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Nokia + Microsoft vs HP Web OS - Gartner's Ocean's Eleven Plan to Rob the Casino

People will not look forward to posterity, who never look backward to their ancestors

Edmund Burke, Reflections on Revolution in France

Truly this is a revolution in the smartphone world. This as the official results from Nielsen (14,000) strong participants in their November 2010 to February 2011 survey, which has now been officially confirmed independently by COMscore.


Audia Granston, my Seventh Day Adventist femme fetale, were she alive, would declare “smack dat ass a fe you!”, 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) Style in celebration of this delicious victory which is as tasty as her delights!!

Now Gartner makes a stunning declaration Ocean's Eleven (2001) Style: Google Android OS is to possess 50% of Global smart phone market by 2015 as stated in the article “Gartner: Android Market share to near 50 percent”, published April 7, 2011 6:26 AM PDT by Don Reisinger The Digital Home - CNET News .

There is also a twist and a surprise to this spiel……

It should now be clear to all who doubted me, especially those so-called brain-dead Generator Engineers from Shurpower, a Generator contractor and employees at Telecom Provider CLARO who neither read nor publish articles on Technology News on the Internet that Google Android is now King of the Hill.

Like Google Android, that would make me the King One-Eyed Man in the Land of the Blind employees at Telecom Provider CLARO, who are yet to begin endorsing ANY Android Smartphones, Apple exclusivity deal not withstanding.

No one saw this day coming, folks. ‘Cept me of course [grinning from ear to ear!]

Kevin C. Tofel of GigaOM provides a quick history in the article “By the Numbers: A History of the Android Invasion”, published By Kevin C. Tofel April 15, 2011, 2:27pm PT, GigaOM, for those of you who came late!

Bragging rights for me, a habit traditional of Pure and Applied Sciences students from UWI, Mona Campus or Engineering students from University of Technology, both of which I am an alumni, especially Glenmuir High School, where I gained my original love for this murky statistics stuff.

Truly Helm’s Deep [Apple] is under attack in the smartphone arena for all who have eyes to read and ears to hear.

I wax dramatic, melodramatically gushing at this concept based on The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) in my Geezam Blog article entitled “Apple iPhone and Google Android - Helms Deep Under Attack”. Gandalf the White [Apple CEO Steve Jobs] is gathering the Elves, Dwarves and Humans [Developers] at their Helms Deep [WWDC Conference].

Quite fitting description, as I know readers relate more to movies than they do to real life as noted in my blog article entitled “Google and AI - I Robot”. Especially as the Recession has them depressed, immersed in Cable TV and movie watching – or streaming as the case may be.

This meeting on Monday June 6th 2011 to Friday June 10th 2011 is to make what may be for Proprietary Apple Inc their X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) against the Might of Open Source in the smartphone arena in the guise of Google Android.

Already, the disfigured and grotesque mercenaries and conscripts fighting under the banner of Mordor and Sauron [Dell and HP] have made Alliances with He Who Wields the One Ring [Open Source Linux Creator, Linus Torvald; Google] are attacking the Gates of Helm’s Deep as stated in my Geezam Blog article entitled “Apple iPhone and Google Android - Helms Deep Under Attack”.

Open Source making a seriously strong impression in terms of performance and options is also true in the PC and Laptop Arena of Silicon Valley!

This as No. 1 PC maker Dell has be porting Ubuntu Linux Distribution as an option on its lucrative build-to-order PC and Laptops shtick since 2007 and HP, in No. 2 position, has been pushing its recently acquired Open Source WebOS Ecosystem on its PC’s and Laptops. So say my Geezam Blog article entitled “HP and WebOS - 2011 is the Year of the Linux on PC”.

Why so smug in my celebration?

Because….. [smiling devilishly] ……I had predicted Google Android’s meteoric rise in April 2009 to those so-called brain-dead Generator Engineers from Shurpower, a Generator contractor, from a mere 2% of market share in the Fourth Quarter of 2009 to their current stratospheric heights of with 33% of US market share in the First Quarter of 2011AD.

This up 7% from the previous mark of 26% in the Fourth Quarter of 2010!

I celebrated this Sunday April 17th 2011 after crunching the numbers by doing my secret dance and eating chocolate whole day!!!

Lots of emphasis on the “especially”s today in my super long article, after writing up a storm for the Geezam Blog and taking two (2) days off from my personal blog over the weekend of Saturday April 16th 2011 and Sunday April 17th  2011 respectively!

Feeling great and ready to take on de werl!!!!

Customers looking for a phone to have on a pricey two (2) year contract DO prefer high end Mobile phones [smartphones] over low end Mobile phones [feature phones].

This as evidenced from the statistics from Nielsen as stated in the article Android soars, but iPhone still most Desired as smartphones grab 25% of US Mobile market”, published August 2, 2010, Nielsen Wire that indicates a 25% US market share for all smartphones in the US market in the Second Quarter of 2010.

Most likely all too true for the forthcoming Second Quarter of 2011 in this run up to the Summer of 2011 and the London Olympics 2012!

Hmm…yes… but realistically, customers STILL do not wish to pay an arm-and-a-leg for what is essentially a device that is slowly becoming their right arm, even for Mobile payments as my Geezam Blog article “NFC and M2M - Cashless Society and the Internet of Things” posits.

