My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How to effectively search using Google while Researching your articles

Monday, September 16, 2013

How to effectively search using Google while Researching your articles

Many of my fans were intrigued at my tips on writing in How to use Windows Shortcuts to be a more proficient Writer. Truly, these shortcuts do make you a speedier typist. But what of my research methodology? Isn’t that important too?

My mantra is simple: it’s only news if it’s published in a newspaper or a reputable Website or Blog. You can easily Google anything, but you must have a discerning eye to spot diamonds in an Internet that full of Cubic Zirconas as stated in  “How to Use Google Search More Effectively [INFOGRAPHIC]”, published Nov 24, 2011 By Josh Catone, Mashable. After all, your content must be original, truthful and accurate, as good content not great grammar or prose is the main thing that drives traffic to your website.
To do this you have to know how to search to spot the Diamonds of Tech News shining Bright Like a Diamond, Rihanna Style. To that end, I’ve decided to dispense a few Research Tips for aspiring bloggers out there!

  • Wikipedia is not your Friend. Don’t use it as it’s prone to errors, especially on articles that may have political overtones
  • Read Newspapers, both online and at your Local Library. Newspapers are a verified source of relatively accurate news.
  • Whether you use non-newspaper or Newspaper sources, make sure to check for Author and Date of Publication. These can be included in your blog articles as hyperlinks or annotations at the end of the article
  • Learn to use Google’s Search effectively to check for other reputable news sources online. Multiple sources are basic evidence that the news may be true as well as providing additional info a single article may not have
  • You can’t read them all. Use a RSS Reader e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird and get the RSS feeds for various newspapers, their Websites and blogs to track the latest news each time you log on instead of having to be constantly checking websites all the time
  • Subscribe the Newsletters for the various newspapers, their Websites and blogs to receive the latest news as it comes out.
  • Follow the Facebook, Twitter Feeds and subscribe to the YouTube Channels of the various companies to receive the latest news on their products as news comes out. It’s not official news as you can’t quote it, but it’s a quick heads up for you to do an analytical piece
  • Be Consistent in your Publication of Articles. Writing and publishing once a day is preferable, but don’t let a week pass without publishing something on your blog or website

The below infographic distills the above tips for those visually inclined and gives you info on how to effectively use Google. Have fun as you research articles for your website or Blog, as the more content you have, the more your content will grow. 

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