My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: CleverPet Gaming Console gets Dogs into a Game of Foods even as Cats Cry Kittyo

Thursday, May 29, 2014

CleverPet Gaming Console gets Dogs into a Game of Foods even as Cats Cry Kittyo

This was bound to happen soon, at least in the United States of America. 

There is now a Gaming Console for Dogs. Yes, you’re not hallucinating and I didn’t slip anything into your coffee…..the CleverPet as described in Level Pup! Canine gets their own Game Console”, published May 5, 2014 11:48 AM PDT by Amanda Kooser, CNET News is getting a Kickstarter from Dog lover all across America by February 2015!

Your Dog will never suffer from Separation anxiety again or be bored due to inactivity. He now has his own Game Console that he can play while munching on as pointed out in the article "Can Dogs Eat Bananas?", published October 5, 2016, Petconsider!

I suspected this would eventually happen, as if Americans are willing to shell out US$300 for a Droplet Robotic Water System that can recognize your Pet’s watering bowl as explained in my Geezam article entitled “Droplet Robotic Watering System is A Green Thumb’s companion to the Miimo Lawnmower”, then it was only a matter of time before a project was kickstarted that could play Games with your Pet.

But not any old Games, like Tag or Fetch. Rather, CleverPet is an over-glorified refillable Food Dispenser that engages your Dog in a Game of Mortal Food Combat!

This US$199 CleverPet Fashion Forward Pet Bowl is even Wi-Fi connected, meaning your Pooch can be monitored to see if he's cheating on the game while he checks out his Facebook Profile or Twitter Account! Seriously though, it actually connects to an App that the Kickstarter Team has designed to allow Human owners to monitor Man's best Friend's level of engagement with the Game and make sure he isn’t gorging himself all day.

And the Game on this one-of-a-kind Game Console for Dogs?

Well, it’s basically a Touchpad with a sequence of LED (Light Emitting Diode) Lights that lights up. The Dog is challenged to press the buttons in the exact sequence that the Buttons Light up, reminiscent of those Dancing Disco Arcade games or even Guitar Hero minus the music.

Dogs are supposed to be smart and may get easily bored with this simple tap dancing routine. So like any good Video Game, it's designed to ramp up and get even harder the higher the Level the Dog gets.

The end of a level being signified by when the Dog manages to beat the Game and Get a Doggie Treat! Some of the Games include Spotting the different Colours in order to get treats or even learning to press buttons based on voice commands, possibly in another Language as explained in “Who's a clever boy! The $279 'Xbarks' games console for DOGS that teaches your pet to solve puzzles for food”, published 21:10 GMT, 6 May 2014 By MARK PRIGG, UK DailyMail!

Hopefully your Dog won't get bored to easily with this Game of Foods Pet Bowl and decide to hack the bowl with his teeth by biting out and clawing apart the Food Dispenser Section. Otherwise like the Droplet Robotic Water System, you'll be out US$199!

There is also a Kickstarter Project for the Cats called Kittyo that is the exact same thing costing US$189 except geared towards playing with your Cat remotely using a laser as described in “Kittyo looks after your cats so you don't have to”, published APRIL 23RD 2014, AT 7:45:00 AM ET BY DANIEL COOPER, Engadget. You can play Laser Tag with your Apple iPhone with the Kittyo App that connects to this Wi-Fi Cat-Friendly Dispenser of Kitty Treats!

Cats may already be occupied enough running from the US$129.99 Orbotic's Sphero Robotic Ball as I’d penned in my Geezam article entitled “The Apple iPhone as a Remote – The R2-D2 Effect of Orbotic’s Sphero Robotic Ball”. Or even dodging the flying terror that is the US$40 PowerUp 3.0 Module that turns paper planes into 10 minute kamikaze pilots as described in my Geezam article entitled “US$40 PowerUp 3.0 Module that makes you a Paper Plane Top Gun”.

Curiously both of these toys cost less that the US$199 CleverPet or the US$189 Kittyo. Worse, they may not even survive your Dog’s rage at not beating the Game that only Behavioral Scientist Ivan Pavlov would love as declared in the article “CleverPet makes every Dog Pavlov's Dog”, published MAY 6TH 2014, AT 8:23:00 AM ET BY DANIEL COOPER, Engadget.

Oh well, at least he’ll get his old bowl back while the Cats and Dogs fight over sitting in your lap while you lounge in your Iron Throne in a Game of Bowls!

Check out their Kickstarter Page Here to place your pledges:

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