My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Why the US of A must fear Zika Virus as Dominica and Jamaica next by February 2016

Monday, January 4, 2016

Why the US of A must fear Zika Virus as Dominica and Jamaica next by February 2016

“Zika is almost mild but in terms of women, that is the other complication because it is mild, you can have the disease and do not know, but it can affect your fetus. These vectors are deadly, dangerous and we need to continue to manage our containers around Dominica.”

Chief Environmental Officer, Anthony Scotland speaking of the effect of the Zika Virus on Pregnant women on Dominica

Happy New Year 2016, to all, in case I forgot to tell you so. 2016 is the Chinese Year of the Monkey, which means that this year is set to be full of mischief!

As of writing this blog, I'm preparing to go to MICO University College to do my In School Immersion for the next three (3) months. I've been preparing for it munching on some Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 Tablets as per my Twitter Feed.

Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 Tablets help to boost the immune system against the Zika Virus as I've predicted in my blog article entitled “Zika Virus in Caribbean as Dominica Republic Girl infected - Why Zika Virus will reach Jamaica and How to prepare using Citronella Soap and Vitamin C”. as Jamaicans will be getting the Zika Virus soon.

On Sunday January 3rd 2015, Dominica has begun issuing warning to its residents to take precaution against the spread of the Zika Virus as noted in the article “Dominicans urged to take serious precautions against Zika Virus”, published Sunday, January 03, 2016, The Jamaica Observer.

The warning was issued by Environmental Health Officer, Morrison McPherson, obviously concerned as Martinique has reported cases of the Zika Virus as noted in my blog article entitled “Why Zika Virus in Martinique means 2016 the Year of Zika Virus in Jamaica”  is next door 

He's imploring Dominicans to take the precautions against becoming infected with the Zika Virus, quote: “Let us not wait until we are affected by these diseases, it might be too costly to take care of it. The pain that you experience and sometimes in rare cases, God forbid it, can lead to death. That is what we do not want to happen”.

So why should Jamaica be afraid?

Dominica fears Zika Virus from Martinique - Why the US of A should fear Zika Virus

Well, Dominicans are English speaking and undoubtedly they travel to and from the other CARICOM nations, including Jamaica.

Jamaicans, who have a bias towards speaking only English, also travel to Dominica to do work or visit friends, family and relatives. However, with the Zika Virus now in 12 countries in the Caribbean and Latin America region, it's only a matter of time before the virus comes to Jamaica.

Oddly, it may also reach the US of A, as a single case of the Zika Virus has been reported in Puerto Rico as reported in the article “Zika virus reported in Puerto Rico”, published January 3, 2016 By Sandee LaMotte, CNN.

With frequent travel between Puerto Rico and the US of A, American may actually get the Zika Virus before Jamaicans! The Zika Virus may be even more devastating in the US of A, especially in Florida!

This as Texas, Florida , Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina Virginia and possibly Kentucky are densely populate city an rural areas filled with thousands of garbage containers and rooftops where water can gather.

Worse, the storms have brought rains, causing the Mississippi River to burst its banks, setting water everywhere as noted in “Mississippi River inundates southern Illinois; Memphis is next”, published January 4, 2016 By Ed Payne, CNN.

Prevention of the Spread of the Zika Virus – US of A by February 2016 Year of the Monkey

Prevention of the spread of the Aedes Aegypti Mosquito is key.

Jamaicans need to reduce the breeding sites of the Aedes Aegypti Mosquito as well as prevent themselves from being bitten by taking the following precautions is key:

1.      Wearing long-sleeved clothing or long pants
2.      Using DEET insect repellents
3.      Sleeping under mosquito nets

Worse, we have no quarantine procedure against the disease as the symptoms of the Zika Virus are very mild. 

Symptoms usually manifest four (4) to seven (7) days after the initial infection and can last for up to four (4) weeks or longer:

1.      Conjunctivitis
2.      Fever
3.      Headache
4.      Joint and muscle pain
5.      Rash
6.      Swelling of the lower limbs
7.      Weakness

It’s best to have a diet rich in Vitamin C manly derived from Vegetables and fruits. If you have no ready access to Vegetables and fruits, taking Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 supplements, which is what I'm doing.

This will help to boost your immune system against the Zika Virus and all other Viral infections as noted in my blog article entitled “Vitamin C and the Chikungunya Virus - How to increase your Vitamin C Intake, Glutathione and Interferon by White Blood Cells” as THERE IS NO VACCINE OR MEDICINE!

Brazil has now declared a state of emergency since December 2015 as 2,400 babies born to mother that had contracted the Zika Virus have microcephaly. This suggests that babies in the womb are susceptible to the Zika Virus as they too have a weak immune system i.e. babies, children suffering from an illness or elderly persons with other health problems.

But while Jamaica had much to fear, the Zika Virus now has the US of A in its sights for February 2016, the Year of the Monkey. Just in time for St. Valentine’s Day!

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