My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How to enable Apple iCloud TSV using Apple ID – Apple iCloud Fappening created Hipster Trend of Flip Cellphones, Vinyl Records and Polaroids

Saturday, June 6, 2015

How to enable Apple iCloud TSV using Apple ID – Apple iCloud Fappening created Hipster Trend of Flip Cellphones, Vinyl Records and Polaroids

The Fappening of September 2014 was the single greatest security lapse in the history of Apple that is still haunting them to this very day as noted in the article “Apple: Celeb photo attack was targeted, not widespread breach”, published September 2, 2014 12:27 PM PDT by Shara Tibken, CNET News and “iCloud Data Breach: Hacking And Celebrity Photos”, published  9/02/2014 @ 3:00AM by Dave Lewis, Forbes.

Despite being due to a weak Secret Question Option when you’re forgotten your password for iCloud and Celebrities giving out too much personal information, it happened to celebrities, who have a very strong presence in both Traditional and Social Media.

Folks, this and other reasons are why I'm still on the fence as it relates to getting a smartphone as explained in my blog article entitled “The Reason why I don't like Smartphones - Location Privacy and How to disable Location Services on Android and iOS”.

Apple soon had to adjust their security and their reality lens with a drop in Apple iCloud prices within that very same month as report in my blog article entitled “US$19.99 1TB Cloud thanks to Apple iCloud Price Drop – Apple iCloud for Windows out to counter Bad Press from Celebrity Hacking”. 

They've also had to give away free Apple iWorks for iCloud Beta to entice users of Apple iCloud for Windows to take an interest in iCloud, touting it as a way to have a portable Word Processor in the Cloud as noted in my MICO Wars blog article entitled “Apple iWorks for iCloud Beta now Free for Windows, Linux OS and Google Chrome OS”.

So Apple iCloud usage isn’t dead, despite the prevalence of Cheaper Cloud Storage from the likes of Box, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive as explained in my MICO Wars blog article entitled “How Dropbox users and Bing Search users can get Free 100GB Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage”.

Aftermath of the Apple iCloud Fappening - How the Hipster Trend towards Flip Cellphones, Vinyl Records and Polaroid

It also resulted in a boost in otherwise forgotten Technologies that the Hipster Trend has been reviving, such as Vinyl Records as recorded in my blog article entitled “Statista projecting Vinyl Records to breach 7 million Sold – Vinyl Record Pressing Renaissance by Hipsters for owning all things Luddite”. 

In fact, all physical storage media for music, including CD's and Blu-Ray are slowly making a comeback according to the latest statistics from the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) as noted in my blog article entitled “@RIAA says Streaming beating CD Sales  - Why HD Audio Physical Digital Music comeback progresses as Piracy is the Problem”.

Flip cellphone have seen a revival by American Celebrities fearing another Apple iCloud hack as noted in my blog article entitled “Celebrities Return of the Flip Phones - Flip-Force Awakening Thanks to Fappening Herald Smaller Smartphones and Smartwatch phones”.  

Analog photography has also been on the rise as well, with one Brand, Polaroid, making a comeback as Celebrities try to find ways of taking photographs and making them personal as explained in my blog article entitled “Polaroid Comeback as Analog Photography back in Vogue - US Millennials taking Polaroid Pictures as Privacy-loving Fappening Celebrities go Retro”.

So much so that I did an article on the US$130 Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer that is proving quite popular with Americans wanting to take Polaroids with their smartphones as explained in my MICO Wars blog article entitled “US$130 Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer – Instant Polaroid Nostalgia that’s Hacker-proof”.

How to enable the Apple iCloud TSV using Apple ID – Padlock and burglar Bar for your Online Accounts

Despite this, the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has persevered, being one of the hottest sellers in US of A and Europe in the First Quarter of 2015 according to analyst Kantar Worldpanel as detailed in my blog article entitled “Apple iPhone 6 ahead in Q1 of 2015 based on @K_Worldpanel Stats - Phablets are hot as Apple Watch Summer Storm coming”, taking advantage of the current popularity of Phablets.

Helps to know too that Apple iPhones are now the least stolen smartphones in the world as noted since September 2013 as noted in my blog article entitled “Apple iPhone thefts down 50% in London - How Activation Lock prevents Apple iPhone theft as CTIA moves towards Killswitch”.

This is thanks to the introduction of the Activation Lock which requires you to enter your Apple ID in order to unlock your Apple iPhone 5S to current models before you can reset it. Thieves are less likely to steal your Apple iPhone and similar features now exist in Google Android Lollipop and Microsoft Windows Phone smartphones.

But if you still have qualms about your Apple iCloud being hacked, then you can add an extra layer of protection in the form of TSV (Two Step Verification) using your Apple ID as that extra layer as explained in the article “Staying Safe And How To Disable Apple iCloud”, published 9/01/2014 by Gordon Kelly, Forbes.

The procedure for enable TSV is as follows:

1.      Go to My Apple ID
2.      Select ‘Manage your Apple ID and sign in
3.      Select ‘Password and Security’
4.      Select ‘Get Started’ under ‘Two-Step Verification’ and follow the onscreen instructions

Once this is enabled TSV will be applied to your Apple iCloud. This may be an extra inconvenience to have to enter two (2) logins and passwords to access your Apple iCloud, but you’ll sleep a lot better knowing that your nude pictures are safe and sound in the Cloud.

Trust me, you don’t have to delete your Apple iCloud Account. Also, it wouldn't hurt to enable TSV for your other Cloud and Social Media Accounts as well. Stay safe in the Cloud my friends.

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