My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Apple iPad Air, the World’s Lightest Tablet launched in Silver, Space Grey, White - Christmas smartphone and Tablet Battle Royale as Winter is Coming

Friday, October 25, 2013

Apple iPad Air, the World’s Lightest Tablet launched in Silver, Space Grey, White - Christmas smartphone and Tablet Battle Royale as Winter is Coming

Apple fans it was that time again!! What do we want? The Apple iPad 5 and the Apple iPad Mini 2!

Well the Apple iPad Event did take place on Tuesday October 22nd 2013 at the Yerba Buena Center as stated in “Apple shows off iPad Air, iPad Mini with Retina display”, published October 22, 2013 11:09 AM PDT by Shara Tibken, CNET News.

Their latest Apple Invite Sigil: a Field of Multi-coloured Apple Leaves on a field of white with a big white Apple at the bottom. Their Words: “We Still have a lot to cover”. Game of Thrones ….or Tablets…style, as Dear Apple Fans. And based on what they revealed this year folks, one thing is clear for Google: Winter is Coming!

Good Golly Miss Molly! Christmas should officially be moved to October as after that announcing is made, it’s basically what EVERYONE will want for Christmas! Why may you ask?

Because if the Apple iPhone is all dolled up in Gold and Poly-carbonate and is soon to arrive on Friday November 1st 2013 as predicted in my blog article entitled “Apple iPhone 5S and 5C Shortages in the US may indicate that it's coming to Jamaica - How the Apple iPhone will be landing at LIME and ATL on Friday November 1st 2013”, then it stands to reason that the Apple iPad may also be wearing some new Emperors Clothes as well of a similar Johnny Ive design!

And New Clothes they did put on the 9.7” Apple iPad 5, now rebranded the Apple iPad Air as stated in “APPLE LAUNCHES SLIMMER, FASTER, AND BETTER LOOKING NEW IPAD AIR”, October 22, 2013 By Andy Boxall, DigitalTrends.

I’ll lay it out straight folks what dropped at the Apple shindig:

1.      Apple iPad 5, now called the Apple iPad Air in Silver White and Space Grey
2.      Apple iPad Mini 2 in Silver White and Space Grey

To be honest I was going for the Bread Sticker colours of Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, and White. Then again Sonny Dickson’s website didn’t mention Gold, only Silver and Space Grey as can be seen in my blog article entitled “Gold, Silver and Space Grey Apple iPad and Apple iPad Mini to launch in October 2013 - Sonny Dickson and NowhereElse sneak peek on Apple's Colour Revolution” so apparently the “bling bling” Golden Apple iPads I was expecting to match the Apple iPhone 5S didn’t really exist!

But the expected improvements under the hood came, sans the Touch ID Fingerprint Reader:

1.      64-bit Quad-Core A7 Processor
2.      M7 Motion Co-Processor
3.      Retina Display on the Apple iPad Mini 2

At only 7.5mm thick, a 20% reduction from the Apple iPad 4 and a 43% slimmer bezel, it’s lost some serious weight to slip into its new spaghetti strap dress. Weighing a shade under 1 lb or 469 gm (478 for the 4G LTE/Wi-Fi version), it's basically the lightest 9.7" Tablet in the World.

Not to be outdone the 7.9” Apple iPad Mini 2 (that’s what they’re calling it!) also sports the same colour makeover and significant specs as mentioned above as described in “SAY HELLO TO THE NEW IPAD MINI AND ITS SEXY RETINA SCREEN”, published October 22, 2013 By Jeffrey Van Camp, DigitalTrends. Already the Apple iPad Mini is outselling its bigger brother by a margin of 3 to 1 as stated in “IPAD MINI IS GOBBLING UP SALES OF THE IPAD MAXI”, published May 1, 2013 by Jeffrey Van Camp, DigitalTrends

The new Apple iPad Mini 2’s Display is an eye popping 2048 x 1536 pixels, double last years’ model and kicking them straight into Retina Display Territory! And like its bigger brother, its battery life isn’t compromised, as it still packs a 10 hour punch. With a suitable Case with a built in keyboard, you can leave the Apple Macbook Pro at home and take the Apple iPad with you as it’ll give the Microsoft Surface a run for its money.

