My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How to become an e-book Publishing House via e-book Piracy - Tablets in Schools sets the Stage for Rampant e-book Piracy

Thursday, September 12, 2013

How to become an e-book Publishing House via e-book Piracy - Tablets in Schools sets the Stage for Rampant e-book Piracy

To be, or not to be? That is the question—
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And, by opposing, end them?

Excerpt from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 1

Looks like I have a bestseller on my hands, folks! I’ve been getting rave reviews on my how-to blog article entitled “Crowdsourced, Teleworking Flex-work Publishers needed for UWI and High School Students with Tablets in 2014 - How Jamaican Writers can make money via ePub Publishing Books” on becoming a self-publisher of e-books in the e-pub and a variety of other Formats.

There is certainly opportunity abound, particularly in publishing Educational and Reading Material for Sixth Formers and College students at UWI, UTECH and other Universities. JC (Jamaica College) Sixth Form students have gotten Tablets as reported in my blog article entitled “Jamaica College given Tablets and 16 CAPE Books under extension of UWI TEST Project - Sixth Form Students are Guinea Pigs for Tablets and e-books”.

So too have the Sixth Form students at Hampton High in Malvern, St. Elizabeth, courtesy of Telecom Provider Digicel as stated in my blog article entitled “Digicel partners with Cyber School Technology Solutions to provide 800 Tablets with CSEC Tutorial - Corporate Spirit spreading to help Schools get Tablets”. More news of Tablet Donations is sure to come, making me set to write overtime!

E-book Piracy vs Lending in High Schools and University – The New Frontier

Quite easily, e-book Piracy may be the next frontier in Jamaica as predicted in my Geezam blog article “Piracy and E-Books in a Tale of Two Cities”. Granted, there are many free e-book resources out there, making e-book piracy completely necessary as described in my blog article entitled “US$199 Amazon Kindle Paperwhite upgrades Hardware and Software - How to find free Ebooks and e-Book Readers for Laptops and PC”.

Heck, there are even e-book retailers that lend e-books for big Publishers and well-known authors for little or nothing in services that mimic Netflix’s US$8.99 all-you-can-consume service, such as the new up and coming Shakespearean Upstart, Oyster Books as described in my blog article entitled “Oyster Books launchers US$9.95 Apple iPhone App for lending 100,000 book titles - Amazon Kindle Lending just got competition”.

But as they require you to have access to the Internet and the Websites of the Cloud Servers all the time which isn’t exactly cheap in Jamaica as explained in my Geezam blog article entitled “Jamaica’s Low Net Penetration – Broadband Internet A Universal Right”, downloading will predominate and so will Piracy! Especially for Cash-strapped students needing Textbooks and just having been given a Tablet but unable to purchase the Textbook either because they don’t have a Scotia VISA Debit Card or Credit Card or because they just can’t afford to buy the text book!

The Tablet present a ready platform to facilitate e-book piracy, which was rampant on UWI as explained in my blog article entitled “UWI's planning to increase all Tuition by 5.5% come the new Academic Year 2013-2014 - How to Download ANY Video, including Facebook Videos, Convert and Free Video Hosting Online”.

Nobody in their right mind buys books from the UWI Book store anymore. Book can be easily torrented and downloaded in much the same way you can download music as explained in my blog article entitled “How to download High Quality Music via torrenting - The Mortal Instruments City of Bones used to get Free Music” – and this was BEFORE Tablet and smartphones were becoming so popular!

How to become an e-book Pirate – Pirates of the Caribbean of Stranger Book Titles

Arrg me hearties!! Fret Not!! Lindsworth Deer the Torrenting Pirate is here!!

An enterprising group of young persons (read uptown people or College grads wid computa, Cloud Server space and idle time!) could easily purchase e-books from Amazon as well as other book sellers as described in my blog article entitled “How to purchase items and subscribe to Magazines online and ship them to Jamaica”. They could also enlist friends to scan books and compose them into *.PDF documents.

Simple no!

