My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Journey's End Wine Company to launch Sugar Cane Wine in October 2015 - The Wine that Invented Rum to be a hit this Christmas 2015


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Journey's End Wine Company to launch Sugar Cane Wine in October 2015 - The Wine that Invented Rum to be a hit this Christmas 2015

Journey's End Wine Company, the makers of the signature Ackee Wine that been the talk of Jamaica since 2011 as noted in the article “Chilled Ackee Wine, Anyone?”, published Thursday, August 04, 2011, The Jamaica Observer is set to embark on yet another journey.

This time, they're set to do a promotion at Megamart Portmore on Saturday August 26th 2015 and also at Megamart on Upper Waterloo Road on Sunday August 27th 2015 starting 11am until 7pm. Journey's End Flavours of the Past set of Wines will be in full force, including the Ackee Wine many have come to know and love:

1.      Ackee
2.      Sorrel
3.      Ginger
4.      Pimento berry
5.      Noni

Journey's End Wine Company will also be unleashing a new flavour, which Journey’s End Wine CEO Howard Coxe teased in an interview with the Jamaica Observer as reported in the article “BRANDED Howard Coxe”, published Thursday, July 02, 2015, The Jamaica Observer.

That new flavour, shared exclusively with the My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica and the MICO Wars: The Teacher Force Awakens blog in an email interview, is called Sugar Cane Wine.

Journey's End Wine Company to launch Sugar Cane Wine in October 2015 – Why Ackee Wine was the Start of the Journey

Slated to be launched in October 2015, Sugar Cane Wine, which has the tagline “The Wine that Invented Rum ®”, is basically Wine made from Sugar Cane.

Sugar Cane is usually associated with rum and the Sugar Cane Wine main ingredient is Fermented fresh Sugar Cane juice. This Sugar Cane Juice is the secret sauce in the Sugar Cane Wine and is Fermented fresh Sugar cane juice used to create Sugar Cane Wine.

Then again, Ackee, the starting material for his first foray into the Jamaican Wine making business wasn’t such an easy material to make Wine from and few would have believed it possible.

Starting out as a hobbyist, he perfected his craft during his twenty seven (27) years sojourn in the US of A. A love for raw Ackee proved to be the inspiration for Ackee Wine, which was the result of trial and error efforts with the different types of the National fruit.

After ditching a batch that wasn't up to snuff, he eventually perfected the formula.  His triumph in making Wine from a fruit that’s a part of Jamaica’s National Dish, is proof of his Winemaking prowess.

Sugar Cane Wine in October 2015 – Going Mainstream come Christmas 2015

He's been experiencing phenomenal sales since December 2014 when his products first graced the shelves of MegaMart stores at which time he'd introduced another new flavour, Noni Wine as reported in my blog article entitled “Noni Wine from Journey's End Wine Company by November 2014 - Panacea among the Flavours of the Past an @ackeeWine success this Christmas 2014”.

Journey's End Wine Company selection of Wines can also be found at the following highly trafficked locations as listed on Journey's End Wine Company website:

1.      General Food Supermarket in Liguanea
2.      Norman Manley International Airport in the Port of Call shop
3.      Things Jamaica Stores

Now with December 2015 coming up, Journey's End Wine Company has started early promoting their next Wine, Sugar Cane Wine. 

With the hope of going mainstream with a Wine that's based on locally fruits and berries, Journey's End Wine Company odyssey is just set to start in a massive run promoting Sugar Cane Wine, “The Wine that Invented Rum ®”, up towards Christmas 2015.

Here’s the link:

Here's their contact information:

Tel: 876-401-4476  

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