My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Stanford School of Medicine discovers Younger Mice's Blood makes Older Mice Brain Young


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Stanford School of Medicine discovers Younger Mice's Blood makes Older Mice Brain Young

“There are factors present in Blood from Young Mice that can recharge an Old mouse's brain so that it functions more like a Younger one. We're working intensively to find out what those factors might be and from exactly which tissues they originate”

Professor of Neurology and Neurological Sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine Dr. Tony Wyss-Coray in a Press Release of their findings that indicate Young Blood makes Old Mice Young Again.

Young people all over the world, you may have to start hiding in fear.

Recent conducted by Professor of Neurology and Neurological Sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine Dr. Tony Wyss-Coray has come to light that suggests that the Blood of Younger Mice once injected into older Mice helps them re-grow their Brain Cells and navigate Mazes better as explained in “Vampire's Delight? Young Blood Recharges Brains of Old”, published MAY 5, 2014 09:45 AM ET BY AMANDA ONION, Discovery News and “Young blood makes old mice more youthful”, published May 5, 2014 -- Updated 2058 GMT (0458 HKT) By Elizabeth Landau, CNN.

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The study, which came in the Nature Medicine Journal, seems to suggest that Older Mice are in essence, rejuvenated by the Blood Plasma from Younger Mice. Aside from conjuring up images of older people in society harvesting the Blood of Young People like Count Dracula, as the same may be true for humans, it also portends to a time in the future where the very Rich Elites may start paying for Blood from young Human Donors to have transfusions done to make themselves young again!

I pray this future, as macabre as it is, doesn’t come to pass!

Dr. Tony Wyss-Coray Team Hypothesis proven correct – New Wine improves the Old Wineskins of Older Mice

The focus of Dr. Tony Wyss-Coray Team at Stanford University School of Medicine was the Hippocampus and its propensity to become larger as your brain gets older. Apparently its increase in size is due mainly to the storage of memories, with Dementia and Alzheimer’s causing the area to shrink and show signs of degradation.

What was the basis of Dr. Tony Wyss-Coray doing what was effectively a Blood transfusion from Type O Negative Blood, which is compatible to all Mice's Blood types isn't clear. Perhaps he suspected that in the absence of any other evidence or attempts, changing the Blood in the Mice would have the same effect as changing the Oil in a Car.

In that analogy, it would improve the performance of the Car as the older Oil has suspended bits of Metal Grit and Burnt Carbon in the Oil. By adding New Oil into the Car engine, the old Oil would be diluted and the heat carrying capacity of the Oil would be improved.

The same logic may be true for Blood as it relates to Carrying Oxygen to the Brain, without which the Brain begins to slow down and Brain Cells due to a lack of Oxygen. This as dead and Dying Red Blood Cells, like Sickle shaped cells, are not very good at carrying Oxygen to the Brain. 

The T-Cells, which take care of Dead and Dying Red Blood Cells that die every 120 days, the typical life cycle, may be overwhelmed by the number of Old Blood cells that they have to destroy in the Blood of an older person.

By just doing an infusion of Plasma and Blood Cells, it would be a lot like topping up the Car's engine with Fresh New Oil, helping the Oil Filter, the T-Blood Cells in my analogy, to handle the removal of Dead and Dying Red Blood Cells.

This by diluting the Blood with fresh, newer Blood with better Oxygen-carrying capacity and this helping the T-Cells better deal with the removal of Dead Blood Cells. This may be the case with the older Mice infused with the Blood Plasma of Younger Mice.

That, dear reader, is MY Theory as to what really poppin’ here!

According to the Research Paper, the team noticed that the Hippocampus regions of the brain came back to life, possibly due to the improved Oxygen-carrying abilities of the now diluted Blood.

This suggests, like the Car analogy, that the addition of the New Blood may really be diluting out the older Blood cells that aren't as efficient at carrying Oxygen with Younger Blood Cells that are more efficient at Carrying Oxygen to those parts of the Brain!

Improvements in memory would be the result in the Older Mice with the Younger Blood, who in tests were able to locate a submerged Platform in a Water Filled Maze. Using the logic of the Car with Old Oil, were that Old Oil placed in a Younger Car, its performance should degrade.

Interestingly, the Dr. Tony Wyss-Coray Team did that by placing the Blood of compatible or Type O Negative Blood of older Mice into the Younger Mice and their memory began to degrade, with their performance in the Water-filled maze getting worse due to their worsening Oxygen-deprived memory.

So will the same be true with Humans – Hunger Games to Harvest the Blood of the Young

This implication already has me scared, though not as much as a previous study about the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service developing artificial Type O Negative Blood from Stem Cells as announced in April 2014 in my blog article entitled “Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service develops artificial Type O Negative Blood - Stem Cell Cloning of Type O Negative Blood for Cheaper Transfusions in 2016”.

Stanford University Medical School already is planning trials with volunteer Alzheimer’s patients in a bid to see if the results are reproducible in Humans. If so, we may be looking at a cure for not only Alzheimer’s but also a possibly early industry for artificially manufactured Type O Negative Blood from Stem Cells.

So young people, no need to hide! Nobody is gonna capture you and harvest your Blood; we possess the technology to manufacture Blood artificially, albeit it’s very expensive and not yet scaled up to large quantities made on demand!

But that’s by 2016!

As for me until then, I’m worried that if this trial proves successful, then Young people might have to start watching out, as they may end up disappearing in secret underground Labs run by Dr. Moreau in a bid to extract their Blood to keep the Older Rich Elites eternally Young!
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