My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: JLP and PNP Domain Name Routing as General Election approaches – How Apps and Crowdfunding will win over smartphone Voters

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

JLP and PNP Domain Name Routing as General Election approaches – How Apps and Crowdfunding will win over smartphone Voters

Jamaica's political campaigning for the General Elections just took an interesting turn for the Tech.

The JLP (Jamaica Labour Party) has purchased the domain for a website that's has a URL (Universal Resource Locator) that’s spells out Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller’s name as reported in the article “JLP’s purchase of website in PM’s name upsets PNP”, published Tuesday, September 22, 2015, The Jamaica Gleaner.

The Website,, doesn’t sent you to the PNP (People's National Party) website. Rather, it re-routes you to the JLP's website, which is very well designed as shown below.

As expected, the PNP was pissed, to quote their press release: “The party views the JLP's actions as immoral and unethical and reflective of a party that is bankrupt of ideas that will use the immense popularity of the prime minister to seek to shore up its flagging brand. Fresh on the heels of a dismal tour in the United States, the Opposition Leader has now clearly resorted to ‘piggybacking’ on the internationally and locally reputable name of the party leader and prime minister in order to get an audience”.

How the JLP is using Domain Name Routing against the PNP – Al’s fair in Love, War and Politics

Alas, this is totally legit; you can purchase domain name and use it to route traffic to your website. In fact, when I post my blog articles on Twitter using the URL shortener service, that's basically what I'm doing.

It drives huge amount of traffic to my blog and in turn makes me more revenue from advertising. Best of all, I can customize the name of my URL and even place it in the Newspaper, driving even more traffic to my blog article as suggested in my MICO Wars blog article entitled “How Jamaicans can make Money from Referral Websites”.

It’s also a great way to get revenge against the PNP, after they had purchase the domain name, which also re-routes the website as reported in the article “Tit for tat: JLP says PNP started it”, published Tuesday, September 22, 2015, The Jamaica Observer.

However, instead of rerouting to the PNP’s website, it reroutes to a picture of Minister of Youth and Culture Lisa Hanna and Minister of Finance Dr. Peter Phillips apparently on stage chilin’ during a Q&A.

The JLP is campaigning under the slogan “Poverty to Prosperity”, the theme from Opposition leader Andrew Holness tour of Jamaica to spread his political party's message. It's a rehash of former JLP Leader Bruce Golding's campaign slogan and may not really bring the PNP much luck.

Apps and Crowdfunding in General Election Campaigns – Best way to win over smartphone totin’ voters

Still, this technology spin makes the Political race a mite bit more interesting, as all's fair in love and war.

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller and Opposition Leader Andrew Holness need to step up their campaigning game to reach the Smartphone totin’ generation of Jamaicans and make some apps for their Political campaign so their party supporters can support the campaign.

Also, a Crowdfunding Campaign via Social Media as described in my MICO Wars blog article entitled  “How Jamaicans can use Crowdfunding for their Projects in 30 Days”  would also make it appeal to the younger generation, whom they'll need to vote in what may be a very close December 2015 General Election.

Now would be a great time for me to seek out their political headquarters, which are in close proximity to Swallowfield and offer them advertising on my blog, My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica as well as MICO Wars: The Teacher Force Awakens blog!

Here’s the link:
Jamaica Labour Party’s Website

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