Wednesday, August 24, 2011

HP TouchPad a target for Modders - PopCaan Raving Chicken Run Lazarus Effect for Cloud-Based Chrome OS Tablet

Man want but little here below
Nor wants that little long

Goldsmith, The Hermit

The now sold out US$99 HP TouchPad after fire sales at Best Buy and Wal-Mart, as the Americans call this phenomenon of a company selling out while scampering out of a business as stated in the article “U.S. Best Buy to sell $100 HP TouchPad Sunday”, published AUGUST 20, 2011 11:03 PM PDT By Brooke Crothers, CNET News - NANOTECH - THE CIRCUITS BLOG and $99 HP TouchPad Selling Out During Fire Sale”, published August 20, 2011 8:52 AM By Christina DesMarais, PCWorld has begun to attract modders [American colloquial: hardware and software modifiers].

This as the HP TouchPad’s hardware, for the specs oriented, makes it perfect for installing Open Source Ubuntu OS as stated in the article “HP TouchPad becomes a low-cost Ubuntu tablet”, published August 22, 2011, 2:17pm PT By Kevin C. Tofel, GigaOM. The TouchDroid team, unknown to me (and I am not too crazy about their name!), also began modding the HP TouchPad with the intention to put Google Android on the now free-to-experiment on ARM hardware.

Before the fall from grace of HP in cashing out of the PC business, I had predicted this trend of modding the HP Touchpad would be its main attraction as chronicled in my blog article entitled “HP gets out of PC, TouchPad and WebOS Business - Apple iPad's victim A long Time Ago in Mexico”. Effectively, the HP Touchpad is being slowly resurrected by the Open Source Community, a clear cut case of the Lazarus Effect of Open Source before our very eyes.

Thus the HP TouchPad is now a part of the fold of devices that comprise a third of the Global Marketshare of Tablets, namely “White Box” as indicate by the statistics of analyst DisplaySearch as stated in my blog article entitled “Apple iPad vs “White Box” Tablet - Jason's Argonauts Home Improvement The Next Big Thing”.

But of interest to me is this: When will the modders try out Google Chrome OS on the HP Touchpad?  The HP TouchPad makes great hardware to test out the concept of a Cloud-Based Tablet using the little talked about Google Chrome OS as stated in my blog article entitled “Google Chrome OS for Tablets Coming - Around the World in 80 Days”. 

As for WebOS…….work on the OS continues in secret among the Developer forums, making me hope for a revival on the same scale as happened for Google Android back in 2009AD. Thus my prediction of WebOS beating Nokia + Microsoft for second place in the Global Marketshare race with Google Android by 2015AD as stated in my blog article entitled “Nokia + Microsoft vs HP Web OS - Gartner's Ocean's Eleven Plan to Rob the Casino” may come to pass after all!

Especially as Google may have plans to do just that as stated in my blog article entitled “Google Chrome OS for Tablets Coming - Around the World in 80 Days”. Suggestion of mine that may be a Chicken Run (2000) for the First Cloud-Based Chrome OS Tablet, Popcaan Raving Style!
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