My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Why @LiqyLiqy's Natural Jamaican Fruit flavours is growing in Natural Confectionaries Market

Monday, September 29, 2014

Why @LiqyLiqy's Natural Jamaican Fruit flavours is growing in Natural Confectionaries Market

“Due to the high rate of obesity that is currently in Jamaica and the sugary treats that are being offered to our children that have no nutritional value; corn syrup, additives, artificial colour and all of those things and knowing the importance of good nutrition, learning and development not only in children, but as a nation, I saw this beautiful opportunity to use vegetable, fruits and herbs to make these products”

Education Officer Sasha Palmer explaining her line of products LiqyLiqy to Rural Xpress in a Jamaica Gleaner Interview published September 27th 2014

Who knew children were so licky-licky about their confectionaries?

Looks like their craving for sweets has found another sponsor in the form of Education Officer Sasha Palmer! She has launched a line of all-natural cakes and candies under the brand name LiqyLiqy as stated in “Healthy sweets”, published Saturday September 27, 2014, The Jamaica Gleaner.

It’s early days yet to say if she’ll be effective competition in the Natural Confectionaries line, especially as the only other person making products for children that contain no artificial ingredients is Patria Kay-Aarons' Sweetie Confectionary as explained in my blog article entitled “Sweetie Confectionery CEO Patria-Kaye Aarons to launch Jamaican Flavoured Candy - May the Force be with the Weather Presenter as it's Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”.

But her origins as quite similar to Patria-Kay Aarons in that she too had noticed in her job as an Education Officer that many children at our various High Schools were basically eating junk food filled with artificial sweeteners and fillers. To quote Education Officer Sasha Palmer: “I started experimenting with local produce and found fun ways children and adults could enjoy desserts. Prior to this experiment, I had completed a course to perfect the craft of sorbet and gelato making at an overseas institution”.

So she decided to sink her own money into a business, turning the downstairs of her house into a mini-production facility to make her various line of products for LiqyLiqy.  That line includes a gluten-free line, a vegan line and a no sugar line, all made with natural ingredients and all kid-friendly!

LiqyLiqy Product Line – Natural Jamaican Fruit flavours with no artificial ingredients

Her product line for LiqyLiqy includes:

1.      Cakes
2.      Gelato
3.      Gelato cakes
4.      Gelato cookie sandwich
5.      Gelato cupcakes
6.      Gelato pops
7.      Greek yogurt pops
8.      Italian ice
9.      Sorbet
10.  Sorbet pops

This as the ingredients used in her aptly named LiqyLiqy is supplied from some 15 contracted farmer’s islandwide. Here’s a video slideshow showcasing LiqyLiqy’s products.

True to her cause to introduce all-natural confectionaries to children, LiqyLiqy ingredients and flavours are derived from fruits:

1.      Custard apple
2.      Guava
3.      Guinep
4.      Jackfruit
5.      Jimbilin/carambola
6.      June plum
7.      Lychee
8.      Mango
9.      Naseberry
10.  Otaheiti apple
11.  Pomegranate
12.  Soursop
13.  Tamarind

Education Officer Sasha Palmer – LiqyLiqy poised for growth in Natural Confectionaries Market

But from the sounds of it, this Education Officer Sasha Palmer taking time out from her grind to make alternatives to bag juice ties in to the former Ministry of Agriculture Roger Clarke’s idea to use natural fruits as part of the School Feeding program as explained in my blog article entitled “Ministry of Agriculture to approve Fruit and Liquified Eggs for School Feeding Program even as Pork faces Glut - How Solar Farming will make Jamaica's Food Security Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2”.

Her business is already showing signs of expansion, with 2 full-time employees. The expansion outlook posits 150 by 2015 and 500 employees by 2019, suggesting that the confectionary business is one geared for growth.

To quote Education Officer Sasha Palmer: “One of our objectives is to empower single mothers by providing them with employment and so a significant number of my employees will be single mothers. We also want to move up from not only offering wholesale delivery, but to also becoming available on the retail market with a strong presence of several LiqyLiqy boutiques islandwide”.

More food businesses that use Natural Jamaican Fruits to make their products will be a boost to National Fruit-Tree Crop Project by the Ministry of Agriculture as stated in my blog article entitled Breadfruit and Fruit Tree Revival coming under RADA's National Fruit-Tree Crop Project - Red Stripe and Agro-Investment Corporation an example of how Agriculture benefits both Farmer and GOJ”.

Employment creating and pushing Jamaica’s Fruits all in one go is something that LiqyLiqy can teach licky-licky Jamaicans about going with your passion and starting a business and reaping success! One popsicle at a time!

Here’s the Link:

Liqyliqy Website
Williams field .P.O.
Phone (876) 283 1731

Hours of operation
Open 7 days per week
8:30 am - 5:00pm

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