proximity and GPS Suitcase makes securing your Luggage Easier


Friday, October 31, 2014

US$235 Bluesmart Connected Carry-On Suitcase - How a Proximity and GPS Suitcase makes securing your Luggage Easier

Happy Halloween to my American readers, this is the Halloween article for my blog! No, I DON’T celebrate Halloween but still, I’m wishing everyone to be safe and sound at the end of the ghoulish night, as per the song Safe and Sound by Capital Cities!

Ever travel on an airline and when you’re checking out you can’t locate your luggage?

With so many tracking systems to locate lost items, such as the Nokia Treasure Tag for locating lost or stolen items as described in my blog article entitled “Nokia Treasure Tag to launch in April 2014 - Pirates on the Caribbean on Stranger Tides will find locating lost keys that much easier”, it seems that the time has come for a tracking device for Suitcases as well!

Introducing the latest Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for a GPS Trackable suitcase called the Bluesmart, billed as the world’s first Cary-on suitcase as reported in the article “Bluesmart carry-on suitcase can't get lost”, published October 23, 2014 10:51 AM PDT by Amanda Kooser, CNET News.

The US$235 Bluesmart Connected Carry-On Suitcase is basically a smartphone connected suitcase that a use Bluetooth to create proximity alert if it strays too far from your side. It's built strong so that the TSA can’t just bust into your suitcase with asking you nicely first.

Made of three (3) layers of polycarbonate, it's got a 34-liter capacity weigh 8.5 pounds albeit the team designing the suitcase promises something lighter is in the pipeline. Nice set of wheel on this baby, four (4) to be exact, with a waterproof zipper and an anodized aluminum handle for that nice solid grip.

And that's just the aesthetics.

Its internal gadgetry has gotten them US$$678,766 in funding, totally surpassing their precious goal of US$50,000 with some 24 days to go as of October 31st 2014. Once they’re completed their funding round, they expect to ship by July 2015 for US$235, so this won't make a great Christmas gift, but something worth considering for Summer vacation in 2015.

Ok, so it's got a proximity alert via Bluetooth and trackable via GPS. Still, why the huge interest in the world's first connected suitcase? One word really: convenience of Travel.

US$235 Bluesmart Connected Carry-On Suitcase - How a Proximity and GPS suitcase makes securing your luggage easier

Yes convenience, as this baby does it all and is well thought out by the Bluesmart Team as noted in the article “This suitcase knows how much it weighs, where it is, and charges your gadgets”, published October 20, 2014 By Andy Boxall, DigitalTrends.

It has a digitally controlled lock that's opened using your Apple iPhone or Google Android smartphone. Should you drift out of range of the Bluetooth Proximity Sensors, it's programmed to go into lockdown and only open in your presence or with a special key which you alone possess. Even so, it’s TSA friendly, allowing them access should they want to inspect your luggage for no apparent reason.

It's go a built in scale that allows you to weight your suitcase to see if you’re over-packed. Best of all for the Tech obsessed, it's got a built in Battery that allows you to charge your gadgets, should in case you get stranded at an airport under attack by Russian Rebel separatists and decided to cut off the power and storm the building.

For the social media say, the GPS Tracker means not only can you track it out of range of your proximity alert, but if it gets misplaced, you can actually locate it in all that mess of Suitcases on the airport. All that trackable data can be uploaded to a social Network, so your enemies can follow where you’ve been and how much stuff you’re packed into your suitcase.

Plus it's got neon blue accents, which'll make it stand out real easy in a crowd of look-alike suitcases.

I hardly travel, but I like this idea of NOT losing my suitcase and being able to locate it. Bluesmart is an idea that is necessary and it behooves me as to why no one thought of putting a GPS tracker in a suitcase or even making a secure suitcase that can be opened ONLY by your smartphone.

Still, it's not too late as Indigogo supporters have heard the clarion call and have pitched in to get your US$235 Bluesmart Connected Carry-On Suitcase delivered to you….safe and sound!

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