My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How Discarded Meat from Riverton City Dump is still being sold in Downtown Kingston


Sunday, November 29, 2015

How Discarded Meat from Riverton City Dump is still being sold in Downtown Kingston

Folks, this article is really more of a PSA (Public Service Announcement) than analysis, so listen up!

Unscrupulous Jamaicans from Downtown Kingston are still stealing meat from the Riverton City Dump and reselling it Downtown as reported in the article “Dumped Meat Still Leaving Riverton”, published Sunday November 29, 2015 by Ryon Jones, The Jamaica Gleaner.

Don't buy meat Downtown as it seems they're recycling imported meat and Eggs that should have be discarded due to the H5N2 Avian Flu outbreak in the US of A since March 2015 as reported in my blog article entitled “Ministry of Agriculture bans US, Canadian Chicken Products - Why H5N2 Avian Flu is Shadows of 2014 Chicken Shortage during Easter 2015”.  

They're basically making a living from it, based on a recent Gleaner investigation as apparently they still have unfettered access and may even be planning another fire as noted in the article “Guarding Garbage - Lack Of Security Leaves Riverton Open To Arsonists”, published Sunday November 29, 2015, The Jamaica Gleaner.  

The  possibility of yet another fire at the Riverton City dump is looming.

According to the account of one man who goes by the nome de guerre “Shorty”, you can literally get rich from reselling discarded meat from the Riverton City Dump whether the meat is spoiled or otherwise, quote: “The truck come up there come throw it weh, so if yu want it yu just go tek it up. People take it up go sell it too. All kind a meat ... but a only chicken mi tek up. Sometimes it spoil, but anytime it spoil mi just look another piece, because a several trips per day come up there”.

This incidentally includes Eggs, another discarded product from chicken problem about which SERHA (South Regional Health Authority) has given warning as these discarded imported eggs may cause a salmonella outbreak as predicted in my blog article entitled “SERHA warns of Salmonella laced Eggs - Why Salmonella Poisoning on the Rise as Egg and Meat Shortage loom”.

So why shop downtown this Christmas 2015 for food!?

Meat from Riverton City Dump being resold Downtown - Why I still like Downtown Kingston despite the Raw Sewage 

I still like shopping Downtown, as the vendors are people from my parish, Clarendon and elsewhere.

They have prices that are hard for the Supermarkets to beat as noted in my blog article entitled “Why Jamaica's Basic Item Food Bill mostly from 1st World Countries despite being Made in Jamaica”. 

Still, even I do not buy meat when I’m shopping in Downtown Kingston, as that’s the one thing I actually go to Hi-Lo Supermarket in Cross Roads to purchase.

Ditto too for anything that’s processed and contains milk, as the presence of Bacteria cannot be easily undone by heating in a microwave or in the oven, the usual way to make stale items fresh again!

Vegetables and other stuff is ok though!!! Just don't buy the meat!!!

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