My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Why Gazelle Apple iPhone Trade-ins are Doubling - Apple iPhone Update Program and unlocked smartphones

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Why Gazelle Apple iPhone Trade-ins are Doubling - Apple iPhone Update Program and unlocked smartphones

Apple iPhone Trade-in specialist Gazelle, basically a pawn-shop for electronics in the US of A, has reported an interesting trend relating to Apple iPhones trade-ins.

Folks, a moment of silence for the Apple iPhone 6S, which is now a record seller as pointed out in my Geezam blog article entitled “13 Million Apple iPhone 6S Sold as Apple iPhone 7 Rumours have begun”.

Ok, now read on!

Apple iPhone trade in have doubled this year over 2014 as noted by Gazelle in the article “Surprising Trend With Apple iPhone Trade-ins”, published September 28 2015 by Chuck Jones, Forbes

As per usual, they see an increase in trade-in among Americans around the time a new Apple iPhone comes out. But this year, it seems, was extra special!

So says these charts from Gazelle showing the increase in Apple iPhone trade-ins of various ages over three (3) generations spanning the Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 5S and Apple iPhone 5 and older models.

Folks, tell me what you notice.

 Apparently, even before the two-year contracts are up, Americans are willing to trade-in their 1 year old Apple iPhone, resulting in the doubling of Apple iPhone trade-ins as noted in the article “Gazelle sees iPhone trade-in offers double into iPhone 6s event, raises cash payouts for Verizon models”, published Tuesday, September 08, 2015 By Katie Marsal, Apple Insider.  

This implies that they view their Apple product as having enough value that they can use it to make up and purchase yet another Apple iPhone as they are increasingly more feature-rich and covered in more precious metals.

The Latest Apple iPhone may even have joined the Water-proof club as noted in my Geezam blog article entitled “How the Apple iPhone 6S being Water-proof may be its greatest feature ever”.

Unlocked phone spurs more smartphone Sales – Trend of Trade-in may soon start in Jamaica with Huawei

Now most carriers are choosing to sell smartphones without contract on a monthly lease or payment plans as noted in my Geezam blog article entitled “Why Apple iPhone 6S, Apple TV, Apple iPad Pro with Pencil spells Success”.

Americans, it seems, have no problems with purchasing fully unlocked smartphones, which have been so since February 2015as noted in my blog article entitled “US Carriers must Carrier Unlock smartphones as of Wednesday February 11th 2015 – How Americans can get their smartphones Carrier unlocked”.

Once you own the phone or lease it, it’s easier to trade it in either for cash to purchase another phone or just do something else with it, as you’re not bound up in any contract!

A similar trend may soon be shaping up in Jamaica, now that a major OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), Huawei, has partnered with LASF (Lasco Financial Services Limited) to sell unlocked Huawei smartphones and genuine accessories as reported in my blog article entitled “Huawei and Lasco to sell Unlocked dual-SIM smartphones - Why Number Portability means Open Market for unlocked smartphone”.

Apple is now offering their own lease plan called Apple iPhone Upgrade Program. So expect to see more American trade in their Apple iPhone just to keep up with the Cupertino kids at Apple!

With an increased awareness of American smartphone buying trends, I also expect Jamaicans to start doing the same thing this Christmas 2015!

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