My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Pew Internet Research indicates that 35% of Americans own a Tablet - Jamaicans may develop a Taste for Tablets by 2015

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pew Internet Research indicates that 35% of Americans own a Tablet - Jamaicans may develop a Taste for Tablets by 2015

A recent study of 6,224 Americans ages 16 and over by Pew Internet Research indicates that one in three Americans owns a Tablet as stated in the article “35% of Americans now own a Tablet, Pew says”, published October 18, 2013 9:10 AM PDT by Larry Dignan, CNET News and “ONE-THIRD OF ALL AMERICANS NOW OWN A TABLET, AND ONE-FOURTH OWN EBOOK READERS”, published October 18, 2013 By Jeffrey Van Camp, Digital trends. To be precise:

1.      35% of Americans owns a Tablet
2.      24% of Americans owns an e-book reader

This is further confirmation that e-books are a produce all of their own and will never be gobbled up by Tablets which are in fact poised for growth in the Developing World as predicted by HIS iSuppli in my Geezam blog article entitled “IHS iSuppli reveals e-Readers are poised for explosive growth in the Developing World as the First World loses interest in Reading”!

Most Americans who are Tablet users also have an e-book reader separate and apart for reading books and tend to go more for Google Android Tablets in the 7” category according to a Localytics Study as stated in my Geezam blog article entitled “The Two Towers of Tablets, 7” Amazon Kindle Fire and 7.9” Apple iPad are the Global Tablet size of Choice”.

As usual the stats are best revealed in the form of a Graph:

But the Table is a bit more fascinating. It indicates that Tablet ownership is still a typical white American Teenager (ages 13 to 17) and Millennial (ages 18 to 28) who at or went to college, works as a Computer or Petrochemical Engineer and lives in the suburbs:
Jamaica is yet to catch on full to this Mobile Computing Trend, despite entertainers toting smartphones and Tablets. This lack of interest has already affected our 4G LTE (Long term Evolution) Auction as stated in my blog article entitledJamaica's 700MHz Spectrum Auction fails to attract bidders on Friday October 11 2013 - Jamaicans Lack interest in Broadband Internet and no Telecom Regulator for the Sector”.

Hopefully as Tablets get cheaper, we’ll develop a taste for Tablets. But many of my computer Repair customers have expressed misgivings about Tablets, stating that they’re underpowered and only good for YouTube. Also, their fragility is also an issue, as when many of them break, the cost to repair the cracked screen and where to get it repaired are not quite as easy as fixing a Laptop Screen. That’s the perception that needs to be changed for Tablet’s to gain rapid adoption!

For serious Typing, you’ll have to get a case for your Tablet with a keyboard and also learn to touch-type, not to mention learn the proper care and cleaning of your Tablet as explained in my Geezam blog article entitled “How to make your own Cleaning Fluid and Cleaning Tips for your Smartphone or Tablet”. Also, you’ll have to have an External SSD (Solid State Drive) Harddrive as those are more rugged than the External SATA External Harddrives to provide extra storage for those Tablet users that are always mobile.

Currently this Christmas, the dream products on everyone’s Christmas shopping list is Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Tablets as stated in my blog article entitled Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Blackberrys are tops on Jamaican Searches according to Google Trends - Importation Guide to Selling smartphone to Jamaicans”. Eventually as cheaper Tablets and smartphones hit the market, more Jamaicans will develop a Taste for Tablets as well by 2015!

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