My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica: Cooking for One while at MICO – Garlic Cheese Bread Sticks and Corned Beef Egg and Cheese Burger

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cooking for One while at MICO – Garlic Cheese Bread Sticks and Corned Beef Egg and Cheese Burger

The Week has only just begun and it’s raining everywhere since I’ve come back to Swallowfield, living near to the National Stadium from Milk River, Clarendon as state in my blog article entitled “Folks, I'm back in Swallowfield - Saturday and Sunday are Blogger Maintenance Day so no blogging”.

Got through Orientation at the MICO University College and got my timetable and Semester outline, with only the course outlines left to get. Already started the first class, Fundamentals of Technical Writing and it look to be a great week! The only thing left for me to do is to register for my courses online, which I’m yet to do by the way!

I’m a Part-Time Evening Student doing the Professional Diploma in Teaching which I’m qualified to do based on my Engineering Resume and Diploma and Degree qualifications. Gentle people, I’ve basically embarked upon a 2 year journey to get to my final destination.

That dream is to become a Teacher and thus pass on all my secret knowledge of not only the Sciences, my chosen field, but Telecommunications, a field in which I’m constantly doing Research and coming up with Design suggestions.

So in the meantime while I’m in Swallowfield near to the National Stadium, it’s back to more wacky cooking recipes and using Bag Juice as sugar as stated in my blog article entitled “How Singles Cook on a Budget - Vegetable Ring Fried Eggs, Bacon in a Pancake Blanket and Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich”.

How Singles Cook on a Budget – It’s all about finding the Right Ingredients at the right Price

Like I’ve said, I usually go on walkabouts i.e. short jaunts about the community of Swallowfield and its environs to scope out the lay of the land just to see what’s out there. So far I’ve found out that my Computer Repair Services are back in demand. Calls have been slowly trickling in, but I’m grateful nonetheless.

I’ve also decide to check out the Serge Island Dairy Depot and discovered that for a bag of 10 Bag juice, which I use as Sweetener in Drinks, the price is just JA$90! “Great”, I exclaimed, as I realize that this means I can SERIOUSLY save on buying Sugar, which I ONLY use for making Drinks on Sundays.

I save in other ways too by avoiding taking the JUTC (Jamaica Urban Transit Company) Bus, which I’ve fully boycotted as stated in my blog article entitled “JUTC SmarterCard Launch not very Smart – Options for KMTR commuters needed purchase and top-up SmarterCard before Cashless Sunday”.

But I mainly get my ingredients from Downtown Kingston or Hi-Lo Supermarket, which for the quality they provide and factoring in travel the prices are excellent!

But what about cooking Dinner? The Recipes above were mainly for Breakfast; what about in the Evening when I come home? What do I cook then? As usual I’ve got a few crazy recipes for Singles up my sleeve.

Nothing fancy, just something to keep the hunger at bay until morning once more. These recipes are very simple and can easily be made by just looking at the pictures below.

Garlic Cheese Bread Sticks – Baked Bread so yummy and stick finger gooey delicious

Garlic Cheese Bread Sticks is exactly as the name sounds. This recipe is fairly easy and obvious and very delicious and only takes 30 minutes to make.

Just get a Hard Dough Bread or French Bread, preferably brown Bread and slice it up and down in a hatched pattern. Get Garlic, Scotch Bonnett Pepper, Dill, Escallion, Onion and any other spices you can think of and blend them together in a Blender WITHOUT Water. Then melt some Cheese in a Stainless Steel Ceramic Non-Stick Pot and throw the blended spices in.

While the Cheese and Spice mixture is still hot, pour in the spicy Cheese mixture in-between the Bread and voila!, you have instant Garlic Cheese Bread Sticks. Great for a party of one or when entertaining guests and you haven’t got the time to do anything really fancy!

Best of all, the entire recipe is microwavable; once the Cheese has hardened, you can cover it up in an airtight container for storage in the Refrigerator and revive it via the miracle of Microwaves when the guests arrive.

Corned Beef Egg and Cheese Burger – Have it your Way even when the Burger King is closed

Feeling for a Hamburger but can’t bother to go out to buy one? Worse, you’re car is stuck in the Garage and you DON’T wanna pretend you’re a car just to get a Burger as shown in the commercial below?

Then you have the wonderful option to make your own Corned Beef Egg and Cheese Burger. The Recipe ingredients are as obvious as the name. Just get some Corned Beef, doesn’t matter the brand. Blend up some Garlic, Scotch Bonnett Pepper, Dill, Escallion, Onion and any other spices you can think of and mix it with the Corned Beef to make it nice and spicy.

Dollop enough of it unto a flat Cutting Board to make a Beef Burger patty. Then using a glass cut out the middle; you can reuse that to make more Beef patty. Straight to the cooking this time with a sprinkle of Cooking Oil in your Stainless Steel Ceramic Non-Stick Pot frying it on one side until it’s done. Then flip the burger with a spatula and break an Egg and throw it in the middle and allow it to fry.

Add a slice of Cheese on top to give it a slight melt. You can always sprinkle some onions and even strips of prepared Bacon on top as you scoop it into the waiting arms of a Hamburger Bun, which I’ll assume you MUST have stocked in your kitchen for such emergencies of the Hamburger kind.

That’s it folks! Dinner is served along with a cool Glass of Drinks mix sans the sugar as I’m using a Bag in lieu of super-expensive sugar. Best of all, you don’t lose the savour and the flavor of the things you love and used to eating. Ciao!!!

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