My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: @PizzaHutJm Subconscious Menu by Swedish Tobii Technology Eye-Tracking heralds Robotic Pizza Makers and Drone Deliveries by 2017

Sunday, November 30, 2014

@PizzaHutJm Subconscious Menu by Swedish Tobii Technology Eye-Tracking heralds Robotic Pizza Makers and Drone Deliveries by 2017

“We wanted to try a few ideas on the traditional menu format and we’re delighted to have developed the world's first Subconscious Menu, a unique way to reinvent the dining experience”

Head of Marketing at Pizza Hut, Kathryn Austin, explaining their Subconscious Menu

Looks like the peeps that work in the Fast Food restaurants might have more than the coming of Robots taking away their jobs to fear as I’d predicted in my blog article entitled “Fast Food Robot taking over by 2017 - How Drones like Amazon and PrimeAir and not Humanoid Robots will be the first Robots by 2015”.

In the first sign that eye-gaze technology has practical application, Pizza Hut has rolled out a new menu that employs eye-tracking technology to help you make up your mind as to what you want to order as toppings as noted in the article “Pizza Hut's crazy new menu lets you order with your mind”, published 28 Nov 2014 7:00AM GMT By Leah Hyslop, the UK Telegraph.

For those long in the Fast Food Game, this is really just Pizza Hut trying to one up Domino's Pizza as noted in the article “Pizza Hut’s New Subconscious Eye-Tracking Menu Lets Customers Order With Their Eyes (Video)”, published November 29, 4:14 AM by James Geddes, Tech Times.

Dominoes Pizza, their arch-enemy in the Pizza Delivery game, had recently launched an App and Webpage that allows you to track the delivery of your Pizza much as you would do a package, albeit it's not really accurate as noted in the article “Is the Domino's Pizza Tracker Telling the Truth?”, published 10/07/14 10:18am by Joel Montgomery - Quora, Gizmodo.

How Pizza Hut’s Subconscious Menu Works – Pizza desperate to attract Millennial Customers

Pizza Hut's response may be this Subconscious Menu, which has no relation to the Jamaican Dancehall artiste Konshens but it certainly means that they’ve got something bubbling that may come to Pizza Hut in Jamaica. Who knows, when they launch the Subconscious Menu in Jamaica, they may have the artiste representin’ the product for them!

It is basically a Microsoft Surface Tablet running an algorithm that control a pair of Retina-tracking Cameras in an attachment on the base of the Tablet.

The Tablet displays twenty (20) key Pizza toppings which the customer peruses with the eyes not their fingers. The system, designed for Pizza Hut by Swedish company Tobii Technology, tracks your retina gaze and calculates in less than 3 seconds which ingredients you've looks at the longest. Pizza Hut is desperate for Change to attract Millennials (ages 18 to 28) as they’ve been experiencing a fall in sales in the US of A as explained below!

Using a computer program, it then chooses from Pizza Hut's 4,896 possible ingredient combinations and then the Robot (now you can start worrying Fast Food Workers) in the kitchen bakes the perfect Pizza to order.

Fast Food workers, are you scared for your Jobs yet? Wait until I explain how it actually works and how it may replace you in the Working World!

Pizza Hut's Subconscious Menu - Tobii Technology Eye-Tracking makes Subconscious Decide for You

Currently under testing, it's somewhat based on psychologist Sigmung Freud's idea of your personality being governed by the interplay of the Id, which is always seeking pleasure, the SuperEgo, which is your moral compass and the Ego, which is you Conscious self that's aware of what's going on as explained in the article “The Id, Ego and Superego - The Structural Model of Personality”, viewed November 30th 2014 By Kendra Cherry, About Psychology.

In short, the Technology is interesting as noted in the article “Pizza Hut launches digital menu that reads your mind by tracking eye movement... and tells you what to order in 2.5 seconds”, PUBLISHED 28 November 2014 10:36 GMT By ANUCYIA VICTOR, DailyMail UK.

But it reveals more about the inner workings of our decision making process and the promise of how the algorithm works to the point of bordering on mind-reading that should really fascinate you.

It suggests that our subconscious, ruled by our Id and SuperEgo are really drawn to nutritious “See-Food”, based on the quote from Consumer Psychologist, Dr. Simon Moore: “We have quite an extensive subconscious relationship with our food and it's certainly the case psychologically that 'we eat with our eyes. We are automatically drawn to foods that give us more nutrition- it is a safety mechanism we've inherited from primitive man that still plays a role in our subconscious decision making, even when we might be choosing Pizza”.

Thus, in reality, because of prior knowledge of what we eat and what our body knows is good for us, our subconscious has already made up its mind as to what we really want and need and not what we desire. This is often expressed by the Ego side of our personality that has to deal with the reality of the purchasing decision - both before and after the purchase.

Tobii Technology Eye-Tracking - Heralds Robotic Pizza makers and Drone Deliveries by 2017

That feeling of regret after having bought something, often referred to as Buyer's Remorse, is skipped by the Subconscious Menu, tapping instead into your SuperEgo and Id buried deep within your Subconscious to make the decision for you. This eye-tracking technology may help consumers make better online shopping Decisions that they won’t regret.

The result in a 98% rate of satisfaction according to Pizza Hut, except if you and your friend can’t decide who's eyes, or mind for that matter, to use to choose the Pizza. But the bigger picture here is that this tech may end up being used not only by Pizza Hut but by Online Shopping Portals such as Amazon and even brick-and-mortar establishments such as Grocery stores and Supermarkets to make it easier for people to purchase items.

Instead of shoppers wandering the Supermarket as if lost in a trance, you can instead look at a list of images of items you want and have them chosen and bagged for you. In and out in no time flat and you’ve shopped for what you want and need and not what you desire, all thanks to your subconscious.

Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter and even Tablet makers may incorporate eye-tracking technology to make decision making much easier for users of Social Media, eliminating the need to touch Tablet screen with your hands. No more smudged Tablet Screens requiring Screen protectors as noted in my Geezam blog article entitled “How to make your own Cleaning Fluid and Cleaning Tips for your Smartphone or Tablet”.

Retina Eye Tracking Technology has amazing applications in other areas as well, mainly in Law enforcement to capture Criminals. It may even act as a replacement for Passwords for online Accounts and Credit Card PIN (Personal Identification Numbers) with Eye-tracking acting as the input medium for Passthoughts as explained in my blog article entitled “UC Berkeley School of Information research Passthoughts as Passwords - The Matrix Frees you Mind with Johnny Mnemonic unhackable password”.

For now, Pizza works on the Fast food Industry have much to fear; it won't be long now before Pizza Hut realizes that they can boost sales. Robots baking Pizza and then Drones Delivering said Pizza next......


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