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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

@Audi, Sunfire GMBH and How SynGas makes e-Diesel for Motor Vehicles

Audi is now officially my favorite Car Company.

This as they’ve partnered with German company  Sunfire GMBH to create e-Diesel fuel from Water (H2O) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) using the Fischer-Tropsch Process as announced in the article “Audi makes eco-friendly diesel from carbon dioxide and water”, published April 27th 2015  by Jon Fingas, Engadget.


Their research partnership has yielded a test plant in Dresden where they’ve improved upon the  original technology researched by  Sunfire GMBh as noted in the article “Audi Just Invented Fuel Made From CO and Water”, published 28.04.2015 by Kevin McSpadden, TIME.

I already did an article on this process which was developed by the SOLAR-JET Project as described in my blog article entitled “SOLAR-JET Project create Kerosene from Syngas - How Fresnel Lens in SynGas for Fischer–Tropsch Process means Fossil Fuel a Renewable Resource by 2017”, albeit it involved the use of Solar Power and it was partnership between several companies, including Shell.

So how does this differ from SOLAR-JET? For one, we may eventually see this being used in Motor vehicles, even if it’s an additive and eventually being produced commercially as fuel in its own right for motor vehicles.

Audi  and Sunfire GMBH produced e-Diesel  - How SynGas makes e-Diesel for use in Motor Vehicles

Sunfire GMBh process converts convert Water (H2O(g)) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2 (g)) into Syngas, a mixture of Hydrogen (H2(g)) and Carbon Monoxide (CO(g)) as explained in the article “Audi Has Made Diesel From Water And Carbon Dioxide”, published April 27, 2015 by Josh L Davis, I Fucking Love Science.

This Syngas is then fed into the Fischer-Tropsch Process to convert Hydrogen (H2(g)) and Carbon Monoxide (CO(g)) into Kerosene using concentrated sunlight s noted in my blog article entitled “Sunfire GmbH Power to Liquid Technology produces Synthetic Diesel, Kerosene and Gasoline - SOEC Hydrogen Reduction SynGas for Fischer–Tropsch Process”.

The result is e-Diesel that is free of impurities and is this referred to a "Blue diesel". It is composed purely of hydrocarbons and had no sulphur or other impurities. This “Blue diesel” is then used in Audi line of motor vehicles directly or mixed with traditional Diesel fuel to reduce the amount of knocking in the engine.

This e-Diesel as it’s known is perfect for such engines, as it cannot damage the vehicle’s engine due to the lack of any impurities to make combustion difficult or to clog the delicate intake valves. Audi intends to scale up the process to produce e-Diesel on a commercial scale as the test plant in Dresden owned by Sunfire GMBH can only produce some 3,000 liters (792.5 gal.)

Not sure if this will be fuel that’ll be commercially available or sold as an additive, but I’m hoping that the technology will become common place, if only to be used in high performance vehicles like those made by Audi.

But it would be a start towards making motor Vehicle fuel from scratch and weaning ourselves from the mining of oil which isn’t sustainable in the long run. It would also see the continued usage of Combustion engines and reduce the damage caused to motor vehicle engines fuel that contains no Sulphur impurities.

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