My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Dr. Vincent Lawrence to oversee the 381 MW LNG Project - All powerful Essene Brotherhood to Resurrect PNP General Election 2016 Win like Osiris


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dr. Vincent Lawrence to oversee the 381 MW LNG Project - All powerful Essene Brotherhood to Resurrect PNP General Election 2016 Win like Osiris

Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining Phillip Paulwell is certainly taking a Beating over the EWI (Energy World International) fiasco, as illustrated in the Cartoon below.

It’s now official news that he’s been relieved of the 381 MW LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) Project, with EWI’s License having been revoked as stated in “Lights out for EWI - Firm to lose 381-megawatt power plant licence, project likely to be yanked from Paulwell”, Published Tuesday May 6, 2014, by Gary Spaulding, Senior Staff Reporter, The Jamaica Gleaner.

The IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) has refused to lend the EWI money to fund the completion of the LNG Power Plants. Public and Private Sector bodies withdrew their support for Minister Phillip Paulwell by withdrawing from the EMC (Energy Monitoring Committee).

Truly a bad beating they have given Minister Phillip Paulwell indeed for his “youthful exuberance” yet again, despite his patriotic and well-placed intentions for Jamaica!

There is still the possibility that the EWI may get support from CHEC (China Harbour Energy Company) as I’d predicted in my blog article entitledChina Harbour Engineering Company possibly EWI's 381 MW LNG Project Angel Investor – Writing Big CHEC via China Ex-IM Bank is Drake's Started from the Bottom now we’re here”, but that probability became less so when the EWI lost its license.

At least the fiasco hasn’t affected Investor confidence in Jamaica as noted by Investment and Commerce Minister Anthony Hylton in the article “Investors not turned off by EWI controversy”, published Tuesday May 6, 2014, by Glen Titus, The Jamaica Gleaner, merely the confidences of Banks to lend EWI money.

VincentLawrence shows up to set Things right – All powerful Public-Sector God appears

This was rumour than news which eventually became official news. However, it’s now official that God, or at least Dr. Vincent Lawrence, the most powerful non-elected Official who has server under successive PNP (People’s National Party) Administrations, has returned to give oversight to the 381 MW Project as reported in “'God' returns”, published Wednesday, May 07, 2014 BY BALFORD HENRY Senior staff reporter, The Jamaica Observer.

A Civil and Geotechnical Engineer, Dr. Vincent Lawrence, now 68 years old, is more than just “God” as he was called. Back then he was a Chairman on several Public Sector and Private Sector Company Boards including:

1.      Air Jamaica
2.      CAP (Clarendon Alumina Production)
3.      Jamaica Bauxite Mining
4.      PCJ (Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica)
5.      Petrojam
6.      The Bauxite and Alumina Trading Company
7.      Urban Development Corporation

Add to that his active role as PNP Treasurer, and the name “God” starts to make sense, as one man wielding that much power and influence meant he had his fingers in multiple pies simultaneously.

What cause his fall from Grace?

It was due to a Report back in July 2006 by then Contractor General Greg Christie alleging impropriety in the handling of the Sandals Whitehouse Hotel Project. He promptly resigned from all Boards at the age of 60 on the cusp of retirement, returning only to lead the PNP under then PM Portia Simpson Miller to victory at the polls in 2011 General Elections.

2012 must have been his lucky year, as he after being sent to Valhalla in 2006, he’s now resurrected on the CAP Board as Chairman. He currently owns the following companies, apparently using his considerable influences over the years to wrangle contracts and thus make himself quite comfortable for all his troubles:

1.      Gentech Consultants Ltd
2.      Gentech Exploration Services Ltd,
3.      Jamaica Engineering and Technical Services Ltd
4.      Lawrence and Associates  

His return can thus be seen as his full reincarnation process at work. He’s now heading a six (6) man team charged with getting the 381 MW Project back on Track.

The total Six (6) man Posse thus consists of the following people:

1.      Christopher Cargill, Chairman of the PCJ (Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica)
2.      Coy Roache, Managing Director of Jamaica Bauxite Mining Limited
3.      Dr. Vincent Lawrence, former Executive Chairman of the Urban Development Corporation.
4.      Michael Vaccianna, Legal and Commercial Counsel, representative of the Ministry of Finance and a technical specialist in environmental management
5.      Nicole Foster–Pusey, QC and Solicitor General
6.      Trevor Francis, Accountant

While he’s at it, he may also be joining a few more Private and Public Sector Boards, most likely the previous ones from which he resigned, completing his full resurrection, like Osiris from Egypt!

Predictions for the EWI Saga – Osiris Resurrection for PNP General Election 2016 Win

So what will happen next in the EWI Saga now that Dr. Vincent Lawrence has been demonstrated to be effectively a member of the Essene Brotherhood and effectively immortal, like Osiris?

My best bet is that the process may be expanded to include ALL the Bidders in a massive co-operative effort to build the 381 Megawatt Plant, as having one company entrusted to meet the 2016 Deadline, just in time for General Elections, is a bad strategy for the PNP to Pursue.

Then again, I’m just a Technician; my views are based purely on engineering, not politics. In my view, multiple LNG Power Plants are needed all over the island, and not just 381 MW. If we are to be a manufacturing powerhouse like impoverished Haiti seems to be as noted in my blog article entitledHaiti's Surtab SA and Handxom SA making 7-inch Tablet to supply Digicel - Pengelley's Tablets need Cheap Electricity for Plants to make LED, Li-Ion Batteries and Solar Panels”, we need more power on Tap and cheap power too.

More like 800 MW, more than double the planned Buildout, something that involving all the bidders would achieve!

Meanwhile excess LNG can be processed, re-gassed and bottled into LPG (Liquid Petroleum) and used to run Public Transport vehicles within the Government, such as the JUTC (Jamaica Urban Transport Company) as pointed out in my blog article entitled EWI Plant to have 2 LNG Plants - LNG Plant Banana Split between St. James and St. Thomas may mean LNG Fuel coming for Large companies and Auto LPG for JUTC to reduce fuel costs”.

Also, Renewable Energy should play a bigger role in supplying Energy to Jamaica, with Renewable Energy companies supplying power directly to Jamaicans Homes instead of going through the JPS Co (Jamaica Power Service Company) Grid as opined in my blog article entitled “EWI secures US$550 million in Loans from Development Bank of Philippines - Conflict of Interest in EWI and EWC ownership even as Renewable Energy can power the Entire Island”.

He has to get the project moving, or the PNP, unlike Dr. Vincent Lawrence who is effectively immortal, may die a second time. The JLP may become resurrected in this scandal brought on by Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining Phillip Paulwell that’s slowly beginning to overshadow their upcoming 2016 General Election campaign!
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