My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Nest markets a Wi-Fi connected Smoke Detector, the Nest Protect, for US$129 - Nest stirs up the Smoke Detector Business in yet another smartphone connected device

Friday, October 11, 2013

Nest markets a Wi-Fi connected Smoke Detector, the Nest Protect, for US$129 - Nest stirs up the Smoke Detector Business in yet another smartphone connected device

Nest, a company founded by former Apple Engineers and makers of the Nest Thermostat back in October 2011 that got them into hot water with Honeywell as described in my blog article entitled “Nest Labs and Honeywell locked in battle over Self-Learning Thermostat - War of the Worlds over My Science Project that Apple loves” is starting a four alarm fire yet again!

This time they've developed a Smoke Detector that’s a marked improvement over your average alarm blaring, low-battery complaining Smoke detector that often goes off without there even being a fire and worse when you’re cooking! Not sure who’ll sue them this time, but I’m glad they’ve decide to redesign this relic of the Fred Flintstone era from the 60’s!

This Smoke Detector, called the Nest Protect, not only has smart built in but its got Wi-Fi connectivity as described in the article “NEST PROTECT, A SMART SMOKE DETECTOR THAT ISN’T ANNOYING”, published October 8, 2013 By Drew Prindle, DigitalTrends and Nest Protect: Thermostat Start-Up Now Wants to Make Your Smoke Detector, published Oct. 8, 2013 By JOANNA STERN, ABC News.

Its features are a testament to the engineering skill of the original designers of the Nest Thermostat:

1.      Can distinguish between an actual fire and just plain smoke (probably a built in Temperature sensor)
2.      Actually tells you in your native language that it detects smoke instead of a siren alarm
3.      Changes colour to indicate it’s alert level, with Yellow being a warning and Red being a fire
4.      If it detects a full on fire, it sounds a general Siren Alarm
5.      It can also detect, Light, Motion and Carbon Monoxide
6.      You can shut off the alarm simply by waving your hand
7.      Can connect to you smartphone using your home Wi-Fi alerting you remotely via the Internet on your Nest Protect smartphone App

You can read a full review by CNET in this articleNest Protect hands-on: Wi-Fi, app-powered smoke detector rethinks home safety for $129 price”, published October 8, 2013 6:00 AM PDT,
CNET Editors, CNET News.

That last bit, the smartphone app, is reminiscent of the Trend of device maker making products that are app-centric and controllable via smartphone, as is the case with Orbotic’s USS129 Bluetooth controlled Sphero Robotic Ball as described in my Geezam blog article entitled “The Apple iPhone as a Remote – The R2-D2 Effect of Orbotic’s Sphero Robotic Ball”.

Or even the flying wonder, the Griffin HELO TC Helicopter, the terror from above to terrorize your pet or make cubicle life at the office more bearable as described in my Geezam blog article entitled “US$60 Griffin HELO TC Helicopter at CES 2012” .

So it’s settled folks! If you’re crazy enough to buy Orbotic’s US$129.99 Sphero Robotic Ball or even a US$60 Griffin HELO TC Helicopter to terrorize you friends, family and pets from the ground and the air, then a Wi-Fi connected Nest Protect Smoke Detector and Fire Alarm that can even alert you remotely at work or anywhere you have Internet connection on your Smartphone or Tablet if there’s a fire in your house should seem like a priority purchase!

Especially when this device actually has more use than just keeping your children occupied terrorizing your cat as it can save your house as stated in Nest Protect smart smoke alarm talks to phones, saves lives”, published 8 October 2013, 3:00pm By Rich Trenholm, CNET News – and the lifes of the ones your little cat terrorists that you love this Christmas!

For more information check out the Videos at Nest Youtube page or check Amazon page to purchase the Nest Protect Smoke + Carbon Monoxide, Battery, White, S1001BW!

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