At that point they could then set up a website, get some Cloud Storage and a payment gateway to charge fellow students little or nothing for the books as described in my blog article entitled “How to use Dropbox, Google Drive and Sound File Sharing Websites to Share and Promote your Content online - Sharing is Caring”!

Once you have the books, music or other content stored in the Cloud, the next thing is to get the URL (Universal Resource Locator) for content stored on the Cloud Drive. Then you use one of several Listed URL Shortnening services that pay money per click to shorten the URL as listed in the download list below:

1.      Adfly
2.      Adlock
3.      AdSync
4.      Advli
5.      Cashfly
6.      LinkBucks
7.      ReduceLinks

 This list was condensed from the following articles:

1.      Top 4 Websites to Earn Money from URL Shortener”, viewed September 12 2013 by Lindsworth Deer, published by Achin Jain, Technokarak ,
2.      Earn Money by URL Shortening with Top 3 URL Shorteners”, published May 25, 2013 By Usama Siddiqui On , EarningWarrior
3.      Top 5 best url shortner websites to Earn Money”, published May 25, 2013 By Suraj Singh, RaineTricks

Payment methods – Credit Card or Cash is irrelevant

These URL shortening services pay out US$4.00 for every 1000 hits in a 24 hour period, meaning 1000 persons clicked on and downloaded books per day, which should be easy for you to achieve, once your book is in high demand! Many reading this may think that if you’ve got tech-savvy friends who ALREADY torrent music or can find free books online or even have a scanner, then why bother? After all, they’d put a dent in your business.

But alas you’d be mistaken. Once set up and you print a few business cards or put a basic ad in the Sunday Newspaper advertising Free Books, the traffic will start to spike exponentially and from that point on it’ll strictly be cash. Also, despite toting smartphones and Tablets, most Millennials (ages 18 to 28) barely know how to care for them let alone what to do when their device stops working. Even my article on Torrenting may not be of interest for them to follow!

As we’re in Jamaica you’d get paid via cheque issued via Paypal or any other Payment gateway that the URL Shortening services uses to pay you. On the ground in Jamaica you can accept payments in Cash or even using Mobile Money, the Credit-U of Money powered by Mobile Money Provider JCUES as described in my blog article entitled “JCCUL get's approval from BOJ to launch their JCUES Mobile Money PlatForm - JCUES Mobile Money Wolverine (2013) marks the Kick-Ass 2 (2013) beginning of a Cashless Society” soon as it becomes available!

From Pirate to e-book Publisher – Legal is in

If you plan to make this into a bonafide Publishing business  (as that’s what I’m leading up to here!), registering with the Company and Registrars and whatnot, please note you CANNOT be a pirate anymore! You’d have to accept legitimate content, which again is as easy as setting up an online email account on one of the following Form of Social Media or Traditional Media to attract aspiring undiscovered, especially unpublished Writers of Short Stories and Novels:

1.      Sunday Gleaner Newspaper ad
2.      Facebook Profile Page for your Business
3.      Professional Twitter Account
4.      Blog or Website
5.      Flyers placed everywhere
6.      Business Cards printed

When the traffic starts to build, you may even have to start paying for ACTUAL online Storage to keep up with the Traffic. This also has a dual purpose as it’s also helpful in order to generate a paper trail for Taxation and Borrowing purposes later on.

You can still keep using the URL shortening services listed above, but you’d have to also resort to using Paypal as described in my Geezam blog article entitled “How to use Scotia VISA Debit Card Online”. You’ll also have to start getting accounting in order to keep track of your expenses, very important at this point going forward!

From e-book Pirate to e-book Publisher – The Sun Salutes You

So there you have it! To get a foot in the self-publishing door you have to start out writing your own content as explained in my how-to blog article entitled “Crowdsourced, Teleworking Flex-work Publishers needed for UWI and High School Students with Tablets in 2014 - How Jamaican Writers can make money via ePub Publishing Books”.

But with all that Cloud Storage you have, be it either Dropbox or even Google Drive, you’d have an excess of storage not being used for anything, beckoning you to utilize it to do something more. If you follow my steps above, you can go from e-book Pirate to e-book Publisher of original content for other Writers, a business run completely out of your own home!

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