My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How Cuba-Jamaica CFL Project Heralds LED's, Li-Ion Batteries and Sapphire Screens in Jamaica

Thursday, December 26, 2013

How Cuba-Jamaica CFL Project Heralds LED's, Li-Ion Batteries and Sapphire Screens in Jamaica

Since Minister of Science, Technology Energy and Mining Minister Phillip Paulwell’s tour on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 of the US$5 million Rare Earth Pilot Plant set up by Nippon Light Metal Company Limited at the JBI (Jamaica Bauxite Institute) located in Hope Gardens, along Old Hope Road as stated in my blog article entitled “Rare Earth Metal Pilot Plant at Jamaica Bauxite Institute to test Rare Earth Extraction Process - Nippon Light Metal Company Limited keen to beat China using Red Mud from Bauxite Companies” nothing more has been heard of the progress of the plant.

Remember the Rare Earth Pilot Plant was one month behind schedule as per the articles “Paulwell Impressed With Rare-Earth Pilot Plant”, Published Thursday October 24, 2013, The Jamaica Gleaner and “A rare find”, published Thursday, October 24, 2013, The Jamaica Observer.

So I was expecting that they’d be more news on the progress of this plant. Reason being as it holds such great potential in reviving the Bauxite Industry via the re-utilization of the Red Mud from the RDA (Residue Disposal Area).

More interestingly, there is the potential to go into the manufacturing of everything from LED (Light Emitting Diodes) to Li-Ion Batteries for All-Electric Vehicles in Jamaica as opined in my Geezam blog article entitled “Oregon-based Porteon to assemble All-Electric Vehicles in Jamaica – One By One” and my blog article entitled “Porteon to manufacture All-Electric Vehicles in St. Lucia - Strengthening CARICOM ties with Jamaican Skilled Labour”.

Rare Earth Extraction from Red Mud – Electronics Manufacturing from Batteries to LED’s

Hope for the revival of mined out Bauxite lands was another bonus which I later unearthed in my blog article entitled “Rare Earth Metals Extraction from RDA Red Mud's got Titanium and Iron by-products - All You Need is Kill the Scrap Metal Industry and Agriculture benefits in The Place Beyond the Pines”.

But even more precious to Jamaica would be the development of our own manufacturing industries based on the usage of some of these Rare Earth Metals such as making Laptop Batteries and even LED (Light Emitting Diodes) for Lighting purposes as noted in the article “Let there be LEDs”, published Wednesday, May 23, 2012 BY NEKIESHA REID Business reporter, The Jamaica Observer.

Especially as Minister Phillip Paulwell has plans to eventually revive the Cuban Light bulb Programme as the Cuba-Jamaica Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) Project as stated in my blog article entitled “Minister Paulwell revives Cuban Light Bulb Program - How to Ban Incandescent Bulbs and focus on production of LED Bulbs in Jamaica”.

This, albeit an extension of diplomatic ties with Cuba, is really a backward step and may amount to nothing more than Cuba Dumping Fluorescent bulbs on Jamaica in exchange for Tungsten mineral extracted from Incandescent bulbs.

Jamaica should be focused in banning the importation of Incandescent bulbs and the developement of the manufacturing, production and export of LED Lights in Jamaica as the US of A is planning to do by Wednesday January 1st 2014 as stated in the article “US to phase-out 40w and 60w incandescent lightbulbs on Jan. 1”, published December 27, 2013 By Andrew Couts, DigitalTrends.

By the way, here’s a quick review of LED Light Bulbs that we can possibly make or manufacture on contract here in Jamaica as listed in “LED there be light: We pick the best bulb upgrades for your buck”, published December 20, 2013 3:44 PM PST by Ry Crist, CNET News.

Manufacturing using Rare Earth Products Possible – Cheaper Electricity is the Key

This would be possible thanks to the coming of cheaper electricity from EWI (Energy World International) who’d won the Bid to build the 360MW LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) Power Plant as stated in my blog article entitled “360 MW LNG Power Plant and 115 MW Renewable Energy Project Bidders have submitted Bids - Congratulations to the Energy Bidders as Liberated Energy Sector is Power to the People”.

Even the manufacture of Sapphire from Alumina would be also possible with cheaper power as stated in my blog article entitled “Sapphire Screens for smartphones by Q1 2014 - Unscratchable Sign of Virgo is the Man of Steel to revive Jamaican Alumina Industry” as there is a coming demand for Sapphire screens in the US of A for making Tablets and smartphones.

So I wait with baited Breath on some story from the Media as it relates to the progress of the Rare Earth Pilot Plant by March 2014 as Lithium-Ion Batteries used in All-Electric Vehicles powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells will soon be in short supply once All-Electric Vehicle catch on in the US of A as predicted in my blog article entitled “Tech Predictions for 2014 - PC killin' Tablets and Wearable Computers, Personal Drones and Autonomous Vehicles Hydrogen Fuelled Cars”.

Failing that, I myself might have to make a visit to the JBI (Jamaica Bauxite Institute) and ask for a guided tour of the Rare Earth Pilot Plant and possibly take a few pictures for an exclusive on my blog!

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