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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Emoji Keyboard by Disk Cactus – How Emojis can make you better at making Strong passwords

Typing Emojis on a smartphone is now the way many Millennials (ages 18 to 28) and Teenager (ages 12 to 17) communicate in a language bordering on Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

Professor of Modern English Literature at of University College, John Sutherland, claims that it'll soon be a replacement for English based on his research as noted in my blog article entitled “University College Research says Emojis replacing English in Communication - Internet's Universal Language in the Age of Emojis”.

But there is a need for a way for desktop users to get in on the emoji language trend, as having WhatsApp on your Desktop as reported in my blog article entitled “@WhatsApp comes to the Desktop via the Browser - Why Desktop on Laptop and PC is Mobile Social Network's Last Frontier” is pointless if you have to press multiple buttons to type one emoji.

There are even Star Wars emoji on Twitter that have been launched as part of the promotion lead up the Star Wars The Force Awakens Movie in December 2015 as reported in my blog article entitled “@StarWars The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer 2 - Star Wars Emojis as May the 4th celebrate Star Wars as the Force Returns in December 2015”.

Emoji Keyboard from Disk Cactus – 150 Emoji character you’ll love to use

Introducing the Emoji Keyboard from Disk Cactus, making it easy to be a modern-day Egyptian as reported in the article “The World Needs This Amazing Emoji Laptop Keyboard”, published March 11, 2015 Daniel Howley, Yahoo News.  

The Emoji Keyboard is a kickstarter project that's really an ode to Apple users, as there currently is no version of this product for Windows peeps. Disk Cactus is seeking US$20,000 in funding from Apple peeps to produce some one thousand (1000) of these one hundred and fifty (150) character keyboards at US$10 a pop as reported in the articleThis crazy emoji keyboard replaces your keys with over 150 emojis”, published Mar. 11, 2015 by STEVEN TWEEDIE, Business Insider.

According to their Emoji Keyboard Kickstarter page, some four hundred and sixty four (464) backers have pledged a total of US$20,986 as of Saturday July 11 2015, managing to achieve their initial goal of US$20,000 as reported in the article “Emoji Keyboard for Mac: Beware, you may never type words again”, published March 12, 2015 by Anthony Domanico, CNET News

It's really a silicon cover you place over your keyboard, similar to the ones described in my Geezam blog article entitled “How to protect and prevent your Laptop or PC Keyboard keys from fading”.

Emojis Keyboard by Disk Cactus – How Emojis can make you unhackable

Once connected, download and install the Emoji Keyboard program and the keyboard allows you to communicate in emoji without having to press multiple characters.

The Emoji Keyboard gives you access to some one hundred and fifty (150) emojis and you can get access to more by pressing a special key and then selecting the appropriate emoji by using the shift, control or options key.

Switching back to regular keys is a matter of pressing the CapsLock key, the only use it has on this keyboard, as these modern day hieroglyphics have no capital letters.

I just hope that Disk Cactus eventually makes a Windows version, as emojis are also a great way to make an unbreakable password for online banking, according to Intelligent Environment from UK as noted in the article “Emoji passcodes are the PIN replacements we both want and need”, published June 15, 2015 By James Vincent, The Verge.

Still, this would only appeal to Millennials; Generation X (ages 29 to 45) and older members of society would have to learn to read emojis in the first place.

Once that learning curve is overcome, hacking incidents such as the JIS (Jamaica Information Service) hack as described in my blog article entitled “Anatomy of ISIS hack of the JIS Website - How the @JISNews Website was hacked and Why Hactivists couldn't access sensitive GOJ Databases” would become a thing of the past, a this is effectively a form of symbolic encryption.

In reality, you password is composed as a series of characters from a regular computer, just that the Emoji Keyboard overlays them with symbols. Thus, you would become a better password user on your computer in this new Internet based language that very few understand.

Emojis to replace English for communications online, heralding a universal language that only the Millennials and teenagers can understand on Mobile Social Network like Snapchat can understand as reported in my blog article entitled @Snapchat Best Friends is Friend Emojis - How @Beyonce’s explains why @KimKardashian Needs Love as Moon says More Light”?

It just might happen if the Emoji Keyboard comes to Windows PC’s and Laptops.

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