My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: NWC Strike affects MICO - How Increasing NWC Health premuiums means no Water for Kingstonians

Thursday, October 1, 2015

NWC Strike affects MICO - How Increasing NWC Health premuiums means no Water for Kingstonians

Looks like we're in for some rough times as the NWC (National Water Commission) Workers are restive.  And I just had a rather successful presentation at my CABM (Counseling and Behavioral Management) Class at MICO University College, then slept well, only to awaken to this unfolding drama!

The NWC workers are on strike over their medical insurance as reported in the article “NWC Warns Strike Could Leave Customers Without Water, Urges Storage”, Published Wednesday September 30, 2015, The Jamaica Gleaner.

Please note that this strike is affecting the four (4) trade unions who represent one thousand two hundred (1200) Workers as reported in the article “NWC workers strike over health insurance coverage”, published Wednesday, September 30, 2015, The Jamaica Observer.

1.      BITU (The Bustamante Industrial Trade Union)
2.      NWU (National Workers Union)
3.      JALGO (Jamaica Association of Local Government Officers)
4.      JUPOPE (Jamaica Union of Public Officers and Public Employees)
5.      Managers Staff Association

This is a fairly serious strike if even the Managers are also on strike, suggesting that we’re looking on a major water crisis in the next few days! Thanks to this coming disruption in the NWC's service, you’ll have to pay your bills at one of several alternative Bill payment locations as listed below:

1.      Alliance Investment Management
2.      Bill Express Offices islandwide and
3.      First Caribbean International Bank online –
4.      Jamaica Cooperative Credit Union League online –
5.      Jamaica National Building Society branches islandwide and
6.      National Commercial Bank branches islandwide, Tele-Midas and
7.      Paymaster Offices islandwide and
8.      Prime Trust Financial Corporation
9.      Sagicor Bank branches islandwide
10.  Scotiabank’s Telescotia and
11.  Victoria Mutual Building Society online –

This is suggests that the affected workers working within the NWC's Collection offices are the one protesting as well as workers who monitor Regulator and pumps houses and even work at the main treatment plant.

So what's the strike about?

NWC workers on strike - How increasing Health premiums means no Water for Kingstonians

This latest strike relates to the NWC increasing their medical insurance premiums without the consent of their respective labour unions. Worse, Benefits aren’t increasing and with salaries not moving, this strike was inevitable.

So while the Ministry of Labour and the Unions representing those NWC workers worry about their health, we'll have to content with possible water lock-off in the next few days.

To avoid the meltdown as happened the last time as reported in my blog article entitled “Water Shortage at MICO - How I'm dealing with the Water Shortage in Kingston”, I've already begun to fill up containers with water.

I've also started carrying my own personal supply of the precious liquid with me to MICO University College. It's helping to save on purchasing Bag Juice and Soda, an unnecessary expense and reduces dehydration as I'd explained in my blog article entitled “How to find work in Jamaica at Call Centers - Drink Bottled Water as Dehydration and Salty Foods makes you lose concentration”.

An emergency meeting has been called at the Labour Ministry to attempt to resolve the dispute and in the meantime, the NWC says it continues to do everything to restore normality in the shortest possible time.

Hopefully too, they’ll finish fixing that pipe that burs inside of Swallowfield as I'd reported in my blog article entitled “Water Wastage at MICO - How Waste Water Recycling and Rainwater Harvesting benefits Agriculture” before this goes islandwide.

Folks, excuse me while I fill my Buckets as I fear the worst is yet to come. The NWC Workers and Manager combined seem to have the upper hand.... over the Government of Jamaica and more specifically the Ministry of Water and Climate Change!

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