My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Alaine and Christopher Martin on Tour in Africa – Denyque is Reppin’ for Millennials on DRS 2014 as they'll return with Ebola Virus

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Alaine and Christopher Martin on Tour in Africa – Denyque is Reppin’ for Millennials on DRS 2014 as they'll return with Ebola Virus

“It's one of those feelings that you try to pinpoint one word that would truly express how you feel, but you can't really put your finger on the word so it is an awesome...awesome feeling. Growing up and hearing that we're all from Africa and being able to go there and witness it for yourself, to see the people and feel the love it's an awesome feeling. Words can't explain”

Reggae Artiste Christopher Martin commenting on his upcoming tour of Uganda starting on Friday September 5th 2014 in Africa even as an Ebola Virus Epidemic ravages West Africa

Jamaica is not a country with a high Risk of the Ebola Epidemic coming from West Africa says Minister of Health Dr. Fenton Ferguson, according to the Horse’s mouth, The Jamaica Information Service in the article “Jamaica Not in High Risk Category for Ebola”, published August 7, 2014 By Latonya Linton, The Jamaica Information Service.

We’ll likely not become a part of the 20,000 dead from the Ebola Virus that the WHO (World Health Organization) predicts will die before the West African and now DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) as stated in my blog article entitled “WHO confirms Ebola Virus outbreak in DRC different from West Africa - Ebola Virus Brothers from the same Zaire Strain Mother”.

So why would Reggae Artiste Alaine Laughton and her equally talented compadre Christopher Martin decide to go to Africa knowing full well that there’s a full scale Ebola Virus outbreak ravaging parts of the continent as stated in the article “Jamaican artistes head to Africa amidst Ebola outbreak”, published Friday, September 05, 2014 BY RICHARD JOHNSON Observer senior reporter, The Jamaica Observer?

Alaine and Christopher Martin on tour – Denyque is Reppin’ for Millennials on DRS 2014

Possibly because the money is that good, especially for Alaine Laughton, who’ll be missing her hosting of Rising Stars to go on a tour of Africa and possibly bring us back the Ebola Virus. Her actions suggest rather strongly that the Rising Stars gig is just volunteer work in order to maintain her presence in the consciousness of her fans in-between tours and albums.

Alaine Laughton hasn’t put out any new albums or significantly new music since 2014, making the Rising Stars gig something she did just to burn some time. Alaine Laughton’s tour of Africa is set to be awfully long, resulting in her missing out on most of the Rising Stars Season.

Apparently her management team needed to get paid fast, so the Africa Tour did the trick! So imagine my surprise when none other than the “SuperGirl” Denyque was schedule to make her debut on DRS (Digicel Rising Stars) 2014, replacing Alaine. My Twitter post on @lindsworthdeer sums it up quite nicely

So yes, this is a shocking development. I suspect you might want to hear one of her latest hits as well, as it’s not bad, albeit a little bit dated, being a throwback to a 90’s House Pool Party Vibe sans the nosy next door neighbours complaining about the noise!

So yet again, queue the song “How We Rave” by Denyque to give you an idea as to the type of music she produces.

To show you how big a fan I am, I even up and changed my Wallpaper to Denyque, an event I again tweeted on my @lindsworthdeer Twitter Feed.

Denyque a Rising Stars Judge – The ONE time I’ll Watch a Television Jamaica as we may die from Ebola

Folks, this is significant, as in on an astronomical, Earth-moving scale. No, I’m not referring to Denyque coming on Digicel Rising Stars, as her music is great whether not she appears on Television Jamaica. Albeit to be honest, if she’s on then I’ll watch Digicel Rising Stars Television Jamaica.

With more Millennials (ages 18 to 28) like Denyque hosting shows on Television Jamaica, they’re showing steady signs of improving competitive against the more virile CVM TV that’s now packing Scandal, Suits as state in my blog article entitled “CVM TV's Suits Scandal - Why Couch and Studio get Bigger as Torrenting and Streaming are King and Broadcasting Commission is powerless” and a plethora of fresh new Comedies and Soap Operas.

Television Jamaica recently revealed that JA$300 million is being spent on upgrades to their all-encompassing Streaming Platform as explained in my blog article entitled “RJR Communications Group Launching TVJ Everywhere - How Streaming TVJ Everywhere will boost Advertising Revenue as Digicel and LIME TV coming”.

So a younger, more youth-oriented image may be what Digicel Rising Star may be going for to pull in more Millennial viewers and boost their viewership and voting on the show. To this end, Supergirl Denyque fits the bill perfectly.

Alaine and Christopher Martin in Africa – They may return to Jamaica with Ebola Virus

But Denyque on DRS 2014 indicating that Television Jamaica is going through a mid-life crisis isn’t the real news here, dear Reader!

Rather, it’s the fact that when Alaine Laughton and Christopher Martin return, they’ll have to be quarantined and blood samples take to make sure that they don’t have the Ebola Virus. This as often when artists go on tour, they may end up being invited to go elsewhere, be it within Africa or Europe. They too are on a high alert for persons travelling from countries that have the Ebola Virus.

So if at any point they have to travel to any of the West African countries infected by the Ebola Virus i.e. Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria or DRC, even for a stop-over, they’ll be regarded with suspicion.

Especially as the Ebola Virus appears NOT to be spreading out of West Africa, but merely re-emerging elsewhere in the African continent, such as in DRC, formerly Zaire! This suggests that the Virus may re-emerge elsewhere over the span of time that Alaine and any other artiste plans to travel to the African Continent.

As if they manage to slip back into the country after their “awesome” tour without being thoroughly questioned and possibly quarantined, we may be looking on an Ebola Virus outbreak as I’d predicted in my blog article entitled “Trinidad PM Kamla Persad-Bissessar's CARICOM Meeting - Preventing Caribbean Chikungunya Virus and Ebola Virus Epidemic by Christmas 2014”.

So will Alaine Laughton and Christopher Martin return back to Jamaica with the deadly contagious gift of Ebola Virus instead of Reggae Music? We’ll know, as when they return the Traditional Media and Celebrity Bloggers will be interested to see where else in Africa they went. The Media will be all over them, watching them every time they cough, wipe sweat from their brow or complain of having a Fever.

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