After all, these recent batch of smartphones are, for want of a better word, handheld gaming Platforms …... not a car.

This 25% overall market share for all smartphone in the Second Quarter of 2010 has ballooned to potentially 47% of market share for all smartphone in the First Quarter of 2011 as noted by CNET News reported Lance Whitney in his article Android is No. 1 OS but Apple, RIM rule devices”, published March 4, 2011 9:08 AM PST by Lance Whitney, Google Android - CNET News.

Summary of the official results can be perused in my blog article entitled “RIM Decline and Android Ascendancy - No Country for Old Men”.

If you are a statistics fanatic like yours truly and absolutely adore and go geeky over analytical graphs, you can scope out a REALLY large and colorful set of graphs from Nielsen repeated by Leena Rao of TechCrunch in the article “Nielsen: Android pulls ahead of RIM and iOS for US smartphone share”, published March 3, 2011 by Leena Rao, TechCrunch

Nokia, who are now trailing at the bottom of the scrap heap at 2% of market share for the First Quarter of 2011 based on data capture between November 2010 to February 2011 as stated in the article “Android pulls ahead, while HTC enjoys the ride”, published March 3, 2011, 6:44am PT by Ryan Kim, GigaOM  may not be in such bad shape after all.

Gartner, that plucky analyst that had been making Nielsen steal the show thus far, had come out swinging in favour of the Nokia + Microsoft mash-up as stated in the article “Gartner: Android Market share to near 50 percent”, published April 7, 2011 6:26 AM PDT by Don Reisinger The Digital Home - CNET News.

Except their results are for the global Market share, which closely mimics US smartphone trends!


This despite Nokia smartphone, which use the Symbian OS not even showing up on ComScore statistics radar as noted in their stats for First Quarter of 2011 based on data capture between November 2010AD to February 2011AD as stated in the article ComScore: Android dominates market, Verizon iPhone 4 boosts Apple”, published April 2, 2011 by Andrew Couts, Digital Trends.

Surprising, their declaration is NOT in favour of Objective C proprietary Apple iOS as I had trumpeted in my blog article entitled “Apple and the WWDC in June 2011 - Space Above and Beyond Android”.

Or even RIM Blackberry, who are pushing a R&D focus on their slick QNX OS PlayBook as stated in my blog article entitled “RIM Decline and Android Ascendancy - No Country for Old Men”.

Personally my big money is really on Open Source WebOS which is being tied tightly to their PC and Laptop line in a tightly integrated Ecosystem as my Geezam Blog article HP and WebOS - 2011 is the Year of the Linux on PC” slyly predicts.

I also wrote a soon-to-be-published blog article about the Nokia + Microsoft mashup on the Geezam Blog that suggests that Open Source OS such WebOS are poised to rise due to Developer Support from the Linux Community who are more drawn to its Open Source nature.

Couple that with WebOS ability to print out of the box, folks. Thus, I had already crowned WebOS, a sure winner to take up the No. 2 spot in the future.

NOT Nokia + Microsoft rushed marriage by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and newly minted Nokia CEO Stephen Elop a former Microsoft Executive.

Especially after that now famous “Burning Platform” memo, which stated, quote: “There are other Mobile ecosystems. We will disrupt them. There will be challenges. We will overcome them. Success requires speed. We will be swift. Together, we see the opportunity, and we have the ill, the resources and the drive to succeed.”

Effectively Nokia + Microsoft rubbished years of development of Symbian, which still had Developer potential. Especially being as Nokia had just ported the touch-centric smartphone OS to the Open Source Community in August 2010, the largest such code migration to date as stated in the article Symbian now fully open-sourced”, published February 4, 2010 6:25 AM PST by David Meyer, CNET News – Wireless.

Hence the lament of Horace, a fellow blogger writing for the Geezam Blog in his article “Nokia's shift to Microsoft”.

However, that Geezam Blog article is a Part One of a Two Part ditty, so the story of what Nokia + Microsoft should do is not ye written, folks!

Predicting Nokia + Microsoft to bounce back to second place with 19.5% market share by 2015 in the Global smartphone market, with Google Android securing nearly 50% of the Global market share in that same year, thus STILL in pole position is a prediction that indicates that Gartner has some SERIOUSLY LARGE balls.

Only time will tell if I am right about WebOS and the potential of Open Source in 2011AD, this declared Year of Linux!

Or Gartner is right about Nokia + Microsoft and their marriages of Microsoft’s stellar Windows Phone 7 Tiles interface that is ripe for Developer contribution with excellent and robust hardware of Nokia, Ocean's Eleven (2001) Style.

What this means for Jamaica: Cheaper Apple iPhones as slyly hinted in my Geezam Blog article entitled “Towards a cheaper Apple iPhone - Batteries Not Included”. Or even advertising subsidized BlackBerrys as opined my blog article entitled “RIM, Telecom Providers and the Rise of Mobile Commerce - Free Willy Blackberry”.

‘Cause which ever way you spin it, Google Android smartphones are set to take over the world, which follows after the United States of America in  a smartphone trend set in motion by the Apple iPhone

More time!
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