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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Google adopts domain – Why Amazon to Uber A to Z Target organized alphabetically

Google as you know is now Alphabet officially as of Friday October 23rd 2015 as reported in the article “Google comes under Alphabet's spell today”, published October 2, 2015 by Roger Cheng, CNET News.

They previously announced the change to Alphabet on Monday August 10th 2015 as a means of better organizing their various projects into companies to give shareholder a better idea of what they're about as explained in my blog article entitled “@Google Inc is now Alphabet Inc – Why an Alphabet Soup of Business Structure means better Engineering Project Success”.

They had also adopted a new website name at that time.

Apparently that wasn't enough as they’ve now upgraded to a website domain that's got all the letters of the alphabet as reported in the article “Google Just Bought the Entire Alphabet (.Com)”, published October 7, 2015 By Mark Bergen, Recode.

So what’s in the purchase of a new domain name? Plenty, dear reader, if you read the tea leaves right!

Google adopts domain – Why Amazon is their A to Z Target as they become more organized is that new domain name that Google …er …I mean Alphabet inc has purchased!

The domain name is currently inactive, suggesting that this is really just claiming a domain name to cover all the loose ends as reported in the article “Google purchases”, published 08 Oct 2015 By Rhiannon Williams, The UK Telegraph

Granted, Google may not plan to use it as it may be a means of ensuring that they don't get pranked.

The domain name was created back in 1999 and is now a part of a collection of domain names that Alphabet owns for the same purpose as reported in the article “Now Alphabet Has All 26 Letters”, published Oct 7, 2015 by Georgia Wells, Wall Street Journal.

It may also be a poke at Amazon, who is known to sell everything from A to Z as their Logo suggests. Google aims to become a lot like Amazon in terms of their product offerings, many of which compete with Amazon in the Service delivery category.

This includes semi-autonomous deliver of packages via drones as reported in my blog article entitled “Google X Labs Project Wing - How to own a Global Satellite based Semi-Autonomous VTOL Drone Delivery Service”.

Self-Driving Cars are also a part of the mix for Google Delivery as well as reducing the need for parking lots and provide automated Passenger Vehicle Services to eventually challenge Uber in the future as opined in my blog article entitled “@Google’s Self-Driving All-Electric Vehicles in June 2015 – Autonomous Vehicles reduce Road Accidents, Parking and make Ride Sharing the Norm”.

Hopefully with this move we'll see a more structured Google that'll publish timely reports on the activities of its various companies and their projects to compete with Amazon to Uber from A to Z, Amazon Style!

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