My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: US$50 @Amazon Tablet for Christmas 2015 - Why Tablets are dying as the world goes VR and AR in 2016

Thursday, September 10, 2015

US$50 @Amazon Tablet for Christmas 2015 - Why Tablets are dying as the world goes VR and AR in 2016

With the Tablet market slowly dying based on the stats from analyst IDC as reported in my blog article entitled “IDC Stats suggest Tablet Freefall in 2015 – How to sell Tablets using built-in Keyboards and Carrier Unlocked SIM Cards” , it's no surprise that many Tablet makers are looking to compete on the basis of price.

So it comes as no surprise that Amazon plans to launch a US$50 Tablets as reported in the article “Amazon said to be readying $50 6-inch tablet for holidays”, published September 7, 2015 by Steven Musil, CNET News.

Appearing in the Wall Street Journal, at this price the Amazon tablet would potentially be cheaper than their current line of Amazon Fire Tablets as Amazon is putting on a brave fight against Tablet Extinction as long ago prophesied in my blog article entitled “@amazonKindle Fire battle Apple iPad Mini in 2014 - Why @Amazon Tablet Glory Days fading as Tablet Extinction inevitable”.

In fact it's cheaper than the cheapest Kindle which sells for US$79 and even the 6 inch US$99 Amazon Fire Tablet as reported in the article “Amazon to release $50 Fire tablet in time for Christmas after top price devices flopped”, published Tuesday 08 September 2015 by Hazel Sheffield, UK Independent.  

Americans are treating their Tablets like computers, opting to keep them longer instead of updating them at regular yearly intervals. 

Plus, there are cheaper lower cost tablets, which is the market that Amazon is dipping into hoping to compete against “White” Label Chinese Tablets as opined in “Amazon wants to sell you a $50 Fire tablet”, published September 8 2015 by Geoffrey Smith, Fortune.  

Already other Tablet makers, sensing that the end is near, have long offered lower priced Tablet options as pointed out in my blog article entitled “US$250 Tablets on Amazon – How 7” Tablets Trend means they’ll be your Christmas Gift”.

So what's the future of the Tablet you may ask?

US$50 Amazon Tablet for Christmas 2015 - Why Tablets are dying as the world goes VR and AR

It will also share the same fate as the smartphone, which I've also predicted back in 2013 to go extinct at the hands of Google Glass as explained in my blog article entitled “Google Glass Designer Isabelle Olsson puts Leopard frames on Google Glass - Smart + Sexy = Smexy glasses Katy Perry Roar for Tablet and smartphone Extinction”.

Amazon isn't trying to boost sales for the Christmas of 2015 against the Apple iPad.

Rather, they're trying to avoid the fate of the Google Nexus 9 Tablet which is quality hardware dying slowly at the hands of Chinese White Label Tablets as explained in my blog article entitled “US$183 Google Nexus 9 Tablet – Tablet Extinction coming as @googlenexus Strategy needed for Content Creation Tablet Market”.

RIP Tablets as after Five years since coming on the scene in 2010, Google Glass and other augmented Reality and Virtual Reality products will replace you as predicted in my blog article entitled “Rivalry between @Facebook and @HTC – @Google, @Microsoft, @Sony and @Samsung in VR as Video Game Console Savior and smartphones Extinction”.  

The US$50 Amazon Tablet signals a death kneel for Tablet in their current form factor! They must evolve into a replacement for Laptops to survive. 

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