My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Wigton Wind Farms Limited submits Bid Bond for 24MW Wind Farm - 78MW Total from WWFL, BMR and WRB Enterprises Inc means were 37MW short on Renewable Energy

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wigton Wind Farms Limited submits Bid Bond for 24MW Wind Farm - 78MW Total from WWFL, BMR and WRB Enterprises Inc means were 37MW short on Renewable Energy

WWFL (Wigton Wind Farms Limited) has finally been revealed as one of the three (3) preferred bidders in the Bid to supply some 24MW of Renewable Energy to the JPS Co Grid as stated in the article “Wigton Windfarm submits bid bond in 115MW project”, Published Tuesday October 8, 2013 6:07 pm, The Jamaica Gleaner.

With their Bid Bond submitted, they are technically the first Bidders in either the 360MW Contract or the 115MW Contract to confirm having even submitted a bid as can be noted in my blog article entitled “Azurest Cambridge Power failed to provide the Bid Bond and Energy World International sent in to bat for 360MW LNG Power Plant - Energize Jamaica Should be the Rightful No. 2 Bidder”.

WWFL is one of two (2) Bidders whose proposals is based on Wind Energy, the other being the little known and very hard to find BMR (Blue Mountain Renewables) which is supplying 42MW of Power as described in my blog article entitledBlue Mountain Renewables ready to invest US$96 million in their 42MW Wind Farm - Gone with the Wind among Sunflowers as 115Mw Renewable Energy Bids draw near”.

This is actually the Wigton III Project, which I’d predicted was set to begin construction in Fourth Quarter of 2013 as predicted in my Geezam blog article entitled Wigton Wind Farm: Origins and Future Development of Wind Energy in Jamaica”. A few changes, however, have been made to their schedule. If you’ve read that article, you’d realize the details of WWFL’s plans for what’s effectively Wigton III, to be built on Rose Hill beside Wigton I and Wigton II and commissioned into operation by 2015:

1.      Twelve (12) 2000 KW Vestas V80 Wind Turbines
2.      24 MW Total combined output
3.      63 GWh Average Power Output per annum

Well, here’s the missing details:

1.      Construction will start in August 2014
2.      125 jobs created for Site workers during the Construction phase
3.      Commissioning into operation by August 2015
4.      3 permanent positions for Wind Engineers after commissioning  into operation
5.      Wigton III will be located in Rose Hill, Manchester next to Wigton I and Wifton II 
6.      $400 million per annum reduction in the National Oil Bill

Together WWFL and BMR provide a total of 58MW of power. Throw in WRB Enterprises Inc, a Solar Power Provider that’s packing 20MW of capacity making the total up to 78MW.

This is the 78MW, which falls short of the 115MW Total requested via the RFP (Request for Proposal) over which Minister of Science, Technology Energy and Mining is flaying the OUR (Office of Utilities Regulation) in their inability to adequately fill with qualified bidders as stated in the article “Paulwell Wants OUR To Revise Decision On 115MW Project Bids”, Published Thursday October 3, 2013, The Jamaica Gleaner.

Quick summary here folks:

1.      WWFL is providing 24MW of Wind Energy
2.      BMR is providing 42MW of Wind Energy
3.      WRB Enterprises Inc is providing 20MW of Solar Power
4.      The total of Renewable Energy thus far is 78MW
5.      The shortfall is 37MW

To this end, the OUR had decided to put yet another RFP to the public, this time for the missing 37MW as stated in the article “OUR To Retender For 37MW Of Renewable Capacity”, Published Friday October 4, 2013, The Jamaica Gleaner.

Let’s hope that the OUR is more successful at getting together the total 115MW of Renewable Energy Power than they have been in getting a successful bidder for thev360MW of LNG Power thus far. More on BOTH the 115MW Renewable Energy and 360MW of LNG Power Bids on my blog as this story is blowing in the Wind!

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