My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: HERO BX commercial-scale biodiesel plant - How Jamaica can recycle Cooking Oil to supply US$614.92 billion market

Monday, November 9, 2015

HERO BX commercial-scale biodiesel plant - How Jamaica can recycle Cooking Oil to supply US$614.92 billion market

“We are seeing more interest in sectors such as energy and technology as the Government makes moves to improve the business atmosphere and the country's readiness for investments. JAMPRO will monitor the progress of this and other projects closely as we try to bring more significant, sustainable investments to Jamaica”

JAMPRO President Diane Edwards commenting on the impending investment by biodiesel producer HERO BX in developing a commercial-scale biodiesel plant in Jamaica

Jamaica is attracting the interest of as lot of multi-national companies willing to set up shop in anticipation of the coming of the International Hub.

Already JAMPRO (Jamaica Trade and Invest) is facilitating the investment of some US$350 million to develope the Spanish Town Free Zone as reported in the article “JAMPRO Facilitates US$350 Million Free Zone Investment”, published October 28, 2015 By Garfield L. Angus, Jamaica Information Service

One of the first tenants at the Spanish Town Free Zone is an automobile manufacturing plant to be run by Gulfray Americas in partnership with CNAICO (China National Automotive Industry International Corporation) as reported in my blog article entitled “Gulfray Americas and CNAICO Auto Manufacturing plant - Why Spanish Town Free Zone will benefit Jamaica”.

Another is a biodiesel company HERO BX, which is currently in Jamaica exploring the idea of setting up the Caribbean's first commercial-scale biodiesel plant as reported in the article “US Firm To Develop Biodiesel Plant In Jamaica”, published Tuesday November 3, 2015, The Jamaica Gleaner

Located at 1540 E Lake Rd, Erie, PA 16511 (that's Pennsylvania in the US of A, if you plan to visit!), HERO BX  plans to construct a 50-million-gallon-per-year-capacity plant would also be a boost to Jamaica's Renewable energy Program.

According to their Corporate Profile, they plan to make a huge investment to convert feedstock from the Caribbean to supply the growing US$614.92 billion global renewable energy market by the end of 2015, quote: “HERO BX enjoys a reputation for quality and its commitment to the environment, community and safety. The company is investigating expanding into the Caribbean region, as the growing global renewable energy market is estimated to grow to US$614.92 billion by the end of 2015”.

So what exactly will be the feedstock that HERO BX will use to make Biofuel?

HERO BX commercial-scale biodiesel plant - How Jamaica can recycle Cooking Oil to supply US$614.92 billion market

Their plan it to convert waste Cooking oil from the hotel, restaurant and food industry across the island as well as the Caribbean into Diesel.

This is very similar to Dr Michael Coley of the Department of Chemistry research into commercializing Biodiesel from cooking oil as reported in my blog article entitled “UWI and YCWJ team up to Recycle Waste Cooking Oil - How to make National Bio-Diesel Production from Waste Cooking Oil”. 

Interestingly too, they will also use agricultural waste as a feedstock to make biodiesel in a project that's strikingly similar to a plan the Russians had to grow sorghum in Jamaica to make ethanol as explained in my blog article entitled “Russians see potential in Ethanol Fuel Plant in Jamaica – From Russia With Love for sorghum”.

This is good news for the Government of Jamaica, as such a massive Biodiesel plant being built by HERO BX will employ a lot of people as pointed out by the Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce Anthony Hylton, quote: “This robust investment climate and investment in a variety of sectors in the economy is the result of work across government to improve the business environment, facilitate economic growth and create opportunities for job creation”.

But why did Jamaica get chosen by HERO BX? After all, Cuba has normalized diplomatic relations with the United States as noted in the article “U.S. companies drawn to Cuba, unsure if profits will follow”, published Friday November 6, 2015 by Jaimie Hamre, Reuters and has more people, which may translate to  cheaper labour.

So why Jamaica?

HERO BX and Garth Solutions Inc - Selling Jamaica as a central point for a Caribbean-Wide Biodiesel Plant

Jamaica it seems is attractive to HERO BX for the same reason that the Call Centers like the country:

1.      English speaking people
2.      Easily trainable workforce
3.      International Connectivity via undersea Fiber Optic Cables
4.      Location in the Caribbean Basin
5.      Strong national-energy policy
6.      Developing renewable energy subpolicy

So says Jamaica-born Glen Garth, executive vice-president of US consulting firm Garth Solutions Inc, who are representing HERO BX, quote: “The location of Jamaica strategically in the Caribbean Basin; the access to a quality, educated labour force; the access to all of the benefits that are available due to commitments made by the Jamaican Government to encourage foreign direct investment are all factors. Those attributes are what first attracted our attention and have further strengthened our interest in sitting a biodiesel hub in Jamaica”.

Hopefully they'll also recycle every form of Organic waste, including garbage from the Riverton City dump as well as animal and human waste to make biofuel. This fuel could be used to power not only homes but also JUTC Buses as already being done in Britain as explained in my blog article entitled “GENeco Bio-Bus runs on Bio-Methane - How 10% of UK's Heating from Human Organic Waste Alone makes Shit worthwhile”.

Finally, Jamaica may also have a means of converting old tyres and Plastic into Biodiesel via Pyrolysis as is already being done on the island of St. Lucia as detailed in my blog article entitled “St. Lucia’s SLSWMA to make Fuel from Tyres - Why is Jamaica not converting Tyres at Riverton City Dump into Fuel”.

All possible and very exciting developement for the Biofuel sector in Jamaica and the Caribbean!

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