My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Dr.Henry Lowe launches Medicanja and jump-starts Pharmaceutical Industry in our Back yard – Pharmaceutical Research Renaissance in Jamaica

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dr.Henry Lowe launches Medicanja and jump-starts Pharmaceutical Industry in our Back yard – Pharmaceutical Research Renaissance in Jamaica

“We have developed a method to isolate the non-psychoactive compounds....... I didn’t understand how ignorance could be so persuasive. The Government should do something about that,”

Comments by Dr Henry Lowe on the launch of his company MediCanja, a Medical Research company

Looks as if the Medical Marijuana Industry is off to a great start, with Dr. Henry Lowe launching Jamaica’s First Medical Marijuana Research Clinic, dubbed MediCanJa as stated in the article “Ganja company”, published Wednesday, December 04, 2013 BY KARYL WALKER Editor — Court Desk,The Jamaica Observer and “Medicanja To Contribute To Jamaica's Development”, published Friday December 6, 2013, The Jamaica Gleaner.

Dr. Henry Lowe and his wife launched the company with the stated purpose of extracting the active ingredients from Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa) for medicinal uses.

His company name and logo were jointly unveiled by himself and his wife Janet Lowe at the Eden Gardens Restaurant on Tuesday December 3rd 2013. Along with the unveiling was the company’s intention to develop the medicinal uses of Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa), specifically:

1.      Extraction of the other active ingredients in Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa), including THC (Tetra Hydro Cannabinol)
2.      Development of Products from Hemp, the Male version of the plant which has no active THC for use in a variety of medicinal and commercially viable products
3.      Development of a strain of the female version of the plant Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa) for research purposes that has a lower THC Content.

It’s good to note here that the Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa) plant, like most plant, has a male and female version. It’s the female version that has gained notoriety over the years for its use in smoking and making Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa) laced cookies and cakes. The Male version can be used to make fabric, rope, canvas, wax, and paper, with the seeds being used to extract protein rich oils as well as to be made into butter and a highly efficient fuel for Motor Vehicles.

One (1) acre of Hemp can grow enough material equivalent to make the same amount of paper as 10 acres of Trees, a lifesaver for Forests that are experiencing deforestation as well as a chance for Jamaica to develop its own Paper Industry instead of using imported paper. Hemp can even be used to make Motor Vehicles Varnishes and even the vehicle itself as the Canadian Government has already done!

But aside from these uses, which are currently criminalized under Jamaican Law, it also has the obvious medicinal benefits in which the Pharmaceutical Industry has an interest as I’d opined in my blog article entitled RasPuddler says Legalization of Marijuana benefits large Scale Growers - How Teenagers can Learn to Extract THC for personal Use to make Chocolate Cookie, Brownies and Sorrell Cake for Christmas”.

Dr. Lowe Laments Jamaican ignorance on Marijuana – Medicanja extraction a right step

Dr. Lowe also mentioned some interesting stats about the Medical Marijuana industry in Jamaica. At the Eden Gardens launch, he made reference to a recent Don Anderson poll as per the article “Ganja Medicine”, published Friday, November 29, 2013 BY BALFORD HENRY Senior staff reporter, The Jamaica Observer that indicates that 87% of Jamaican are indeed in favor of Medical Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa), quote: “Canada’s hemp industry values US$2 billion yearly. A recent survey by Don Anderson said 87 per cent of Jamaicans want medical ganja to be developed......Jamaicans don’t only want it to be developed, they want the Government to get behind it and make it happen,”.

The Ministry of Health is indeed interested, with Minister of Health, Dr. Fenton Ferguson throwing his support behind the idea of Medical Marijuana but maintaining a strong stance against smoking as stated in my blog article entitled Dr. Fenton Ferguson want Marijuana Medicine – Pharmaceutical Marijuana means big Profits and Taxes for the GOJ”.

