My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Why Twitter shouldn't Remove 140 character Limit and How Custom Twitter Bots and TV Ads will work

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Why Twitter shouldn't Remove 140 character Limit and How Custom Twitter Bots and TV Ads will work

Rumours have been swirling that Twitter plans to remove the 140 character limit as reported in the article “Twitter plans to go beyond its 140-character limit”, reported Wednesday, 30 Sep 2015, by Recode, CNBC.

While this is unconfirmed rumour, these things have a habit of getting blown out of proportion especially now that the new Twitter CEO is Jack Dorsey (welcome back sir!) and his other venture Square is ramping up for its IPO (Initial Public Offering) as reported in “As Jack Dorsey Worries About Twitter, Square IPO Scrutiny Will Fall On His Executive Team”, published OCT 5, 2015 by Ryan Mac, Forbes.

Let me say this clearly folks; Twitter DOES NOT need to up the limit on messages as 140 characters is quite fine despite the need to get their IPO in a stronger position as noted in “Twitter could remove its signature 140-character limit”, published September 29, 2015 by Terry Collins, CNET News.

140 characters is their unique trademark and makes their service unique. It also makes sending quick messages quite convenient, gradually making you a better writer over time as noted in “How Twitter’s 140-Character Limit Made Me a Better Writer”, published 10/06/15 by Patrick Allan, Lifehacker.

So what has Twitter done so far in anticipation of a possible Twitter IPO?

Twitter improvements great thus far - Mobile Social Network expansion while staying true to Twitter

Twitter is trying to increase their user base in preparation for a possible IPO (Initial Public Offer) on Wall Street as reported in the article “Square could take hit on IPO with Jack Dorsey leading Twitter”, published Oct. 1, 2015 By Heather Somerville, Business Insider.

They've been prepping since the start of 2015 for their IPO Re-launch!

Twitter has already increased the word limit from 140 characters in DM (Direct Messages) in June 2015 which I think is quite dandy as reported in my blog article entitled “@Twitter removes 140 character limit in DM – Group IM more like real conversations in Smartphone-Era”.

Combined with sending people DM that are not my followers as rolled out in April 2015 and the ability to kill DM trolls if it gets out of hand as reported in my blog article entitled “How to Send a DM to someone on @Twitter you are not following – Troll’s Joy is hanging by a Thread”, there is little else a Twitter entrepreneur like myself needs.

This means not only can I send longer messages and even samples of novel to my 474 member strong fanbase but also to anyone who isn't a follower. People wanting a longer character set as noted in the article “Twitter finally drops the 140-character limit from direct messages”, published August 12, 2015 By Casey Newton, The Verge are merely trying to bully Twitter to become like other Social media.

More recently in July 2015, they've also added the ability to see your Login History as described in my blog article entitled “How to access your @Twitter Log in History - Stronger Password and Two Step Verification required”, which to me means that TSV (Two Step Verification) is necessary.

The only thing that's annoying as hell is those 30 Second Vines that play and use up my Data that they’d introduced in January 2015 as reported in my blog article entitled “@Twitter rolls out Group DM and 30 Second Vines - How @TweetDeck 's Scheduled Tweets now with Group DM is addictive”.

The Group DM is fantastic though, but Twitter needs to lose the Vines.

How Twitter can grow their user base - How Custom Bot Profiles and Traditional Advertising can grow Twitter's user base

So what must Twitter do to grow the it user base, now that Instagram has also beaten them as well, blasting past the 400 million Subscriber mark since Tuesday September 22nd 2015 as reported in “Instagram Hits 400 Million Users, Soaring Past Twitter”, published SEP 22, 2015 by Kathleen Chaykowski, Forbes.

Twitter needs to enable regular users to make money from advertising on Twitter, but at lower rates. This can be achieved by creating Custom Bot Profiles that allow Marketing peeps to create Twitter Accounts that can be used for marketing purposes.

More importantly, it should be designed in such a manner that anyone, not just a developer, can craft an advertising campaign for any product. This would attract more followers, as they'd instantly gravitate towards the idea of not just adverting but also making money from advertising on Twitter by reselling Advertising Services to other or for their product.

Finally, Twitter needs to launch a TV, Newspaper and Social Media ad campaign as argued in my Geezam blog article entitled “Why App Developers, Celebrities and TV Ads increase App Downloads”  advertising their Twitter Bot Services and Twitter Business advertising services such as Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends.

These ads need to highlight the ease with which people can advertise on Twitter as well as the range of media, from text, Audio and video. Once people the world over realize how easily and cheaply Twitter advertising can be when compared to other forms of advertising as well as the almost 400 million strong user base, many will join Twitter.

Partnering with businesses to offer giveaways to Twitter followers in each of the countries that they operate is also another great Strategy that will create new followers.

So you see dear reader, Twitter has no need to increase their 140-character limit as not everyone is loquacious as argue in the article “Think 140 characters is too short? Twitter may finally agree with you”, published September 30, 2015 By Lulu Chang, Digitaltrends.

They just need to create Custom Bot Profiles that anyone can use to automate the process of adverting as well as advertising their Twitter Business Advertising packages, as it's not very easy to find.

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