This was expected, as the 7” Tablet category is hot thanks to the Amazon Kindle Fire which started this ball rolling in December 2011 as prophesied in my Geezam Blog article entitled “The Two Towers of Tablets, 7” Amazon Kindle Fire and 7.9” Apple iPad are the Global Tablet size of Choice.”

Samsung, beat that!

Apple iPad Innovation is under the Hood – More than meets the eye

If you though the Apple iPad Air and the Apple iPad Mini 2 merely got new dresses on, wait till you see what’s under the dress! Apple’s 64-bit A7 Processor and M7 Co-Processor for handling Motion related activities such as the GPS, Magnetometer and the Accelerometer have boosted the Processor and Graphics performance by four-fold and eight-fold respectively! 

At this rate if the Apple iPad’ll gets any thinner or lighter, it’ll replace not only Newspapers but also the Nintendo 3DS and the Playstation Vita, as it’s also a great Portable Gaming Machine as opined in “APPLE’S NEXT IPAD MINI COULD MAKE THE 3DS AND VITA LOOK LIKE TOYS”, published October 22, 2013 by Adam Rosenberg, DigitalTrends!

Now for the grand surprise! Apple has added another member to the Apple iPad family, the 128 GB version! That brings the members of the Apple iPad family to four (4), making the Apple iPad a full nuclear Family!

And what’s a Tablet without a winter Coat! Apple’s got you covered (get it!) with some new custom-designed polyurethane Smart Covers in blue, green, pink, yellow, black and Red for Apple iPad Air and Apple iPad Mini that retail for US$39. Like good Dornish wine, Apple's reserved the good stuff for last.

For those with a feel for Animal Leather, their aniline-dyed leather Apple iPad Air Smart Cases and Apple iPad Mini 2 Smart Cases are sure to please. Bread Tag colours in yellow, beige, blue, brown, black and Red are retailing for US$79 for iPad Air and US$69 for Apple iPad Mini 2. Apparently that’s where the Bread Plastic Marker I’d predicted for the Apple iPad Mini 2 went… I wasn’t off that badly!

After all, Winter is Coming!

Prices and Launch Date – Christmas and Winter is coming on Friday November 1st 2013

The Apple iPad Air and its diminutive sidekick the Apple iPad Mini 2 goes on Pre-order in the US on all Major Carriers on Friday November 1st 2013 with the following prices:

Further details are available from Apple’s Official Press Release on the Launch of the Apple iPad Air and the Apple iPad Mini 2. For those keeping score, that’s the same date as the Apple iPhone 5S and the Apple iPhone 5C possibly coming to Jamaica as stated in my blog article entitled “Apple iPhone 5S and 5C Shortages in the US may indicate that it's coming to Jamaica - How the Apple iPhone will be landing at LIME and ATL on Friday November 1st 2013.

Winter is Coming - Christmas smartphone and Tablet Battle Royale to Remember

My sole complaint: No Golden C3PO Apple iPad Air or Apple iPad Mini and no Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor. Then again, if you’re that careless to let someone jack your Apple iPad and not have a Tracking App or a proximity App installed to alert you it’s not on your person, you really deserve to lose it!

Also no news regarding the Apple Television as well as a revamp to the Apple iTV Set Top Box, possibly as a Game Console perhaps, especially as China’s State Council on Friday September 27th 2013 had announced that they’re opening up for the sale of Video Game Consoles as stated in my blog article entitled China lifts 13 Year ban on Video Game Consoles - Open Floodgates spells opportunity for debutantes Google, Amazon and Apple to enter the Video Game Arena”.

Apple’s gonna make Friday November 1st 2013 Christmas Day. This is going to be a smartphone and Tablet a Battle Royale 2013 to Remember for a long time. As per the Words of House Stark, Winter is Coming, Game of Thrones Style! 

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