It’s also high time that further research and application of the medicinal benefits of Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa) were explored in Jamaica to pick up on the work of Jamaican pharmacologist, Professor Manley West and ophthalmologist, Dr. Albert Lockhart, whose pioneering work on Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa) was used to develop Canasol, a glaucoma Treatment, the first of its kind in the world back then in the late 80’s as stated in the article “Ganja-based eyedrops a hot sell”, published Sunday August 24, 2003 by Teino Evans, Staff Reporter, The Jamaica Gleaner!

They had based their original research on the noted folklore involving Rastafarians having excellent Night Vision due to smoking Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa).Canasol is now a now popular eye drop remedy for Glaucoma and “Doctors develop first eye medication in the Carib”, published Sunday August 16, 2009, The Jamaica Gleaner.

The coming push for Decriminalization and the eventual Legalization of Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa) needs to make a distinction between the male and the Female plant, as the male plant, Hemp, is currently illegal yet cannot be smoked like the female plant. The JCF (Jamaican Constabulary Force) aka the Jamaican Police need to be empowered with the ability to tell the difference between the two should they encounter them in the field.

It should have long ago be made legal so as to be useful in manufacturing to makefabric, rope, canvas, wax, and paper, jump-starting local manufacturing industries in these areas in Jamaica! After all, we already have a BTA (Bilateral Trade Agreement) with Switzerland to protect the Trade name and Geographical indicators associated with “Hemp”, “Marijuana” and “Cannabis Sativa” as stated in my blog article entitled “Jamaica and Switzerland sign historic Bilateral Trade Agreement to protect Brand Names and Geographical Indicators - Escape Plan for the eventual Decriminalization and Legalization of Ganja”.

After the Decriminalization and the eventual Legalization of Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa), exploiting the resources should be our next step; Legalizing Hemp should be our initial step to developing both a Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Industry in Jamaica!

Medicanja jump-starts Pharmaceutical Industry in our Back yard – Others needing Support

Hopefully too, the Ministry of Health will also look into the development of other Natural Flora Resources into Medicinal Products to support the Pharmaceutical Industry in Jamaica including Lemon Grass (Citronella Grass) for lotions, ointments and an assortment of medicinal products including an excellent replacement for imported Destroyers as argued in my Geezam blog article entitled “How to make Environmentally Friendly Citronella (Lemon Grass) Oil for Mosquito Repellant Lotion and Candles”.

Additionally financial support should be forthcoming as it relates to the development of Guinea Hen Weed (Petiveria Alliacea) which also has Cancer curing properties that need to be further research and explored by Dr Lawrence Williams as detailed in my blog article entitled Dr. Lawrence Williams develops Bovine Serum Albumin replacement for Animal Testing - Cats and Dogs give this 2 Paws Up as Guinea Hen Weed fights Cancer”.

Developing a replacement for the use of Malathion (C10H19O6PS2) to spray and eradicate Mosquitoes that cause Dengue, such as a gigantic fly zapper that initially attract the Mosquitoes using a Carbon Dioxide Generator Mosquito Trap as explained in my blog article entitled Minister of Health calls for Public Support for ban on Smoking in Public Spaces - How to kill mosquitoes using a Carbon Dioxide Generator Mosquito Trap” is also a good idea.

Especially as when Malathion (C10H19O6PS2) can cause fainting spells and nausea when used under certain conditions! Such as early in the mornings when it’s very cool and the smoke doesn’t readily dissipate readily after spraying, an event which caused 54 students at the Ocho Rios School in St. Ann to faint on Tuesday November 19th 2013 as noted in my blog article entitled “Ministry of Health attempted murder of Ocho Rios High School in St Ann by spraying Malathion - Malathion Spraying and Destroyers ban needed  and Citronella Candles and Education introduced”.

Areas of Research into which the Local Pharmaceutical Industry can direct their attention as Dr. Henry Lowe’s Medicanja Jumpstarts Pharmaceutical Research in Jamaica!

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