My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: How Unlimited access to Government of Jamaica Websites heralds Electronic Transactions and Mobile Money

Thursday, June 30, 2016

How Unlimited access to Government of Jamaica Websites heralds Electronic Transactions and Mobile Money

“What this means is that even if your credit is done, if your data plan is exhausted or in arrears, Jamaicans will be able to access key [sites] to pay taxes; apply for birth certificates and access educational material online for free”

Minister of Science, Technology and Energy Dr. Andrew Wheatley commenting on the announcement of Data free access to GOJ websites

Minister of Science, Technology and Energy Dr. Andrew Wheatley, has made a move that may possible be bordering on pure genius.

Jamaicans will now be able to access GOJ (Government of Jamaica) websites without having to use up Megabytes on their smartphones as reported in the article “Government websites accessible without data plan”, published Tuesday, June 21, 2016, The Jamaica Observer.

He made this declaration during his presentation on Tuesday June 21st 2016 during the 2016/17 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives. In that presentation, he made mention the fact that the Government will be delivering on their 10 ­point Information and communications technology (ICT) plan for free access to key online services.

This is a part of his plan to implement an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Act, a Data Protection Act and a single ICT Regulator as explained in my blog article entitled “Why OUR Telecommunications Market Information Report indicate Jamaicans love Snapchat and High-Speed Internet”.

Effectively unlimited Data for Government Websites, this arrangement is possible thanks to negotiation between the Ministry of Science, Technology and Energy and the Telecom Providers FLOW Jamaica and Digicel Jamaica. This includes the ninety five (95) Government websites as listed below:

1.      Access To Information
2.      Agri-Business Council
3.      Agricultural Support
4.      Airports Authority
5.      Anti-dumping/ Subsidies
6.      Auditor General's Dept.
7.      Betting, Gaming & Lotteries
8.      British High Commission
9.      Bureau of Standards
10.  Carib Pesticides
11.  CEATA
12.  Child Dev. Agency
13.  Ciboj.Org
14.  Citizen Security & Justice Programme
15.  Civil Aviation Authority
16.  Consel General - UN
17.  Consumer Affairs
18.  Correctional Services
19.  Cruise Jamaica
20.  E-Jamaica
21.  Early Childhood Comm.
22.  Embassy of Japan
23.  Embassy Washington
24.  European Commission
25.  Export Centres & Business Info
26.  Fair Trading Comm.
27.  Family Planning Board
28.  Fin. Services Comm.
30.  Firearm Licensing
31.  Fiscal Services
32.  Food Storage Division
33.  Foreign Affairs & Trade
34.  Govt. Archives & Records
35.  High Comm. - UK
36.  Housing Agency of Ja
37.  Intellectual Property
38.  Int'l Seabed Authority
39.  Irrigation Commission
40.  Jamaica Constabulary
41.  Jamaica Defence Force
42.  Jamaica Mission - U.N.
43.  Jamaica Parliament
44.  Jamaica Police Fed.
45.  Jamaica Ship Registry
46.  Jamaica Social Investment Fund
47.  Jamaica Tax Online (2)
48.  Jamaica Trade Board
49.  Jamaican Consulate (FL)
50.  Jamaican Police
51.  jExporter
52.  Kings House
53.  KSAC
54.  Land Information Council
55.  Let's Keep It Clean
56.  Local Government
57.  Mining & Telecoms
58.  Ministry of Agriculture
59.  Ministry of Health
60.  Ministry of Justice
61.  Ministry of Labour
62.  Ministry of Technology
63.  N.E.P.A
64.  National Health Fund
65.  National Land Agency
66.  National Security
67.  National Works Agency
68.  National Youth Service
69.  NHDC
70.  Office of Disaster Prep.
71.  Office of Utilities Reg.
72.  Passport and immigration Agency
73.  Planning Institute
74.  Police Authority
75.  Port Authority of Jamaica
76.  Postal Corporation
77.  Prime Minister's Office
79.  Qualifications Register
80.  Registrar of Companies
81.  SERHA
82.  S Regional Health Authority
83.  Scientific Research
84.  Social Dev. Commission
85.  Solid Waste Mgmt.
86.  Spectrum Management
87.  St. James Parish Council
88.  Statistical Institute
89.  Sugar Cane Enterprise
90.  Supreme Court
91.  The Contractor General
92.  Toll Authority
93.  Tourism Product Dev.
94.  Transport & Works
95.  Urban Dev. Corporation

So what does this mean for the average Jamaican?

Unlimited access to Government of Jamaica Websites - Free access encourages Electronic Transactions, Mobile Money

This is great news for Jamaicans seeking to keep up with the Government of Jamaica as well as doing business with the Government of Jamaica.

It also means that you don't have to have a data plan on your smartphone and neither will it use up your credit, forcing you to seek the refuge of Wi-Fi as explained in my Geezam blog article entitled “FLOW Jamaica MiFi helps you use Prepaid Mobile Internet Plan wisely”.

This'll make it easier for Jamaicans to pay their Taxes and keep up with Information on the Government from the JIS Website, but it'll also boost traffic to these websites.  The Ministry of Science, Technology and Energy can then use this increased traffic to offer premium advertising to local MSME (Micro small and Medium Enterprises) on their government websites, allowing the Ministry to earn enough revenue so that the websites can not only pay for their hosting but also become a source of increased revenue.

But more interestingly, it open up the gateway for the introduction of increased Electronic Transactions to do Government Business, as free access to GOJ websites removes yet another barrier to a Cashless society as argued in my blog article entitled “How Electronic Transactions in Jamaica can eliminate Hidden Economy via Universal Consumption Taxation”.

Mobile Money may even be introduced as means for paying for Government Services on these freely accessible websites as predicted in my blog article entitled “How NCB Mobile Money by AIS and Quisk heralds Mobile phone ATM Withdrawals by December 2016”.

The use of Electronic Transactions and Mobile Money to conduct business with the Government of Jamaica will result in increased tax compliance and will result in increased revenues that can be used to implement things such as:

1.      Free Education up to University level
2.      Free Housing
3.      Free Transportation
4.      Free Healthcare

Ultimately, revenue from special advertising and increased Government Business will benefit the Government of Jamaica, information Jamaicans freely on their smartphones and making Tax compliance easier to achieve.

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