My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: No Exchange for @Digicel_Jamaica Greenpacket Dx-250 Modem as Data Prices unchanged since 2013


Saturday, January 10, 2015

No Exchange for @Digicel_Jamaica Greenpacket Dx-250 Modem as Data Prices unchanged since 2013

I’ve been stuck in a rather strange technological rut with Digicel.

The problem?

I STILL have a Digicel Greenpacket EX-250 Modem, the same one I purchased back in February 2013 for JA$3500 and which allows me to access Digicel's 4G WiMaX Network. At the time of purchase, I used it to do a personal review on Digicel's 4G Modems as per my Geezam blog article entitled “How to setup and troubleshoot your Digicel 4G Broadband Modem”.

My problem is that I want to upgrade the Modem to a new model, such as the Digicel Greenpacket DX-250 Modem that has built in Wi-Fi. The Digicel Greenpacket EX-250 Modem doesn't have Wi-Fi, only an Ethernet Port.

This, however, didn't stop me from doing an article on how to change your Digicel Modem's Wi-Fi Password as described in my Geezam blog article entitled “How to configure the Wi-Fi on your Digicel 4G Broadband Modem”.

Digicel Greenpacket EX-250 Modem – No Exchange for a Greenpacket DX-250 Modem

I went to Digicel's Store run by Fimi Wireless in New Kingston store on Monday January 5th 2015 hoping to see if I could wrangle an exchange for an upgrade to the more advanced Digicel Greenpacket DX-250 Modem.

I even threw in the possibility of doing a review on the unit, being as my blog now has some 1,000,000 plus views and strong Social Media presence, enableing me to influence a lot of potential buyers to get a Digicel 4G Modem.

I was, however, told by one of the Digicel Customer Care Representatives that this wasn't possible as no such exchange service existed. I, however, was told a workaround which I’d like to share; get a low cost Wi-Fi Router and connect it to the Digicel Greenpacket EX-250 Modem.

The procedure is relatively pain-free, so long as you’re used to the idea of going into your D-Link Wi-Fi Router’s settings as shown in the video Below.

Now, don't get me wrong; I purchase this device for JA$3500 at the time at it performs great, so long as you can stick it through a window or you live in a wooden house. Also, the Internet is slow in the early mornings around 6am and later at 6pm at night. Traffic really picks up on this baby after 2am at night, when I am usually active, so I really have no problem with this device. 

Digicel Modem is parked – Prices haven’t changed as FLOW Internet is cheaper

Currently, while living in the Swallowfield community near to Arthur Wint Drive in Kingston, near to the National Stadium, I use FLOW Internet, with which I am quite pleased. It’s a lot easier than hassling with the cumbersome Registration process involved in setting up the Digicel Greenpacket EX-250 Modem.

After all, if FLOW's services it can power the Municipal WiMaX Internet service back in my community of Milk River, Clarendon as noted in my blog article entitled “FLOW rolls out Hosted PBX - How 100 MBs FLOW Ultra can power a Private WiMaX Community Network”, it can power my Internet service here in Kingston.

For this reason, I haven't used if for quite awhile. So long in fact, that Digicel has begun sending me offers for free Internet if they notice I haven't topper up for quite awhile as noted in my blog article entitled “How I got 5 Day Free 4G Broadband Service from Digicel – Wi-Fi Broadband Hopping their next Promotion as Christmas approacheth”.

The offer, which Digicel from time to time send to my phone, is now as follows:

1.      JA$100 to get three (3) Days Internet
2.      JA$500 to get seven (7) Days Internet

This is quite a deal, considering the original prices for 4G Broadband Internet on Digicel’s Website haven’t changed as much as those for “4G” Mobile for smartphones as noted in my blog article entitled “Digicel's JA$70 Data Plans vs LIME's JA$50 Data Plans - How to choose 3-Day and 30-Day Data Plans in Jamaica”.

But I can't use it, having lent my Modem to a Teacher friend of mine from Wolmer’s Girls in Swallowfield. I personally think Digicel should just allow persons who originally purchased the older model Digicel Greenpacket EX-250 Modem to upgrade to the JA$4,250 Digicel Greenpacket DX-250 Modem by paying the difference in the process in order to get the Wi-Fi.

The alternative is to buy a Wi-Fi Router and connect it to the Digicel Greenpacket EX-250 Modem, requiring that you have another power plug to connect the Modem. Either that or just sell Wi-Fi Modems cheap so that loyal customer can upgrade without much of a hassle.

Best of all, such an upgrade would allow Digicel to offer the service of Wi-Fi Broadband Hopping, where customer who already have a Digicel 4G Broadband Account can log on to any Wi-Fi coming from a Digicel 4G Modem from their cellphones as detailed in my blog article entitled “Free Wi-Fi Internet as a Promotional Tool - Broadband Hopping the next weapon from Digicel and LIME”.

The product is great.  

Digicel merely needs to do something special for us Digicel Greenpacket EX-250 Modem and that special gift is Wi-Fi via an exchange for a Digicel Greenpacket DX-250 Modem.

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