My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: @DIGICELJamaica surprises 1 millionth Data Activation Customer - Church Teachers' College Kellyon Smith as 2 millionth Data Activation is fast Approaching

Friday, September 12, 2014

@DIGICELJamaica surprises 1 millionth Data Activation Customer - Church Teachers' College Kellyon Smith as 2 millionth Data Activation is fast Approaching

“We are so proud to have reached this goal of having one million customers connected to our mobile data network way ahead of target -- a testament to our continued drive to make mobile Internet accessible to everyone”

 Digicel Jamaica's CEO  Barry O'Brien commenting on achieving their one millionth Data Plan Activation which was done by 22-year-old Kellyon Smith, a student of Church Teachers' College in Mandeville on September 2nd 2014

Digicel is truly celebrating those customers that are one in a million.

This as they’d recently reached a significant milestone as it relates to their Data Customer Base with their one Millionth customer, 22-year-old Kellyon Smith a student of Church Teachers' College in Mandeville on Tuesday September 2nd 2014 as stated in the article “22-y-o student is Digicel's one-millionth data subscriber”, published Tuesday, September 02, 2014 4:56 PM, The Jamaica Observer.

Apparently, by chance she decided to activate a 2 Day Data Plan for JA$100, being as she was on holidays from Church Teachers' College, quote: “Usually, when I am at school, I access the Internet using the school's WiFi. But during the summer holidays when I was home, I realised I really needed to connect to the Internet to check my e-mail, update Facebook and Twitter and so I went ahead and purchased a two-day data plan for $100. I had no idea that spending $100 would make me a millionaire! I'm still in shock!”

Quite an amazing situation indeed, as their Data Plans, albeit not the most competitive or easy to understand as shown in my blog article entitled “Digicel's JA$70 Data Plans vs LIME's JA$50 Data Plans - How to choose 3-Day and 30-Day Data Plans in Jamaica”, does indeed give value for money.

Despite this, it was expected to happen, given the popularity of the DL600 and DL700 smartphones as noted in my blog article entitled “Digicel poised to sell 20,000 Mobile Devices in June 2014 - GOJ's CET removal means JA$4000 to JA$6000 smartphones are Possible”.

Her becoming the millionth Data Activation was a fitting tribute, as it’s in keeping with Digicel’s mandate to realize 25% of revenue from Data Services alone as stated in my blog article entitled “Digicel to invest US$85 million in 4G LTE Network - 25% of Total revenue from ICT as 4G LTE Investments designed to weather the coming Summer WhatsApp Storm”.

Digicel surprises 1 millionth Data Activation Customer - Kellyon Smith pleased as can be

Telecom Provider Digicel hadn’t advertised their intention to offer a prize to the one millionth Data activation. Please not that this is the millionth smartphone to activate a Data Plan, not the Millionth time someone has activated a Data Plan. Not quite sure if Telecom Provider Digicel made a distinction between the millionth 4G Mobile (which is really 3G!) and 4G Broadband (which is really WiMaX) Activation.

This is a lot like their current silent promotion when 4G Broadband customers who haven’t logged on to the Network by activating a Data Plan can get 3 to 5 Day Free Data by simply activating a JA$300 One Data Plan as described in my blog article entitled “Free Wi-Fi Internet as a Promotional Tool - Broadband Hopping the next weapon from Digicel and LIME”.

 The 4G Broadband customer then clicks on the promotion option within the Digicel Selfcare Website to activate the offer and thus end up getting free Data Service from Digicel after months of inactivity.

In this one-of-a-kind-promotion Telecom Provider Digicel waited until the event occurred and thus decided to do something special for that individual as stated in the article “Digicel surprises one millionth customer with $1m”, published Wednesday, September 03, 2014 BY KELESHIA POWELL Observer online reporter, The Jamaica Observer.

And so they did, giving her a smartphone plus JA$1 million dollars, which of course will go a long way to clearing up her school fees! Scope out the pictures here!

Even Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining Phillip Paulwell, was on hand to say a few words at this momentous milestone, quote: “I'm very happy to be here today as part of this celebration. This is more than just Digicel, this signifies the coming of age of the country”.

Clearly, for the pictures above she was indeed surprised, as she can now use the money to finance her education to quote Kellyon Smith: “I came to Digicel expecting to collect a phone only to find that I am the subject of a big celebration, not to mention the one million dollars!" I'm in school, so I have a lot of expenses already. There is also student loan to repay so I have a lot to do [with the money]”.

Yes indeed, it’s is good to be a millionaire just for being Digicel’s Millionth Data Activation!

Can’t wait till they reach their 2 millionth Data Activation to see what they’ll do then, as at this rate of smartphone adoption as described in my blog article entitled “Digicel reports increases in Data Services, DL600 and DL700 sales in 2013 - LIME's all about the Benjamins from 4G LTE making Digicel Captain America The Winter Soldier”, it’ll occur next year!

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