My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Tullow Oil Jamaica's 2nd completed Active Sonar Survey heralds Oil Exports and Biodiesel by 2025


Saturday, June 4, 2016

Tullow Oil Jamaica's 2nd completed Active Sonar Survey heralds Oil Exports and Biodiesel by 2025

“The process is ongoing, as it could take a number of years from signing a contract to someone saying they believe that there is something they would want to spend money to explore,”

Manager of Oil and Gas at the PCJ, Brian Richardson, commenting on the progress of Tullow Oil Jamaica's latest Bathymetric Survey

Jamaica will soon know if we have exploitable deposits of Oil and Gas off our coastal waters.

This as the Jamaican subsidiary of Tullow Oil PLC, Tullow Oil Jamaica Limited, has completed their preliminary seismic survey as reported in the article “Seismic survey for Oil in Jamaica completed”, published Thursday, June 02, 2016, The Jamaica Observer.

Tullow Oil, a Dublin, Ireland based company with offices in the UK, had begun the initial survey in February 2016 as reported in the article “Tullow conducts seismic surveys off south coast”, published Wednesday, February 24, 2016, The Jamaica Observer and had completed their survey in early March 2016.

Their survey involves the use of mini-submarine to do what's called an underwater or bathymetric survey as described by Manager of Oil and Gas at the PCJ, Brian Richardson. In his update on the project on Wednesday June 1st, 2016, he described the bathymetric survey as being equivalent to taking pictures below the seabed offshore Jamaica using sound waves, which is basically active sonar.

The survey ship as show in the image tows a mini-submarine which releases a sound wave.

These sound waves bounce off the seafloor, which are then detected and recorded by hydrophones. Using computer algorithm, the survey tama can generate an image of the rock layers and formation that indicate areas where Oil and Gas deposits may have accumulated over millions of years.

This somewhat similar to the bathymetric survey that that had done in July 2015 when they'd surveyed some 32,000 square kilometer of the Walton and Morant basins as reported in my blog article entitled “Tullow Oil's Walton and Morant Basins Bathymetric Survey – Why @TullowOilplc still interested in Jamaican Oil Exploration”. 

So what progress has been made Tullow Oil Jamaica Limited?

Tullow Oil Jamaica's Active Sonar Survey - Export Oil by 2025 as Jamaica switches to Biodiesel

Tullow Oil has been in Jamaica since November 2014.

They had gotten a twenty five (25) year Oil Exploration license in partnership with the GOJ (Government of Jamaica) to search for Oil off out coastal waters as reported in my blog article entitled “@TullowOilplc gets License for Offshore Oil Exploration - 3 Billion Barrels of Oil for Jamaica to re-discover as Price set to Boom by 2017”.

This latest bathymetric survey, the second released to the public to date, will be followed up by more detailed bathymetric surveys of smaller areas of the seabed to get higher resolution images of areas of interest.

Hopefully Tullow Oil Jamaica, which is partially funded by GOJ (Government of Jamaica) and the Private Sector who are hedging their bets on more expensive Oil in the future as noted in my blog article entitled “Why Jamaican Private Sector funding Oil Exploration by Tullow Oil for US$300 per barrel in 2020”. 

By then, it's hoped that the PCJ would have developed a biofuel industry based on recycling organic material  such as recycled Cooking Oil and organic waste such as dead animals and plants as explained in my blog article entitled “Why Biodiesel and Hydroelectric Power at PCJ's Alternative Energy Expo a must before 2020”. 

This will be the single greatest discover in the history of Jamaica in the next five (5) to ten (10) years, as this will generate huge revenues from export.

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