My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Supreme Ventures Limited IFLEX Betting Platform Upgrade - How Mobile Gambling via Smartphone is finally coming to Jamaica

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Supreme Ventures Limited IFLEX Betting Platform Upgrade - How Mobile Gambling via Smartphone is finally coming to Jamaica

 “The IFLEX betting platform project is worth over US$1million and will see investment in a state-of-the art, innovative, robust and high-performance betting solution that meets the growing demands of the international gaming industry. It is an excellent business-to-business and business-to-consumer platform that supports both the current retail and future Internet channels, allowing customers to move beyond the compromises of the current generation of betting technology”.

President and Chief Executive at SVL Brian George in a Press Release to the Jamaica Gleaner and the Jamaica Observer on their IFLEX Betting platform launched on Tuesday October 20th 2015.

Supreme Ventures Limited is finally going mobile.

This as they've recently upgraded their sports betting platform to a IFLEX Betting platform as reported in the article “SVL invests US$1m in new tech”, published Wednesday, October 21, 2015 BY STEVEN JACKSON Business reporter, The Jamaica Observer

The US$1 million (JA$120 million) upgrade, which was completed and implemented on Tuesday October 20th 2015 after extensive re-training of their staff, agents and the terminal operators, was done on contract by contractor Intralot.

So what is the IFLEX Betting platform and why is it such a big deal anyway? This is because it marks the introduction of Mobile Gaming to Jamaica as well as Mobile money to place bets ad receive winnings!

IFLEX Betting platform - How SVL is on par with Gaming outfits in North America and Europe

The IFLEX Betting platform is an all encompassing Gambling and gaming platform that provides complete sports betting management to track the following aspects of their operation in real-time:

1.      Competition
2.      Games
3.      Handicaps
4.      Odds
5.      Potential liabilities
6.      Trends

The software platform has an intuitive GUI (Graphic User interface) that's easier for JustBet agents to use and allows for faster transaction of betting tickets as well as the sale of phone cards. It's a significant step up from the LOTUS system that was being used by the almost 200 agents across the island.

In addition to the IFLEX Betting platform, Supreme Ventures also upgraded their locations with improved Flat screen HDTV for improved viewing of their Gaming Results as well as a VPN (Virtual Private Network) over a new ADSL Broadband Internet for more secure transactions.

I should know, I regularly place bets at the JustBet located in Cross Roads and I'm quite pleased with the improvements and the decor thus far.

The new system saw upgrades to more than 200 JustBet agents, including installation of other equipment at JustBet agent locations such as TV monitors for live betting odds and game results, as well as the deployment of a new virtual private network based on asymmetric digital subscriber line, or ADSL technology, for a higher-quality output to the agent network.

The IFLEX Betting platform has the following sections:

1.      Auto Feed
2.      Back Office Applications
3.      Betting Content Data Management
4.      Content Management
5.      Game Engine
6.      Live Betting
7.      Risk Analyser
8.      Risk Management

This latest upgrade puts Supreme Ventures Limited on par with Gaming and Gambling outfits in North America and Europe.

Supreme Ventures IFLEX Betting Platform Upgrade - How Mobile Gambling via Smartphone is finally coming to Jamaica

But it’s the other features of the IFLEX Betting platform installed by Intralot that caught my eye.
Social Gaming, which implies that some aspect of Mobile Gaming is in the works as noted in the article “SVL Upgrades IT Platform For Sports, Mobile Betting”, published Friday October 23, 2015, The Jamaica Gleaner.

So says President and Chief Executive at SVL Brian George in a Press Release to the Newspapers, where he seems to hint at the rollout coming sometime in November 2015, quote: “We took the time to get this right and will continue to make our mark in Jamaica’s gaming industry with innovative and creative gaming content to suit the market’s needs. The new IFLEX technology platform will also pave the way for our mobile gaming delivery, coming soon”.

No word on who their Mobile money partner will be.

But I suspect it may be provided by JCCUL (Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League) and Mozido Jamaica Mobile Money platform called CONEC Mobile Wallet as hinted in the article “Supreme Ventures May Connect With Conec”, published Friday June 5, 2015 by Avia Collinder, The Jamaica Gleaner

We'll know when we see upgrades on the Supreme Venture Limited app that'll allow Smartphone users to both place bets via their smartphones as well as receive their winnings from the comfort of their own home.

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