My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How JPS Co CEO Kelly Tomblin Mitsubishi Outlander means importation of Range Extender Electric Vehicles Needed

Friday, June 17, 2016

How JPS Co CEO Kelly Tomblin Mitsubishi Outlander means importation of Range Extender Electric Vehicles Needed

“They are not going to change it unless there is demand. They won't change the legislation until there is demand for it. My job is to create demand and people want options - that's really what we are about”

JPS Co CEO Kelly Tomblin speaking about the importation of her electric/hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander to Jamaica

What if I told you, your vehicle doesn't need Gasoline to move?

At least that's what JPS Co CEO Kelly Tomblin is suggesting via the importation of her electric/hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander to Jamaica as reported in the article “No Octane For Kelly”, published Sunday April 17, 2016 by Christopher Serju, The Jamaica Gleaner.

The Mitsubishi Outlander, which switches between a Gasoline Engine and an Electric Drive train, is actually uses a Range Extender Technology, where the gasoline is used to run an electric generator, generating electricity to charge the vehicle.

Hence, her electric/hybrid is really a Range Extender Technology Mitsubishi Outlander as pointed out by JPS Co CEO Kelly Tomblin, quote: “It's one that really just charges itself through gas, meaning you can't plug it and charge the battery. Your battery has to be charged while driving”. 

So despite the vehicle Range Extender Technology, it may become a showpiece to answer the following questions many Jamaicans have about electric/hybrid vehicles:

1.      How much charge have you used
2.      Drivability
3.      Safety
4.      Overall rating

Most Range Extender Technology do have the option to be trickle charged by an electrical source, suggesting that Ms. Kelly Tomblin has a high level of confidence in her company's ability to deliver the lowest electricity rates.

After all, if she can afford to recharge a Mitsubishi Outlander, then so can other Jamaicans and American that have switched allegiance to Jamaica as predicted in my blog article entitled “How Increased Motor Vehicle Importation related to Americans dodging FATCA”. 

So how will this help JPS Co and Jamaica as a whole?

Kelly Tomblin’s Mitsubishi Outlander - Electricity Rates low for All-Electric Vehicles

A vehicle she's driven for years in the US of A, her example will drive increased interest among wealthier Jamaicans towards investing electric/hybrid and even All-Electric Vehicles. In fact, her vehicle is now part of an Ad campaign on the JPS Co building promoting their lower electricity rates as shown below.

This is especially true so long as the price of Oil and thus electricity remains low as noted in my blog article entitled “US$50 per barrel Oil from OPEC – Why Ford Motors is predicting a bright future for All-Electric Vehicles”.

It'll also make it easier to introduce other technologies, such as smart meters, Prepaid Meters and even Broadband Internet as pointed out by JPS Co CEO Kelly Tomblin, quote: “It is part of our mission revision to bring new and innovative technologies, whatever they may be. We don't want to be in the space where there is an option that's in another country that's not in ours, meaning prepaid meters, electric vehicles, smart grid, whatever is coming down the path”.

Combined with a push towards Mobile money and legislation that leads towards Electronic Payments and a cashless society as explained in my blog article entitled “How Electronic Transactions in Jamaica can eliminate Hidden Economy via Universal Consumption Taxation” cheaper energy also lower the cost of doing business in Jamaica.

Ultimately, JPS Co CEO Kelly Tomblin electric/hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander can be seen as a barometer how low energy costs are connected to successful economic policies in Jamaica, quote: “always point that out its well established that energy forms the basis of economic development and wellness, meaning health. So a lot of the work we do is in recognition of the whole goal for all of us, which I think is economic prosperity. So it's really brand setting as much as it is testing the vehicle”.

GOJ must ditch gas guzzling SUV - Support Biofuel and importation of Electric Vehicles

My hope is that the Government of Jamaica will ditch their gas guzzling SUV's and switch to either electric/hybrid and All-Electric Vehicles as I’ve long argued in my blog article entitled “Why the GOJ needs to support All-Electric Vehicle Importation and ditch their Toyota Jamaica SUV's”.

Also, it would be great for them to pass legislation mandating the importation of Range Extender Technology or All-Electric Vehicles into Jamaica as electricity rates are lower as predicted in my blog article entitled “Lower Oil Prices Good for Jamaica - How All-Electric Vehicles Sales benefit as Electricity Prices trend lower”. 

Even vehicles that run on Biodiesel made by the PCJ (Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica) would be preferable to gas guzzling SUV as explained in my blog article entitled “Why Biodiesel and Hydroelectric Power at PCJ's Alternative Energy Expo a must before 2020”. 

JPS Co CEO Kelly Tomblin's Mitsubishi Outlander may be the Ranger Extender we need to jumpstart the sale of All-Electric Vehicles in Jamaica. In so doing, it may push Jamaica towards a Hydrogen-Electric Economy......

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