My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: @Twitter rolls out Group DM and 30 Second Vines - How @TweetDeck 's Scheduled Tweets now with Group DM is addictive


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

@Twitter rolls out Group DM and 30 Second Vines - How @TweetDeck 's Scheduled Tweets now with Group DM is addictive

Twitter is now upgrading their services, finally, as promised as per their article “How your Twitter feed will change in coming months”, published November 12, 2014 5:29 PM PST by Michelle Meyersm, CNET News!

Their last upgrade, where they became more like Facebook back in April 2014 was so lacklustre and lacking in imagination that I did an article focusing on how to steal twitter photos as explained in my blog article entitled “How to Download Twitter user Pictures as Twitter makes Facebook Timeline changes”.

This time they've decided to on a real upgrade; a new Twitter App introducing Group Messages and 30 second videos as reported in the article “Twitter launches group messages, 30-second video sharing”, published January 27, 2015 5:35 AM PST by Ian Sherr, CNET News!

Honestly, I haven't tried them, but I can tell you I prefer Tweetdeck more than Twitter itself, then good News, this feature is coming on Tweetdeck as well as per the article “Now on TweetDeck: group Direct Messages” published Tuesday, January 27, 2015 By Amy Zima, Product Manager, TweetDeck Blog!

So what are these services like? Stellar on Tweetdeck!

Twitter rolls out Group DM and 30 second Vines – Tweetdeck integration shot, albeit I really expected more from Twitter

The 30 second videos within twitter are a no-brainer; it’s just Vine with longer videos. Apparently 4 seconds enough time to really tell a story. Like Duh!

But the Group DM is like dope, y'all, especially on Tweetdeck! Note: I don't take coke or anything, just that if done right, it can be as addictive as the White Lady!

In essence, you can now send a DM to a group of people instead of just one person on Twitter as well as in Tweetdeck! Great, just what I needed, more DM (Direct Messaging) to complicate my life along with Facebook Messenger, which already does a great job as a Standalone Messenger.

Still, I’m disappointed!

I was hoping for something like a Twitter Groups App similar to Facebook's Group App introduced in November 2014 as per my blog article entitled “Introducing Facebook Groups App – How to connect to your Facebook Groups on your Smartphone or Tablet

Even a 90's style secret chartroom similar to anonymous Facebook Rooms that was introduced later in October 2014 would be nice as described in my blog article entitled “Facebook launches Facebook Rooms - The 90’s Return as Facebook faces competition from Anonymous Mobile Social Networks”.

Twitter rolls out Group DM and 30 second Vines - How TweetDeck's Scheduled Tweets combines all these features

But I guess this is the best Twitter can do, as after all the only have roughly 284 million users as noted in the article “Twitter's user base keeps growing, particularly on mobile devices”, published October 27, 2014 1:29 PM PDT by Ian Sherr, CNET News!

So will I be using this latest feature? Not as long as Tweetdeck exists!

Currently I'm still testing out Tweetdeck and I like it much more than Twitter, as it's a great complement to Twitter. I especially like the Schedule Tweet feature, as that's helping to automate my twitter feed. If they're great enough, you'll see me tweet pictures of these features on my Twitter feed.

Ciao. Link me at @lindsworthdeer on Twitter

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