My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: US$5.99 CBS All Access Live in US of A - How HBO Streaming by 2015 will beat Netflix as Jamaican Local TV and Radio Stations unprepared for Digicel and LIME TV

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

US$5.99 CBS All Access Live in US of A - How HBO Streaming by 2015 will beat Netflix as Jamaican Local TV and Radio Stations unprepared for Digicel and LIME TV

Looks like the Cable TV Content Providers are also coming under pressure from Streaming Services like Netflix. Slowly, one by one, they’re announcing the rollout of Streaming versions of their Content without the need to be a subscriber to their bloated Cable TV packaged beforehand.

CBS was the first to launch a Streaming Cable Service without a Cable subscription called CBS All Access costing only US$5.99 per month as announced on  Thursday October 16th 2014 the article “CBS becomes first major network to launch internet TV Service”, published October 16, 2014 10:09 am by Jacob Kastrenakes, The Verge and “Watch out, HBO: CBS launches standalone Web TV Service”, published 16, 2014 6:00 AM PDT by Joan E. Solsman, CNET News.

Coincidentally, HBO CEO Richard Plepler, one day before on Wednesday October 15th 2014, had also announced plans for HBO to do the very same thing come January 2015 as stated in “It’s Not TV. And It’s Not Cable. It’s HBO, Online”, published Oct. 15, 2014 by James Poniewozik, Time and “Look out, cable TV, Netflix! Here comes HBO to the Internet”, published October 15, 2014 -- 18:55 GMT (11:55 PDT) By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, ZDNet.

So apparently this idea of Streaming to smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop computer is now a “thing”, as Streaming begins to pick up for BOTH Digital Music and Videos as noted originally in my blog article entitled “Nielsen Stats record continued decline in Music Downloads - Developed World Streaming will catch on in Developed World once we get 4G LTE”. 

Especially as many of these Cable Content Providers are losing customers to a la carte Streaming Services provided by Netflix and Amazon.

Many families with Teenagers (ages 13 to 17) and Millennials (ages 18 to 28) are now opting to stream content from online video providers like YouTube over 4G LTE and Fiber Optic Services as explained in my blog article entitled “RIAA Stats on Music Streaming – Why 4G LTE and Cheaper Cloud Storage means downloads extinct”.

CBS All Access goes live in the US of A - HBO to Stream by 2015 in a bid to beat Netflix

Americans, your prayers for access to Streaming content as shown on Cable TV sans a subscription to a Cable TV package as a pre-qualifier has finally been answered.

Over six thousand, five hundred (6,500) past and current show titles with the exception of the Big Bang Theory and NFL Games will be available in the following cities initially via the CBS All Access Platform:

1.      Baltimore
2.      Boston
3.      Chicago
4.      Dallas
5.      Denver
6.      Detroit
7.      Los Angeles
8.      Miami
9.      Minneapolis
10.  New York
11.  Philadelphia
12.  Pittsburgh
13.  Sacramento
14.  San Francisco

This is basically Streaming on any device be it a smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop computer and most likely Roku TV when they become available to the public by Black Friday which is Friday November 28th 2014 as explained in my blog article entitled “US$229 Roku TV from Hisense and TCL – Control your TV with your smartphone as Smartphone Apps Control Streaming Television Glimpse of the Future”.

And yes it’s an App, available on the Google Play Store and the Apple iTunes App Store, but apparently only for Americans and only in the select locations, most likely via using your smartphone’s GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) or ISP (Internet Service Provider) IP Address. 

Jamaica and Streaming – Local TV and Radio Stations not there yet as Digicel and LIME TV beckon

Here in Jamaica we’re still twiddling our thumbs as neither of our local TV Stations, Television Jamaica or  CVM TV, have opted to go the Streaming route but are taking a long time to rollout their Services.

Despite RJR Communications Group promising to launch such a Service in October 2014 for a UNIV VOD (Video on Demand) Streaming Platform for all of their Radio and Television Content called TVJ Everywhere as described in my blog article entitled “RJR Communications Group Launching TVJ Everywhere - How Streaming TVJ Everywhere will boost Advertising Revenue as Digicel and LIME TV coming”.

Ironically a Telecom Provider may beat them to it as Telecom Provider Digicel here in Jamaica has fleshed out plans for their own Caribbean wide Streaming TV Platform as I’d originally predicted in my blog article entitled “Digicel completes Caribbean-wide Submarine Fiber Optic Acquisitions - 4G LTE launch of Caribbean Streaming TV”.

Already, they’d acquired  Telstar Cable here in Jamaica as a part of that Caribbean-wide push as reported in my blog article entitled “Digicel officially acquires Telstar Cable – Why Digicel is launching IPTV Streaming over 4G LTE using 20 Years of Cable TV History”.

Digicel’s as-yet named Service will initially be carrying Sports Programming from SportsMax that’ll be streamed over their as-yet-to-be-launched 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) Network as explained in my blog article entitled “Digicel purchases SportsMax – Why No Games, Just Sports on Digicel's Streaming Cable TV over Bigger, Better Network 4G LTE and FTTH”.

More reason to get a proxy or a VPN (Virtual Private Network) account and stream Cable TV as described in my blog article entitled “Surfing the Internet Anonymously using VPN - How to use Streaming Set Top Boxes over VPN”.

As for me, personally, my list of YouTube Channels has grown considerably!  Happy Streaming Americans on CBS All Access as Christmas came early for you!   

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