My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How SodaStream Beer Bar makes Home Brewing Easy as US Craft and Big Beer Breweries will Resist


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How SodaStream Beer Bar makes Home Brewing Easy as US Craft and Big Beer Breweries will Resist

“We are excited to launch a brand dedicated to serving the global growing trend of home crafted beer. Our core carbonation technology and distribution infrastructure provide a great platform for us to extend our business into this emerging category, and we choose to do so with a dedicated beer brand”

Chief Executive Officer of SodaStream, Daniel Birnbaum, commenting on the home beer making system called the Beer Bar

SodaStream just became my favourite company. In fact, the favourite of all mankind as far as I'm concerned!

This as they've announced the a new home beer making system called the Beer Bar as per their Press Release in the article “SodaStream Launches Homemade Beer System”, published May 30, 2016 by SodaStream International Ltd, PRNewswire.

The leading global manufacturer and distributor of Sparkling Water Makers, has now created Beer Bar, a system that allows consumer to brew Craft Beer in the comfort of their homes, especially as many Americans may have already begun using the SodaStream in DIY rigs to carbonate Craft Beer.

Launched first in the EU (European Union), specifically in Switzerland and Germany, Beer Bar is set to well in Europe as noted in the article “SodaStream taps into Craft Beer market with instant beer brewing machine”, published June 6 2016 by Foxnews, Fox News.

This industry first will definately shake up the Craft Beer market if this video is anything to go by.

The Beer Bar system costs about US$80 and is basically a new beer concentrate called Blondie, which is used to make beer on any SodaStream model. The Blondie starter kit consists of:

1.      1 Liter Blondie concentrate
2.      Mixology instruction
3.      2 beer glasses

So instead of soda, this Blondie concentrate, which costs about US$9 (11 Euros) by itself, produces 4.5 percent ABV beer, with one (1) liter of Blondie yields about three (3) liters of beer.

And yes, you must be of legal drinking age to drink this product. In Germany and Switzerland this is 16 years old.

SodaStream ‘s Beer Bar - OktoberFest a boost as US Craft and big Breweries will Resist change

SodaStream was the company that challenged giants like Coca Cola distribution model by making it possible to make healthier fizzy carbonated drinks at home as noted in my blog article entitled “SodaStream At-Home SodaStream Fountain Jet triumphs against Coca-Cola and Pepsi”.

Now they're challenging the established Beer makers by making it possible for home owners to make their own beer.

In 2015, they released the SodaStream Mix, a machine that allowed them to carbonate any drink from cocktails to juices. Now this latest product is being launched in Europe; expect Switzerland and Germany to love this product come Oktoberfest as suggested in the article “SodaStream Beer Bar lets lager lovers get busy with the fizzy”, published June 2, 2016  By Owen Hughes, International Business Times.

There is no official launch date for Britain and US of A as pointed out with some disappointment. But why is this the case?

SodaStream challenges Craft Breweries and Big Beer – May be banned like Palcohol

The fact that SodaStream’s Beer Bar is launching in Europe should come as no surprise.

In the US of A, New York and some nineteen (19) other states have banned another portable form of alcohol named Palcohol as noted in my blog article entitled “New York Bans Palcohol - Why Powdered Alcohol will be abused by underage College Students”.

Palcohol, a product that is the brainchild of businessman Mark Phillips, makes it possible to make alcoholic cocktails form a powdered mix and water. It had been approved for consumption in the US of A since March 2015 as explained in my blog article entitled “Palcohol officially approved by TTB - Why Children will Abuse as US States and Countries ban this product”.

However, Palcohol  is facing bans due to a fear of underage drinking, which for the US of A is any age below 21.  So expect the SodaStream Beer Bar to face an uphill battle to even gain a foothold. This as there is a strong and developing Craft Brewing culture in the USA and the big breweries will probably not take this lying down.

SodaStream ‘s Beer Bar - OktoberFest boost as US Craft and big Breweries Resist change

SodaSteam will most likely come under attack.

Naturally, they will have to retaliate against the Craft Brewers and Big Beer makers via advertising in an attack the in a manner similar to Coca Cola; criticizing their use of aluminium cans and glass bottles, which they could save on and save the environment by going with a more natural Craft Beer product.

Already, one small brewery, Saltwater Brewery, had developed Edible Beer Packaging to eliminate their plastic rings used in six-pack beef from causing damage to marine life when it ends up in the sea as noted in my blog article entitled “How Saltwater Brewery's Edible Beer Packaging will reduce Plastic in the Sea”.

By putting on a face of concern for the environment, they’ve possibly made the wisest decision possible, as SodaStream will attack the Craft and Big Breweries where it hurts; their wasteful packaging practices!

So expect a fierce advertising battle between SodaStream and Craft Breweries and Big Beer come 2017!

Can’t wait till Oktoberfest or late 2016 and 2017 to get a SodaStream Beer Bar? You can buy the Beer Bar system online at SodaStream Germany's online store and at leading retailers in Switzerland.

Here's the link

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