My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Microsoft OneDrive finally Breaks Free – 10GB Uploading and Sharing with drag-and-drop that's great for Streaming larger files

Monday, September 15, 2014

Microsoft OneDrive finally Breaks Free – 10GB Uploading and Sharing with drag-and-drop that's great for Streaming larger files

On Monday June 23rd 2014, Microsoft had decided to increase the Storage space on their Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage from their measly 7GB to 15GB by July 2014, dropping prices in the process as described in my blog article entitled “Microsoft rewards OneDrive users with 15GB Free Storage - How Office 365 users can get 1TB Free Storage as they Chase Google Drive”.

Then on Thursday September 11th 2014, Microsoft OneDrive became more like Google Drive or Dropbox, my perennial favorite sharing option that I use all the time as announced officially on their OneDrive Blog in the article “OneDrive now supports 10 GB files”, published September 10, 2014 By Jason Moore, OneDrive.

Folks, queue the song Break Free by Arianna Grande featuring DJ Zedd!

This as you can now upload files as large as 10GB in size as well as upload entire folders of files that size as stated in the article “ONEDRIVE NOW LETS YOU UPLOAD FILES AS LARGE AS 10GB, ADDS LINK SHARING, MORE”, published September 11, 2014 By Konrad Krawczyk, DigitalTrends.

Even more Google Drive-cloning news; you can now share links to these files, which really is a feature that started with Dropbox as described in my blog article entitled “How to use Dropbox, Google Drive and Sound File Sharing Websites to Share and Promote your Content online - Sharing is Caring”.

Good to note too that Dropbox can also upload folders and allow you to create links to your folder as stated in my blog article entitled “How to share Public Dropbox Folders, allowing Downloads from your Dropbox Account - Sharing is Caring up in the Clouds”.

Microsoft OneDrive – 10GB Uploading and Sharing and Streaming larger files

I’ve really started using Microsoft Outlook only recently and I’ve already activated my Microsoft OneDrive account as I’d explained in my Geezam blog article entitled “Skype-ing from your Browser now possible as WhatsApp conspires to kill International Calling”.

This is a great way to share batches of pictures without having to share them, individually. Microsoft claims their customers after getting the price drop and the bump up in sales, wanted this particular feature.

Synching speeds will be the new battleground to be distinguished from the completion and Business Customer will be very pleased when this feature rolls out to them as well. Support for the following Operating Systems is thus in the pipeline:

1.      Windows 7
2.      Windows 8
3.      Windows 8.1
4.      Apple Mac

Probably because of the popularity of sharing larger media files such as 3D UHDTV Files and Lossless Compression music files such as FLAC Files for use on the US$700 Sony Walkman NWXZ-ZX1, which may be coming by Christmas 2014 as predicted in my blog article entitled “US$700 Sony Walkman NWXZ-ZX1 – Trend towards HD Audio in Asia and Japan will make it sell in the US of A”.

Microsoft seems to be following in the footsteps of competitors Google Drive and Dropbox, as they now have the option of drag and drop as they do. This option is really only available with Google Chrome Browsers and other Browsers that support this feature, hopefully Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer. Would seem silly if their own Browser cannot support this feature.

More great ideas and services from Microsoft!

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